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Cube i7 Book Review (Video)

Cube i7 Book Review (Video)

Here is the Cube i7 Book review, this is the video review. A full written review is being worked on and will take a some time before that is online. But for now here’s the Cube i7 Book video review. There are timecodes below for the video sections, so feel free to skip ahead to parts like gaming for example that interest you the most. Now the stock temps and benchmarks are covered, that free’s me up to open my tablet, take a look at the internals and maybe do a quick and easy thermal mod to improve temperatures and hopefully performance (It’s already the fastest Core M tested on TechTablets so far).

Video index:
01:46 – Keyboard Dock
03:13 – Screen
05:54 – Stylus
06:32 – Benchmarks & Performance
10:49 – 4k Steaming
11:45 – Type-C Hubs
12:56 – Audio
14:02 – Battery Life / Charge times
14:35 – Gaming Test (CS:GO, CoD:MW3, LoL, HL2)
19:07 – Thermals (In & Out)
20:12 – Cameras
20:41 – Remix OS Test
21:37 – Conclusion With Pros & Cons

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. How about working outside in sunlight or shade?
    I fear that the missing display lamination doubles the reflections and makes working under the sky impossible.

  2. Hi, Chris and all! Thank you for the reviews – this one and all others.
    I have dilemma or even trilemma;). I would like to purchase Tablet for easy photo editing, some work with MS Office files, light gaming for my son, maybe light video editing some day. Cube i7 Book looks perfect however I have doubts regarding the screen therefore Teclast x98 Plus II is also om my list. Teclast screen looks perfect however the hardware is inferior to compare with Cube. Chuwi hi12 screen is also very atractive however the tablet is too big for daily use (gaming for kid, for example).
    Would you think Cube full HD screen would be sufficient for light work with photos? Is it much worse to compare with Teclast retina?
    Thanks again.

    • Hi, it’s one of the better 1080p screens out there in the i7 book, it’s bright and sharp enough. Good to work on for a smaller 10.6″ panel. I would definitely get it over the slower X98 Plus II. Did you see my Plus II review?

  3. Hello,
    I was wondering, does the Cube i7 book’s keyboard work with Cube i7 stylus? I have the i7 stylus and I would love such keyboard on it (the bluetooth one yust makes portability unportabal ).

  4. Chris, do you know how to make this thing dual-boot with Android?

    • I’m interested as well, but I think this will require installing Android-x86 or RemixOS on a separate partition. I don’t believe anyone has released a standard Android image that runs on the Skylake processor at this time.

  5. Chris if I’m not asking too much, how much did you had to pay for importing the tablet to Spain and what did you had to fill or request to Gearbest to do it? The more I look at our government site the more gray hairs I get out of doing it. Maybe the info is laid down properly but I cannot find the exact numbers. I want to be ready for the surprise cost if it gets caught in customs.

    • 21% and 15 euro paper work fee is what I had to pay one this one. I asked them to declare it as a $100 tablet PC. But it shipped with an invoice value of $200, I had to pay over 80 euros in the end more. making it around 420 euros n total 🙁 But if you use free post it will cost much less (No taxes normally) But I used DHL to get it quick to review for the site here.

  6. If you use a UHS-I U3 microSDXC card e.g. Sandisk Extreme PRO UHS-I U3 64GB , do you think the performance accessing SD card can be significantly increased when compared to what you demonstrate with Samsung Pro+ ?

    • I don’t think so, my Samsung 128GB Pro+ card can read up too 80mbs read and write. It performs well below that.

  7. Can I ask you if this tablet can handle some average photoshop manipulations?
    I’m thinking of getting one, this or a surface 3 with i5 and 4gb ram (which is way pricier)
    Which one would you recommend based on the ratio performance/price?
    Thank you !

    • Yes it will handle low to average work just fine.

      • Thank you for your reply, Just another question if it’s no bother, compared to the cube i7 is there a big difference on how hot the two tables get?

  8. Chris,
    How would you say performance (for gaming) compares with Surface 2 Pro? It seems they are more or less on par (unless I am grossly misinformed, which is wholly possible), which makes for an interesting dilemma.

    • When you do a thermal mod (copper heat sink) and increase the thermal limits, I can get 3DMark scores better than the Surface Pro 4 even.

  9. “(It’s already the fastest Core M tested on TechTablets so far)”
    You have tested a surface pro 4.
    Does that mean…. ? 😉

    • Yes, It scores higher in 3dmark than the Surface Pro 4 M3. Benchmarks are one thing, but the Surface has a much better build, screen and everything else.

  10. Chris, one things I’ve run into in the past with Remix OS and Android x86 is that apps requiring DRM such as Netflix and Hulu can’t play video. Can you verify if those apps work under Remix OS on the i7 Book?

    Is Cube providing an official Remix OS version or were you testing it out of curiosity?

    • It’s a very from XDA Remix 2.0 hacked with google play and root. But some apps don’t work for example Geekbench 3 fails to load up. Remix isn’t working now, not exactly stable, so i can’t test it right now. But to be safe I would say no, it wouldn’t work.

  11. Great tablet by the looks of it. Just bought my Cube i7 Stylus, but I might sell it and buy this just for the dock.

    • This new dock is much better, more premium feeling and no flex on the keyboard. Good typing experiance, well for a 10.6″ keyboard.

  12. Great review! Thank you!

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