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Cube i7 Book & Keyboard Now Available

Cube i7 Book & Keyboard Now Available

Cube’s updated i7 Stylus, the i7 Book with the new Intel Skylake Core M3, USB 3.1 Type-C, Wireless AC and optional transformer stylus keyboard dock is up for sale now on Gearbest for $359 here with coupon I7BOOKGB : The good thing is the i7 Book retains the Wacom stylus support, without a doubt the best feature of the i7. Gearbest doesn’t have the keyboard dock up for sale yet. But SoCube does on Aliexpress here.

Cube i7 Book

The Wacom stylus you can easily find as it’s the same stylus as the Cube i7 Stylus.

I have ordered one, waiting for it to ship so the Cube i7 Book, keyboard and stylus will be reviewed here.

Cube i7 Book

Cube i7 Book (Cube i16). Intel 6th gen Core M3-6Y30, 4GB of RAM. 1080p wacom enabled touch screen. 64GB SSD, Wireless AC.


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Chris, thanks for the video! Could you help me with major differences vs Cube i9?
    -/+ smaller and lighter
    + 2 ubs ports on keyboard
    + keyboard free angle, tent/presentation modes
    + wacom stylus support
    + bios reset button
    – no kickstand
    – smaller ssd
    – speakers on one side
    -? possible sim upgrade/second ssd on i9?

    Judging from your i7 stylus and i9 reviews, i7 stylus had much better heat dissipation out of the box. Might it be the case for i7 book as well?

    The keyboard does not have any battery by chance, as the teclast ibook 10 does, does it? Teclast model had 10 pins as well.

    I’m considering sending back my menu popping and vibrating i9 in exchange for this model. I’m waiting impatiently for your review!

    • Just got mine, so far so good. The only issue I see is the speakers are very poor. Below average, otherwise looking good. Very fluid and fast stylus, great wifi speeds and all the USB ports power external hard drives. The i7 Book doesn’t look to have a sim slot, at least there is no gap for it. Might have to cut one out with a Dremel if there is a sim reader on the motherboard and a second M.2 slot.

  2. Dual boot possible?

  3. Biggest problem for me is the screen size, got the i7 stylus and it’s just too small tbh

    Why doesn’t anybody release a core m with about 12″ 🙁

    • I should add, that the Teclast X3 Pro’s stylus just doesn’t seem to be satisfactory and I kinda dislike the bulky design…

      • The Voyo V3 laptop/yoga clone might be worth a look, sadly the core-M version feels a bit expensive to be really worth it. Oh, and I do believe it uses the same stylus tech as Teclast.

        • I’ll have the Voyo V3 Ultiamte (Core M3) version next week. I have already reviewed the Voyo V3 and it had a lot of first batch issues.

    • I bought one of these for my wife :
      Bought it at 449€ (inc. taxes and shipping), it’s greatly superior in quality to any Chinese tablet, but the provided stylus is not good enough for art, despite being precise enough for note taking.
      That’s why I ordered a Cube i7 Book, which should arrive next monday. I’ll do a comparison if you want.

      • Please do compare them, I just got my i7 Book yesterday.

      • The price at the french store is ridiculously good for what you get. Though only in France 🙁

        I’d have to pay freaking €699 for the same tablet in Germany.

        Though a comparision would be nice, but tbh the cube is most likely better with a stylus, due to the digitizer. If cube had released a 11.6 or 12″ tablet with the EMR digitizer, they already used in the i7 stylus, I’d have bought it in a blink.

        10.6″ is just too small…

      • You might wanna consider getting another pen for the Pavilion x2 12, there are some threads in other forums which already discussed this issue and getting another pen solved some issues

  4. Hello Chris, are there enough major changes compared to the old version to make waiting for this new version worthwhile?

    I kind of need one sooner rather than later for holiday sketching, but if it’s really worth the wait I’ll hang on.

    Also, unless I’m mistaken, you live in Spain, as do I: do your tablets get through customs with no problems? (I have a nightmare every time I get something send from the US)

    • Might be worth it, looking at it now. Only just got it. I get through customs if its sent free post like Chinapost, PostNL and even Correos. But any express service, which I use 90% time for reviews, I have to pay 21% tax and 15 euros doc fee.

      • Interesting: great tip that orders dodge customs on free post: will give it a go. It’s not the tax, which I mind paying: it’s the insane delays clearing customs.
        Just to be clear, you ordered the new one and you already got it? – I’m looking on GearBest and it says “Dispatch: Ships after Jul 22 FREE SHIPPING” – did you get it from somewhere else?

  5. Hi Chris,

    Based on your experience, how upgradeable are these tablets in terms of RAM and SSD?

    • I had the old i7 stylus. The RAM chip was soldered to the board while the SSD was a perfectly upgradable m.2 2242 SSD disk. I’m willing to bet there won’t be any changes to that since this is a refresh with the same form factor.

      The only change that’s apparent from the specs re: customization is the i7 book uses an Intel m.2 1216 Wifi chip instead of the bad old SDIO chip that was in the old i7. That could make upgrades possible if it’s not soldered to the board and if m.2 1216 modules become available.

  6. Hi Chris, and thanks for great reviews!

    I’m thinking of getting this for doing some light CAD “on the move”, ie while traveling, using Fusion 360. Is this at all powerful enough for something like that?

    • It should be, it’s one of the more powerful chips before going for an i5 6300U for example.

  7. Damn, Cube, back at it again with the speakers on the same side.

  8. Chris,

    What would be the advantage of this tablet, when you add the keyboard, over a 10″or 12″ notebook?

    I mean besides using it as tablet or notebook.

  9. Does anyone know of any working Gearbest coupons to get it for less? Ones I’ve tried from the internet just make it go over $400.

  10. Thanks for the continuous update Chris. I’ve been reading and following updates on this one especially from your site.

    Ordered one too and drop them a message asking for the dock availability, hopefully they stock it soon so i can have all from 1 source.

    About the stylus, i remember reading of a newer version to the first one, are you able to give some insight on this?

    • Hi, the new stylus is just using better materials and looks a little nicer with a new color scheme. But the tech used and its function is exactly the same.

  11. Price after clicking your link is $545.09.

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