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Jumper EZPad 5S Unboxing And First Impressions

Jumper EZPad 5S Unboxing And First Impressions

Well, my first Jumper tablet arrived. Yet another Z8300 unit with 4GB of RAM, but this one’s a little different because the first Atom-powered Chinese tablet with a kickstand that makes it look undeniably like a Surface 3, but in 16:9 ratio. It also has full USB ports, 2 x USB 2.0 and 1 x USB 3.0 and DC charging. I picked this one up on Gearbest’s sale for $230, but I see they have it on sale again for $239 with the keyboard. 

My unboxing and first impressions video is below:

First impressions and more info:

  • The EZPad 5S is a heavy little tablet at 1.2 kilos with the keyboard.
  • The build quality is quite good. It’s very solid, well put together
  • Two position kickstand is great to see on a tablet this heavy, it’s a must and very practical
  • DC charger is a good addition, would like to see more tablet with it.
  • The keyboard is okay to type on, early days still but not too bad.
  • Small but useful touchpad with hardware mouse buttons
  • The bezels are rather large. Shame they didn’t reduce them a little.
  • Windows 10 Home fully activated once I connected to the net
  • NCard eMMC which means it’s a BWIN or FORSEE. 102 MB/s reads and 50mb/s writes.
  • 8500 mAH battery, confirmed capacity is correct as per specs. 5-6 hours battery life approximately on a full charge.
  • 1080p screen: good touch response. But max brightness is below average at only 224 cd/m2
  • 41GB Free on first boot.
  • Very recent Windows 10 images as no updates are required from Windows update.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. Today i received my ezpad 5s, i tried to restore it from the settings but for some reason it failed and it didn’t boot. I had to reinstall windows but i can install all the drivers except for the ones for touchscreen, it gives me driver not needed (no device for update present) error

    • i succeeded in installing the drivers for touchscreen, but now even if I replace the files in system32/drivers i have half-screen touch, please help

  2. is that someone can send me an iso of the tablet so that I can reinstall it?

    • have you found a solution? i have the touchscreen problem and cannot install drivers properly Windows iso would be the best option now

  3. Hello, I have a problem with my tablet. I formatted to reinstall the windows. All drivers go, but I have a problem with the touch of the screen. It is split. I can not have the precision of a finger. How to do?
    I have the touch support with 10 points of contact. The drivers look good (not yet update windows update)

    • Hi, i have copied the SileadTouch files in system32/drivers (and not system32).
      The drivers is ok .

  4. Hello
    I have some problem with this tablet. It started when I installed a game platform called Origin and some Windows Updates. After that the tablet got several BSOD and restarted all the time. I tried to to reset Windows from Win 10 but now setup is stocked on a loop. It says “Installing Windows” and it is stocked in 64% for 24h now. I tried to use a USB with bootable windows 10 but it seems like the BIOS ignore it.
    HEEELP!! I can access the BIOS hitting the volyme up button, but I cannot see how to change the boot options like we did the old fashion PCs. I dont understund this EFI BIOS.

    Can anyone help me?

    • Hi,

      Do you have download MediaCreationTool?

    • Hi, I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

      • I also tried to restore my EZPad 5s and now it’s stuck in a loop, 64%, 65% and then restarts for over 24h.
        Wanted to know if anyone found a solution for this.
        Thank you.

        • the same problem,stuck on loop and can’t find to change priority to change the usb at first boot on Bios please help

          • Have you found a solution for your problem?
            I’m thinking of formatting the tablet altogether and do a fresh install. Is it possible.

  5. Hi guys! I’ve been reading this forum for some time, and it’s great helped me a lot. But now I need to ask for your help. Just like many other ppl, I too reinstalled my win10 , but my touchscreen registers touch inverted. So I need two files from someone who has the touchscreen working properly. This two files are in C:\Windows\System32\drivers… and they are called SileadTouch.sys and SileadTouch.fw
    The same thing happened to my chuwi tablet and replacing this two files with the ones from a working version fixed the screen.
    I’m hoping this post can also help other ppl who have the same problem as me. If anyone could upload those files I would very much appreciate it! thank you in advance!

  6. Well, i just had the first problem. It’s the Bluetooth, from nothing it said’s error 43, i seached the error, ant uninstall the driver and install again, it still doesn’t work.

    Can some one help me with this?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Everyone,
    I stupidly reinstalled Windows without backing up my drivers. I have managed to get everything working thanks to Nicolas’ drivers, thanks Nicolas! Except the touch screen is not working properly. I get random touch points. Does anyone have a working version of the Touch drivers (KMDF HID Minidriver for Touch I2C Device)? Any other tips?

    • Thank you very mutch Nicolas.

      I believe that you have a Jumper EZpad 5s, do you have the same situation with wireless?

      Best regards, and thank you onde again.

    • Thank you for the driver.
      I have reinstall windows for a problem and all driver working fine exept the Intel Av stream camera that need a signed driver. Could some one help me?

