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Jumper EZPad Mini3 Unboxing And First Impressions

Jumper EZPad Mini3 Unboxing And First Impressions

Yawn another 8″ X5 Z8300 Cherry Trail sub $100 tablet right? Well yes and no, this one is a little different. It’s the first 8-inch Chinese tablet with an OGS aka laminated display and a full sized USB 3.0 port. One that actually works in USB 3 mode and powers 2.5″ HDD’s. If you can get past the 1280 x 800 resolution screen this looks like it could be a decent little sub $100 USD Windows 10 tablet.

Here’s the unboxing video and hands-on.

First impressions:

  • Good build for the under $100 price tag. All plastic build but feels solid.
  • MicroSD is under the rear cover, bit of an annoyance if need to swap MicroSD cards frequently.
  • Great to see a fully laminated display even if it’s only 1280 x 800
  • Speaker seems louder than most 8″ tablets
  • eMMC is a BWIN (NCard) Will be benchmarked later.



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  1. its a very nice tablet. the only problem that i have is that the usb port works with every usb 2 hdd and flashdrive but is not detecting usb 3 devices . any ideas on how i can fix it would be appreciated.

  2. Geekbuying just put it at $79, what do you guys think?

    • It’s okay for that price. I had some freezing issues with mine. But could have been my unit.

    • I would say for that for $79 it is a good deal with a full sized USB 3 port and a laminated glass screen. I just received a Jumper EZPad 4s (it’s bigger brother) and am impressed by the quality and performance for the price paid.

  3. @Chris G – When will you be discussing the performance of this tablet?

  4. I bought mine from Geekbuying last week prior to the review by Chris and got the free bundle with the cover, screen protector and charger

  5. Looks interesting – specially the USB 3.0 port and HDMI out. I would like to be able to use this as a basic mini pc desktop replacement i.e. hooked up to a monitor, Charger and a USB hub. My Chuwi Hi8 tablet struggles to maintain charge when powered via a usb hub with peripherals attached. Chris, can you please test if this tablet can be fully charged and used while hooked up to a monitor and a usb hub (with a USB harddrive).

    • Hi, that’s just what I thought it would be perfect for as a mini portable desktop. I have it plugged into my 2560 x 1440 monitor and it’s working just fine for that. Better than I thought. With a hard drive plugged in and the screen on duplicated it will slowly loose charge. But with the screen only on my desktop (Tablet off) it’s slowly charging. I’m sure if I was to game or do something demanding it will then loose charge. Without an external HDD and just my mouse its charging fine.

      • Chris, thanks mate for testing this and providing feedback.

  6. That back cover choice is really, really strange…makes the tablet thicker and barely serves any purpose, making it harder to put / take out an SD Card.

    Wish the laminated displays become standard.

    • Yes, it’s quite stupid really, a slot for the MicroSD would have been fine.

      • The back covers are intended to be replaceable with different colors but it seems only the one color is being sold. Also. the official case replaces the back cover so the flip case/stand becomes part of the device. Unfortunately, the official case only comes in some horrid neon green for some reason.

        Also did you notice Everbuy stopped selling them already and Gearbest shows out of stock. Wonder what is up with that?

        • @jackbox Oh okay now the design choice makes sense, it’s for an attachable keyboard. Yes, I noticed that they removed it just after I bought it. Not sure what’s up with that and Gearbest has it out of stock. Maybe Jumper just isn’t selling like they would have hoped so they have pulled the plug on them and sticking to Cube, Teclast and Chuwi.

          • I asked Gearbest about this and they said the unit is in very limited supply, whatever that means. I was deciding between this and the Cube iWork8 Ultimate. Got the Cube but wish I had bought this one instead.

        • Geekbuying seem to currently have stock plus they offer a free bundle with the original green case, screen protector and a usb charger for $100USD.

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