Deals: GearBest Black Friday Sale

Deals: GearBest Black Friday Sale

As you would no doubt be aware due to it being advertised everywhere online and offline, Black Friday is only a day and a bit away. Gearbest is kicking off their big Black Friday sale‘s tomorrow from the 24th 09:00 UTC onwards.

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They have various deals running across the site and a further 2% off if you pay using PayPal. Here are some picks from me:

Chuwi HiBook Pro Unboxing

The Chuwi HiBook Pro will again be back down to $189.99. This tablet has the best screen I’ve seen yet in a Chinese tablet, a 2560 x 1600 16:10 fully laminated panel, only of a very limited few that have fully laminated panels. It runs Android 5.1 and Windows 10 and has 4GB of RAMMore on it here in my review. Make sure you check it out and the pros and cons in the page.


Chuwi LapBook (15.6″ 1080p laptop). I’m still in the process of reviewing mine, it looks like a decent 15.6″ laptop for the price of $189.99. The build is solid, well made if a little on the heavy side. Nice matte 1080p panel in it. But battery life and using it for lite tasks it should be decent. There is also a Z8350 version too coming up, I hope that is also on sale. It’s short comings so far are the speakers (Very flat sounding) slower 1066Mhz clock 4GB of RAM and gets up to 85 degrees, like the EZbook 2. More on the LapBook here.


Mi Notebook 13. (Laptop) This one has a bit of power, Core i5 6200U and dedicated 1GB Nvidia 940MX GPU in a small 13.3″ size. Most laptops this size don’t have pack dedicated GPU’s only the iGPU. It has 8GB of RAM, fast NVMe SSD and room for another sata 3 M.2 SSD for upgrades. Glass covered 1080p display Backlit keyboard, and a thin and light design. It’s $809.99. Again check my Xiaomi Mi Notebook 13 review.

There are plenty more deals on the Black Friday landing page.

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  1. The CHUWI HiBook Pro is even cheaper with EU plug at Gearbest: USD 179:

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