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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows Unboxing and First impressions

Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows Unboxing and First impressions

It’s been a long wait, but finally Mi Pad 2 Windows models are now shipping out from Xiaomi after the first batch sold out in hours. I received mine yesterday. The build is as expected, like an Apple product and exactly the same as the Android version I reviewed. Even the backlit home keys are in the Android configuration and no Windows icon for the home button to be seen.

Maybe cost cutting or because there might be a Mi Pad 2 dual boot version.

All the positives of the Android version are there, that sharp 326 PPI Retina screen, great audio and slim 6.9mm build. Still no change with no MicroSD support or video out. The USB Type-C port is only USB 2.0 and doesn’t work with type-c to HDMI adapters I’ve tried.Here’s my unboxing clip:

So far my first impressions are good with the following:


Fully laminated display, super sharp and bright
Very thin at 6.9mm
Top notch build quality and fit
The speakers are loud with a hint of bass and clear audio via the 3.5mm port (100% free of static/interference)
Toshiba eMMC with 120mb/s reads and 80 writes. Fast 4k randoms
Wireless AC!
6190 mAH battery with 5 to 6+ hours battery life (Best of its class)

No MicroSD slot and HDMI out
Type-C is only running at USB 2 spec (At least in my testing)

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  1. my device is not 6190 mAh it is 23078mAh in hWmonitor!

    • I bought a Chui vi8 and it died in less than a week that was a real crap quality in every aspect

  2. Hi Chris, I’m thinking of buying this tablet’s MIPAD 2 or chuwi hi12, which can you recommend? i just use it for office and AutoCAD, not forma gaming. I decided between these two because I like the quality of materials and the revisions that you made to them on youtube. thanks you

    • Doesn’t AutoCAD need some serious power, well more than an Atom? I would go for the Hi12 for the larger screen. But for a mini tablet, the Mi Pad 2 is 100% quality with an awesome screen.

      • It does need some oomph yes, but with some patience you can make do with a Z3740. It worked for me. Its slow, but it doesnt choke on it.

        The bigger, and thousand times better screen however is very important. I wouldnt be able to do any work on a screen that small, bu thats just me.

  3. I just can’t understand why they decided to skip the sd card and hdmi… U could manage with no sd card especially with the new 64gb version but no hdmi makes it just basic tablet not suited to todays “connected” work

    • It’s a shame as they could have made a perfect mini if they had added HDMI, MicroSD support and maybe 4GB of RAM.

      • If they included a adaptor, one could ignore the lack of dedicated hdmi…

        …but having a windows tablet (which tends to keep lots of backup files) , without MicroSD means that one will have to keep lots of files in the internal drive.

        I have about 15GB of files I keep ‘permanently” in my tablet’s MicroSD…I want the MicroSD for Storage (like saving videos, backup copies etc) and the internal, faster eMMC for working files.

        I had oredered this tablet for 220$ and cancelled because practically, it would be impractical…

        Also, USB-C with USB 2.0 speeds? Really?

        Xiaomi really dropped the ball here. A product more for Xiaomi fans than efficiency/practically minded users.

        • In my opinion, $220 is still somewhat of a bargain for its build quality.

          Might I ask where it is that cheap?

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