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Updated Deal: Cube Thinker 13.5″ 3000 x 2000, Core M3-7Y30, 8GB Just $379.99

Updated Deal: Cube Thinker 13.5″ 3000 x 2000, Core M3-7Y30, 8GB Just $379.99

Update #2: Seems they have sold out of all apart from 7 units, but the price isn’t the flash sale price, keep checking and also check out the Teclast F6 which has the same spec (Core M3, 8GB 256GB) with a better keyboard but a normal 113.3″ 1080p IPS screen. However, this screen can do the full 360-degrees. Gearbest are selling that one on special for $429 with a case, stylus and Logitech mouse.

Update: Gearbest just added 5 more units but even lower at $379.99, but it will sell out fast. Check the other warehouses for more. And there are many more stock clearance items here like MSI gaming laptops and Surface Laptops for much cheaper than normal: Gearbest Flash Sale Stock Clearance.

Thanks to Jarrod for pointing this super deal out to me. Just when I thought the price wouldn’t get lower, the Alldocube Thinker i35 with Surface Book fully laminated 3000 x 2000 touchscreen. It’s now just a crazy $393 / 337 euros this price is clearly a final stock clearance to me for the money you’re getting a hell of a lot considering the cheap budget notebooks that sell for around $300 with Gemini Lake CPU’s. It’s not just the amazing screen, but a decent fanless CPU, the Core M3-7Y30, 8GB of RAM, big touchpad with fingerprint security, Wireless AC and a 256GB SSD.

This laptop is still one of my favourites, with that great screen everything else is second rate, Surface pen N-Trig support and a good build. It’s not perfect of course, complaints of my unit was it got too hot when pushed hard (which is fixable with a heatsink mod). And the battery life isn’t amazing just 4-5 hours at best as that screen eats batteries and the Core M3’s never seem to give top end battery life.


The limited flash sale is on here, $393 and only 80 units it’s bound to go fast. If you’re looking at a budget laptop like the EZbook 3 Pro or Teclst F7, if you can go the extra it’s definitely worth it. My review is below:

And I highly recommend this mod, drops temperatures a massive 25 degrees C allowing you to increase the power limits and play games like GTA 5 on low settings.

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  1. 7 month after arrival everything is still fine.
    Works great, best deal of the last 2 years in the laptop area below 400€.

    I am happy,
    I do not question the price they offer cause who will judge it?

    I do not care cause I pay with paypal and if things not arrive or faulty then paypal will handle that with gearbest or banggood.
    If you order somewhere in china without paypal or from tiny shops or ali express then

    everything is possible

  2. Cube thinker and F6 pro are barely at the same price (+30 euros for the F6 pro). which one would you pick?

    • Thinker i35 for the screen, but it looks to have completely sold out now.

  3. Cheers for the heads up Chris managed to get one at a good price here in UK.

    • Glad to help out was a hell of a price. I ended up getting another one.

      • Mine turned up this morning in UK, no duty and amazing delivery time. Windows was set up for US English and no Chinese Apps ?

  4. Thanx Chris + Jarrod, just snap up one for $379 I thought I missed out on the 393 deal but this is even better!!!!!! 😀

  5. Spotted the MS Surface Laptop $519!!!! but only the 4GB 128GB SSD model. Butthere is a catch you need to buy three for that price. Big investment, so you need a shop or be an eBay reseller etc. There is a coupon on the page for 20% more off for 2, or 30% more if you buy 3. Crazy price if I had a shop…

  6. Looks like it’s all but sold out at that price, check the other warehouses as one was for $419

  7. With gemini and Amber lake, these machines will be cheaper.

    For some tasks the m3-7y30 is still better than gemini lake cpus.
    “For example, if you take a look at these two Geekbench scores, on multi-core processes they are largely the same. So if your code takes advantage of say LLVM and optimizes all possible threads, they are largely the same. But if you’re working with code that deals with OpenCL, the SEGMM benchmark shows the m3-7y30 miles ahead.”

    • “So if your code takes advantage of say LLVM and optimizes all possible threads, they are largely the same.”… that was my point.
      This is nearly ALL modern operating systems and applications.

      • OK, maybe not so much all apps, but certainly any good OS. Certainly Linux uses all CPU core’s equally by default.

