What Next For Review? August 2016

What Next For Review? August 2016

A question I get asked often and I do update the TT twitter account often with this info. Next week I should have the:

Xiaomi Notebook Air 12.5″ Core M3. This is looking like a very decent light notebook/ultrabook for light tasks. I’ll be giving this one some good coverage on the YouTube account as I’m quite interested in this possibly replacing my tablets as a larger work unit when on the go and traveling. (Due Wens/Thursday if DHL don’t mess it up) Still, I can’t believe they didn’t use a touch screen on it even though it’s covered in protective glass.

Xiaomi Redmi Pro – 64GB Helio X25 version – This is the latest Xiaomi mobile, I’ve enjoyed their latest mobile and my review of the Mi Max and Redmi Note 3 Pro got a lot of good feedback I decided to check this one okay.

PiPo X10 – PiPo’s latest hybrid Mini PC meets tablet, now with a 10,000MaH battery and active cooler to stop that Atom from throttling. Should be a great media unit for a tv or even light server?  ETA on this is next week hopefully coming in with snail mail from China.

Chuwi HiBook (Second fixed batch) The first HiBook Pro had some driver and possible hardware issues causing it to be slow and sluggish in Windows. This is the new second fixed and revised version. Looking forward to seeing how good that OGS high res screen is. ETA, Hopefully late next week.

LiveFan S1 – An ultrabook with a Core M, 8GB of RAM, 14″ 2560 x 1440p matte display, an ultrabook to rival the Xiaomi Notebook Air? Sent with EMS, ETA unknown at this post, Spanish customs will no doubt get hold of it.

Next month: The LeEco Le Max 2 X820. Cost me only $263. A snapdragon 820, 2560 x 1440 IPS screen, 21MP 4k Sony camera, 4GB of RAM with UFS 2.0 32GB of storage. Metal build with Gorilla Glass, one crazy spec for the price, I could not resist.

So very busy, plenty of good tech out of China to review. I’ll have to settle down a bit next month and not order so much and I’m way over budget on review units.

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  1. Hi,

    Where didi you order the LeEco Le Max 2 X820?


    • Got it from here. The price has increased a little to $273

      • Ok, Thanks. After reading some reviews isn’t an option anymore (outide colour and mainly the battery).

        • Yeah that’s the trade off, no 3.5mm, Rose gold color and 3100mAh battery. I still think it’s quite a deal however for $263 I got mine for. And I play to install a really lite custom ROM that will help improve the battery. Should still be able to get two days out of it.

  2. Hey Chris, one thing I think which does not take a lot of time but could help people is if you could run a CPU-Z report for each device you review. It gives a lot of details about the internal configuration of the device for comparison purposes (benchmarking) as well as debugging if there is a problem, and also to see what internal hardware it uses in order to determine if it’s likely to work with other OS’s like Remix/Linux. It could also drive more traffic to your site. Free download: http://www.cpuid.com/softwares/cpu-z.html

    • I use CPU-Z but mostly HWinfo, I didn’t realize it has a report option. Is that also on the Android app? How do you run the report?

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