    • Nicolas, thanks for the drivers, but just a question, after an fresh windows 10 install, my wifi and audio hardware are still not recognized…
      can you explain me how to install the drivers ? maybe I did something wrong

  8. I uploaded the drivers for Ezpad 5s

  9. Hello Chris,

    Thank You for this review, was very good. Mine had arrived today, first impression was quit god, but i just had 20 m of time to give’it a look. The question is the wifi, it only reach 12 mb/s download, i don’t know if you notest, i don’t know if the problem it’s in the drivers or the wifi hardware. Did you find the drivers for this one?


    • Hi, I will know soon. Just really busy. Will be benchmarking it and using it full on in the new few days. Do you find the screen a little dull? I wish it was brighter.

      • I compared the display with an iPad air 2, my ezpad 5s has nearly the same brightness, colors in app games like candy crush are exactly the same, as I said before the white is a little bit to warm for me, but you can handle it in Intel display color settings.
        I like the display.
        Regards Anja.

  10. Got mine today, I am impressed of build quality,

    I am coming from Asus transformer t100 TA, worlds between this devices.
    Only con for me is that the screen color is a bit to warm.
    Regards Anja

    • Thanks Anja!

      I too am thinking of going from T100 to this, until I can afford a Surface Pro.

      Glad you like it ☺

      How do you think performance is? This x5-8300 atom looks slower than Z3740 in my >2yo T100. Not sure how it handles FHD.

      • About the same, but we have other benefits of a faster MicroSD card slot, more than 1080p hdmi out and more ram to multitask.

  11. So, I order Chuwi HI12 from bangood. I dont like 16:9. And Cube i9 is too expensive.

  12. Thanks for another good review. Off topic, but I found this Indian tablet (sold through gadget.tv) which looks a bit interesting. Price is 40 k rupees which is about 600 USD: http://www.smartron.com/tbook

    Bit expensive but may be worth it depending on the overall quality. I’m also a bit interested in the Blackbook 2-1 that gearbest is having a arrival notice for depending on the final price.

    Any chance you may review any of these two units?

    • Those two, I don’t think so. I have limited cash in the review fund. Can’t get everything. Unless the prices come down it’s too much for me.

  13. @chris
    do you think to sell it 😉

  14. The Factory Reset from my Ezpad destroyed it….i hope, someone could help in the Future. In the Bios i found Android Booting Commands 😉

    • EzPad 5S crashed on factory reset or Chinese only ?

      • Factory Reset. Admin account was installed, i resetted it. after 65% it jumps to 96%, restarts, and starts at 65%…..its a loop now. I cant cancel it. I wrote in your Forum something, General Discussion, Jumper Ezpad 5s Video.

        • You’ll need to do a fresh install, I’ll dump the drivers soon. Or find and download the Windows 10 image from Jumper.

          • I thought the same, but i couldn’t boot from the Bios my USB Stick. Do you find the Android Boot Options? Maybe the Ezpad is a Dual System.

    • My 5s is also gone after i reinstall win10..

  15. Hello Chris,
    From your first impression, do u think the jumper has a chance against the Chuwi Hi12, prolly cuz of the kick stand? And the appearance in General?

    • In terms of build quality, fit and finish it’s better, but the Hi12 screen is so much better than this 1080p 16:9 screen. I do like the ports and solid feel of it. The kickstand is great with its two positions and so are those USB ports. It really depends on your needs in a tablet. Myself personally, I like the screen and the battery life of the Hi12, even if it lacks the kickstand I prop it up with a tablet stand.

      • Thanks Chris,
        Same here tho. M looking to get the Hi12 mainly cuz of the screen…bummer it isn’t fully laminated (dunno how that affects d display, can’t see much from the video).

        Are these OEMs seriously not thinking of leaving the Z8300 out of the ‘standard tablet equation’…ts getting quite annoying

        • It is, I don’t really want to see more Z8300’s I know how they perform. But I imagine a few of the current Z8300 models will get a Z8550 & X7 upgrades alter on and just be renamed pro. Like a Hi12 Pro or EZPad 5S Pro with a X7, easy upgrade for the manufacturers.

  16. one Question,
    does the windiows logo on the tablet has function, or is it only a print?
    regards Anja

  17. thanks for the unboxing video,
    now i know what i will get on monday,
    keyboard dont look that good for me…
    hope to see some more testing in future
    regards Anja

    • The keyboards okay to type on, not as bad as it might look. it’s not as good as say the Cube iwork10 Ultimate or HiBook keyboard docks in terms of quality, but its wider and more spacious than the 10.1 & 10.6 keyboards. The trackpad is soso.

  18. Just noticed the all Blacks sticker on your scale. Subliminal barracking…

  19. thanks Chris for this review.
    i don’t like 16:9 screen ratio but this tablet look good.
    i’m just wondering when we could see 8×50 family atoms.

    • Same here, 16:9 I feel is too narrow. 16:10 or 3:2 I like much better. But overall the build is very solid, it looks great with its practical features like 3 x full sized ports and dc charging. If this was released before the Chuwi Vi10 and a year ago it would have done very well. Shame it does have an Z8500 in it or Z8700.

      As for the Atom refresh, I was just thinking the same a few days ago. According to Intel they would have been produced now, but it seems Intel and MFG’s have a lot of the all stock to use up first.

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