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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows Review

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows Review

I’ve updated the Mi Pad 2 Review to now include the Windows 10 model and benchmarks. The score hasn’t changed, despite its flaws, no MicroSD, USB 3 or HDMI* support. It’s easily the best (and most expensive) mini tablet out of China. The build is A-Class, the screen is fully laminated, super responsive and the cameras and sound are on of the best after my Surface Pro 4. Battery life isn’t bad either for this class, it beats all the other 7-8″ tablets I’ve tested so far. An all round decent tablet I can recommend.

If Xiaomi do release a Mi Pad 2 Pro or a Mi Pad 3 and fix the current things mentioned above, it would be an almost perfect tablet for those looking at a smaller iPad Mini 4 styled one.

I’m looking forward to the rumored Mi Pad 2 dual boot release coming in a month or so.

*Reason, I have yet to 100% confirm HDMI or DisplayLink does work. Windows looks to work with my Apple iPad multi-port hub. But a pop up in Windows 10 asks for a better USB connection for DisplayLink. So I can’t rule it out 100% as not working.

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  1. As the video output won’t work via the type C I take it can still miracast on the 64GB via the android and windows builds?

    • I don’t have mine anymore, but yes it has Widi/miracast. But be aware it has a 2-second delay from what you do on the tablet to what is displayed so not good for gaming. For movies it’s fine but that’s about it.

  2. I get it. Actually 4 of the 7 tablets in your Top Tablets list are 16:9 or16:10, so I see you don’t give bias toward 4:3 just because of the ratio. Erhhhh….. still got xmas money waiting for someone to launch a new dual boot 16:9 x5 or x7. I like the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, but no-one does dual boot on a core M, and I’m not sure how well DuOS would run. I’ve asked on the forum but no response. Might ask elsewhere.

    • There is the Onda V919 Core M dual boot. The only one, I looked at it and it had its fair share of issues. But it’s 4:3 and a retina screen. I can’t recommend it unless Onda fixed all of the issues which I doubt.

  3. Chris.. not quite on topic, but that’s the first good pic of a 4:3 tablet I’ve seen, and I’ve always wondered why you like them when 16:9 is basically the standard. 16:10 is gaining traction (I love my 30″), but 4:3 to me is archaic CRT TV days. Is there a benefit I’m not seeing?

    • No I like 3:2, for me personally that’s the best ratio for a practical 2 in 1. And then 16:10, 4:3 is good for web pages and in a tablet like this I find it’s fine. Xiaomi always like to copy Apple, but still the build and quality of this unit is superior in every way to the others in the category. That’s why I like it so much, not because it’s 4:3 🙂

    • yes, I agree … 16:9 is standard .. but on TV !
      we are talking about work tools, on which is media comsuption (films) secondary function
      and because of work and everything else is better 3:2 or 4:3 aspect ratio (or at least 16:10 aka golden cut)

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