Cube i7 Book Written Review & Rating Now Online

Cube i7 Book Written Review & Rating Now Online

I’ve just finished the full written review on the Cube i7 Book, not a bad two in one tablet at all and possibly one of the best (At least the best with stylus support) The full review can be found here: Cube i7 Book Review.

Next up is the iwork8 Air and X98 Plus II, later on, the Voyo vBook V3 Core M3 version that  arrived today for an unboxing and review. The Voyo vBook V3 Core M3 unboxing should be posted today.

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  1. Hi Chris!

    I have a CUBE I7 Stylus tablet and I am pleased with it. However I recently bought a Bluedio bluetooth headphone wich is working fine. The problem is with the tablet: if I use the blutooth headphone the WiFi speed drops down significantly (10Mb to 0,7Mb) so streaming a fullHD youtube video is impossible. I tried the headphone with my laptop too (Lenovo Y580), it was a bit better: the video stream was fluid but the sound was very loose.
    So can you make a quick test on the new CUBE I7 book with a bluetooth speaker or headphone? Is this new WiFi modul capable of streaming flawlessly a fullHD video and sound?
    Thank you very much.

    • No such problems when using it, the Intel Wireless-AC has dual antennas and it’s very good compared to the i7 Stylus or any Wireless N Realtek chipset. No Youtube 1080p slow down.

  2. Why did I saw the product description in Gear Best, Aliexpress and Taobao (China) that this product only has WIFI of 802.11n but your review showed it have the 3165 dual band AC? Where did you buy it from?

    • Its Wireless AC, they might have changed it from the original spec released to sellers. Gearbest has it the cheapest and it’s wireless ac:

      • Hi, Chris, I finally got one from Gearbest and found it does have a 802.11ac card. It is very fast and can reach almost 300mbps with my Netgear X4S router and 1G broadband.

  3. Might be a stupid question, but does this tablet comes with a inbuilt microphone?

    If yes where is it located?

  4. Good work! Thanks!

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