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Deals: Cube 20% Off Sale. Core M i7 Stylus For $276 & i7 Book $333

Deals: Cube 20% Off Sale. Core M i7 Stylus For $276 & i7 Book $333

Banggood has a big 20% off sale coupon on their Cube tablets. This deal coupon lowers the price of the Wacom stylus Cube i7 Stylus to just $276 and the Cube i7 Book Core M3 to $333. Other tablets like the iwork8 Ultimate, iwork8 Air, iwork10 Ultimate, and Cube i9 Core M3 also benefit from this 20% off coupon.

All you need to do to get the discount is apply coupon B28900 at checkout where the 20% discount is then applied.

Cube 20 off sale

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  1. Greetings folks:

    New GB sale: $ 322


  2. I for one love to come to the site and see the deals and various sales that are on offer at the moment. I’m also more than happy to use discount codes provided here. I have saved so much money coming to your site and made some really great purchases because of your reviews. Buying a Chinese tablet would be a lottery with trusted reviews like yours. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep coming back!

    • I feel the same way and hope this site continues to post the best deals for us. Trolls like Shub obviously don’t like saving money.

  3. Hello,
    I am new on the site on which I found a great deal of information (thanks Chris :)).
    I see the 20 % reduction but on the site banggood for he cube i7 book but the seller has no note (
    I hesitate to order because I have never used this web site πŸ™

  4. The individual coupon for Cube i9 yields a much higher discount of 160$ for a final cost of $391: coupon “706459”

  5. they have a better discount (at least on cube i9) using the coupon on the description of the product.
    your promoted discount is worst. Please dont fall down the path of the referrals and middleman. Its sad to see this kind of ads for gearbest and banggood on your website.

    • That is a bit unfair imo. All anyone is trying to do is spread the word as to how to get the best price.

      • spread the word with referrals and a worst coupon. Yes, not fair… for us. This site is one of the best but recently the coupons and ads are minning thir trust.

    • Chris always posts these deals and news flash sites need ads to pay for bills or are you going to pay for the tablets he reviews??? lol

      • Ads hidding into “news section” is not fair or a good practice.

        Since the beggining of the blog this was a fair a trusty site without the claws of chinesse lies, ads and paid reviews. Now we have hidden advertising with referrals as news. And you can even get a better discount just on their own website, not using this coupon.

        Are you ok with that? Good for you, not for someone with selfrespect.

        • Hi Shub, there is nothing hidden about it. What hidden ads? I always have posted on deals on these tablets. It’s under the deals tab and news. I did not look at the Cube i9 coupon, sorry yes that one is cheaper. But the i7 stylus and i7 book 20% off does give the best deal.

          The ads on the site are what keep this site running (Like any site). Do you honestly think buying all this tech to review and the server I could do without any ads? The answer is no, I’m not a millionaire. If you have an issue with ads on the site then I guess you would have an issue with the whole internet.

          Your welcome to pay for the server, google drive account, all in one social media plug-in, all the review units, and import taxes I pay monthly. And then I could make the site 100% adfree for you.

          • My problem is not with advertising. My problem is with openning a site, see a big news section on the head, open it and realize its only a referral advertising of a store hidden as news. And you know what I mean.
            If you want to put a flag of chinese stores as big as Denia on your site, I’m in. If you want to accept donations I’m in. Its your business and its you who needs to make it profitable, (not us, by thw way). But if you want to walk the path of advertising hidden as news this is whats going to happen: we would find better offers and wont trust your “news”. And I’m out.

          • A fix:

            this is whats going to happen: we would find better offers where “fortuity” there is not profit for you and wont trust your β€œnews”. And then I’m out.

        • Of course they are referral links they aren’t hidden, just look at the support us page. What is your problem with that, the guy has to pay bills obviously. I have no problem using his links to save some cash and also giving something back for chris’s review videos and time he invests. @Chris, you should serious ban this troll, he is just fucking with you.

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