  8. They are also getting pressure from the Core-i3 notebooks that the price keeps falling. Oh, and lest I forget, the new Microsoft Surface Go is coming out soon (next month?) with a price around $400-450 I think which uses the Pentium Gold CPU that (I think) performs about the same as the Core 7Y30.

  9. I think it could be that the newer chips perform at or near the same level for a lower price. Eg. the Cinebench 64bit multi-core benchmark (which I think is a no-graphics “number crunching” test) test was slightly better on the Celeron N4100 than the 7Y30.
    But it’s also probable that they are blowing out stock because new Core-M’s will be coming out, and/or they have a new competing model coming out.

    • That’s only in one benchmark and in real-world use the Core M3-7Y30 feels much quicker and it also has 2GB more or 4GB more RAM than the Gemini Lakes. Unless you look the Tecalst F5 with 8GB. And then the screen used it top-end, 3000 x 200 touch and very bright a premium screen used in the Surface Book and Surface Book 2.

      • “the Core M3-7Y30 feels much quicker”… If you mean just normal OS and browser usage (no gaming), I think you’ll have to wait until you’ve test the Teclast F5 to know for sure. For sure that hi-def bright screen will make the most (usability) difference on a daily use basis for most people. I’m most interested in what the F5 battery life will be like by comparison.

        • Oh the Gemini lake Vs Core M3 on the battery is much better. I’ve found all Core M3’s I’ve reviewed to have poor battery life, only 4-5 hours, it’s the con of this laptop. The Teclast f5 screen is an IPS but not fully laminated. I’ll order one to review soon.

  10. why so cheap? something wrong with these? a faulty batch more like it so they sell cheap

    • Great speculations – but I bought one and if there might be something wrong I think that paypal will gearbest help to fix that appropriate.

      Do you always ask why things are so cheap if a sale is going on?
      What else is the purpose of a sale?

      Anyway: this laptop is roughly over a year in the market so it is pretty easy to see something new coming on the horizon cause if Microsoft launches new products then we will typically see other follow with their interpretation of the surface world. Competition.

      I decided to try this one cause
      * it is still even at that age a powerhorse compared to teclast F7 or jumper EZ Book X4
      * it has 2 GB more RAM + 128 GB more storage
      * better display

      If I take the current F7 price for that 128 GB modell with 230€ I have to add up 100€ .
      2 GB of RAM is worth at least 30€ and I save to invest in a second 256 GB SSD for the F7 cause I need at least 256 GB. An additonal 128 or 256 GB SSD is about 50 – 70€ so roughly the

      far better display and the far better processor are for free.

      So why should I hesitate if I know that I need more CPU power due to new demand by starting big DIA shows which ends up in a kind of mixed video editing?

      0€ more is pretty good for such a great display compared to Jumper or F7 and that far better CPU.
      Might need some additional cooling but as far as I understood it would most likely not have such a negative impact.

      I am happy – great deal, can’t wait to get it and try to get a decent pen to use its capabilities.

      • I question if this 7Y30 processor is at all better than the N4100 in the Ezbook X4.
        The 64bit multi-core Cinebench benchmark is actually slightly better with the N4100.
        But the *graphics* performance may be better in the 7Y30 – which would be put to good use with the higher rez display. But also the battery life is likely better with the X4. We will have to wait n see.
        Tradeoffs. Depends what’s more important to you. 90% of the time most people are not using the max performance of their processor. Prob only when playing demanding games does it matter, if you are an avid gamer then it might matter to you.

      • MS Surface laptop $519! but only the 4GB 128GB SSD model. There is a catch you need to buy 3 to get that price. One = $845 and 3 with coupon $519 to me is an error. A big investment. There is a coupon on the page for 20% more off for 2, or 30% more if you buy 3. Good price and if I had a shop… Or the funds to do it. But will a 7200U and 4GB laptop sell?

      • okay fair enough I just got one for $379 so lets see when it arrives, great price thanx jarrod and Chris for posting it. this will replace a chuwi hi13 with the same 3000×200 screen

    • Wolf puts it correct below. It’s a sale my guess as I posted is they are simpling clearing out the last of this stock and once all gone you’ll see on the website alter it will show as “out of stock” for good I might add. I just got another one.

      • I passed the deal to a buddy of mine, he just bought one.

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