Black Friday – The Best Deals In Chinese Tech

Black Friday – The Best Deals In Chinese Tech

You’re no doubt sick of all the Black Friday emails, adverts and announcements. So I’m I but still now is a good time to cash in on some savings, with some offers that are even better than the double 11 sales. Here are some of my best picks I’ve found, please if you have spotted a better deal or another good deal please let us know in the comments and share it with everyone!

The best Black Friday deals:

Recommended retailers with Paypal:

Chuwi X80 Pro $77.99 USD / 66 Euros

An oldie but a goodie, especially for this price. A basic 8″ dual-boot tablet, the Chuwi X80 Pro. It has Android 5.1 & Windows 10. 2GB of RAM / 32GB eMMC and a 1920 x 1200 IPS panel. MicroSD slot MicroUSB 2.0 and sells for just $77.99 USD / 66 Euros with coupon X80ProK here.

Cube Mix Plus $269 / 229 Euros  – Core M3-7Y30:

Cube Mix Plus for $269 or 229 euros. Core M3-730 Windows 10 tablet with WACOM stylus support, 1080p Surface Pro 2 screen and option keyboard & stylus. The cheapest also one of the best WACOM stylus supporting tablets. The latest Core M3 chip with some decent power to it. And 128GB SSD, Wireless AC And USB 3.1 type-C port.

Make sure you click and apply the coupon da8982 to get 20% off. The Cube Mix Plus deal is here.

Mi Notebook Pro $865 / 730 euros – 8th Gen Intel Core i5 8250U:

The best Chinese laptop I’ve seen, premium build with the latest 8th Gen Intel quad-core CPU’s and Nvidia MX150 (1030) GPU. Great backlit keyboard, fully laminated 1080p screen and one of the best Windows laptop touchpads you’ll find. It’s currently reduced to $865/730 euros with coupon MIBOOKPRO for the i5 8250U version here. This is even lower than the 11.11 sale price.

Chuwi Hi12 $209 USD / 177 Euros- Last year’s best dual boot for less.

The best 2-in-1 dual boot from last year with the MS Surface Pro 3 3:2 ratio screen. 4GB of RA Mand 64GB eMMC powered by an Atom Z8350. With HiPen active stylus support and optional keyboard dock. This tablet was the king of the dual boots from last year. Perfect for light tasks like web and movies with a great 2140 x 1400 400 lux max screen. And a battery that can last 8-10 hours. The $209 deal is here.

Chuwi Hi10 Pro 2-in-1 Dual Boot for $189.

The last of the dual boots, this one as a 1920 x 1200 IPS screen, Atom Z8350, 4GB of RAM, 64GB eMMC. It runs Android 5.1 which is getting a little old and Windows 10. But they don’t make dual boots anymore so at least it has Android even if it’s dated. Coupon GBTPC02 to drop the price to $189.99. The deals here.


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  1. I was decided to buy a Chuwi or Jumper notebook, but I’m really worried now!
    After reading posts at the forum and Chuwi’s forum, I’ve seen so many problems and zero after sales/costumer service. I wouldn’t mind not having a repair service (I’m not really thinking about sending my notebook back to China), as long as the notebook works for at least 5 years! I have a HP Pavillion with 8 years old and never had a problem.

    Whats worries me the most is that apparently are not minor bugs, but blue screen of death, black screen and stuff like that, hardware or Bios issues that are known by the manufacturers.

    I’ve seen a lot of Ezbook 3 Pro problems at the techtablets forum
    and a lot of problems of Chuwi at

    I would like to hear someone who has been using it for a “long period”…

    • Don’t worry about what others say, Gearbest has it’s quality check before they send anything. You don’t have to send it back to China, they have support in other countries specially for Chuwi in Spain,Portug, Germany, Italy. You get a 45 day money back guarantee, one year free repaire guarantee, just check it out at:
      If you are still worried you can cancell your order before they ship it at any time!

      • I know that every product may have problems, but the difference is how you deal with it! These chinese companies are very very veeeery different from USA costumer service..

        Check this story:

        And also about gearbest warranty:

        “GB support is very bad, I will never buy from them anymore: they sad to me “we can not repair the laptop we can refund with 80 USD” but i bought it at 230 USD 47 days before the ticket…”
        “I only got 60USD back….lesson learnt for me from buying from China…”

        • Maybe you’re right, maybe not, but if I at least don’t try it I will never know! Will keep you posted when my Chuwi Lapbook Air arrives and if it works or not!

          • Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to convince you not to buy it!! I myself have 3 orders: ezbook 3s ($271 – bangood); Lapbook Air ($320 Gearbest – your hint) and Ezbook 3 Plus ($380 Gearbest)! But I haven’t payed yet.

            Maybe I was just blinded by the idea of a perfect $300 ultrabook!
            After reading the forum I realized that was more of a lottery with a $300 ticket and I dont wanna know if I wanna bet that high! I bought a bluetooth headset for $12…if stops working after a big deal…but If a $300 notebook stops working after a month I will get really mad!

            Like I said, what worries me the most is the costumer service…I have a Nexus 5X that begin with bootloop of death after 1 year and 3 months…I spoke with LG and send it from Brazil to USA and they changed the motherboard free of charge. Thats the difference! I dont wanna sound rude, but chinese are known for doing their best not to give your money back…once they got the money, there are no garantees! They will tell you that they had problems with internet, “the dog ate their phone” and stuff like…

            But thats just me! I’m really curious how those chuwi/jumper will behave after a year and so..
            Haven’t made up my mind…it’s really tempting… $271 ezbook 3s
            As banggood says…I have 14d:17h:47m:16s to decide hahaha

  2. Hi Chris,
    I will buy a budget laptop on Cyber Monday for about $300. You are the only one who rewieved the Jumper ezbook 3s, it’s only downside is the plastic build and screen, but the SSD256 with that writing speed over 500 Mb/s in your review is fantastic. In the review you mentioned the pro 3 version as the best budget laptop of 2017! So what do you think? Buy the ezbook 3s with insane ssd or buy the 3 pro and then install manually a ssd, but then it will be more expensive than the 3s!? The 3s is selling on Geekbuying for $267 (with coupon code: GEEKBUY20) and the 3 pro for $208 on Geekbuying (same coupon code) and for $199 on LightInTheBox – but be aware on LITB it is only Australian plug and the warranty is just 2 months (Geekbuying 12 months).

  3. Someone who lives in USA knows if you have to pay import tax/duty when you buy at Gearbest, Aliexpress, etc?
    I’m thinking about asking it to be delivered at a friend who lives there to avoid paying huge tax at my country!

    • You don’t have to pay import tax on phones and tablets in the US. There is an exception for those specifically.

      • Lucky, I have to pay tax on everything single thing imported in Spain. In NZ only if it’s worth more than $400 will it be taxed.

        • UK is £15… You have to wonder if its worth the trouble at that level, probably cost more to arrange it than the tax collected. Maybe £200 would be better..

        • Chris he is pulling your leg. (there is also import-tax in US and partically on mobiles and china-tablets, at least to my knowledge)

          Here in Denmark in scandinavia the limit its lovest i have seen at only 80DKK equals around 12USD and then there is +25%moms + possible tax and a mandatory handling fee on top of it all of +25USD.
          to sum up’ and something I encounting a lot, if you purchase item just above this goldilock-limit zone, as you can easily reach around 200% tax on an item there cost fx 15USD, as you will get +25% moms (15USD = 4USD) + 25USD handling fee so total 29USD on top of a purchase to 15USD. ( in fact you pay for 3 if you buy 1 in this leve and nobody want to do that, its to muchl)
          that simply insane +200% tax, on items around 15USD, but thats Denmark in a nutshell, everything is tax to the moon and back, but paying for 3 if you buy one that simply to much, – sure we also got it on cars, where there is +180% tax, but on small purchases outside of EU that is is insane, but its that insane mandatory handling fee there tumble the show so extreme.. :-/

          • btw the MI pro low spec version seem to go for 829USD on that light in the box (5 hours more=). (dont wanne put any tacky sharesale link, so if you interested just search for it on there site but take a moment to read up on the site, beforehand, not a site im that familiar with)

          • Also some of the cheapest i have seen X820 Le2max being sold for 139USD, though its the fruity rosa gold model, but still its a 150k antututu’score 2k panelmobile, for under 140bucks with an potent Adreno GPU..

  4. Hi Chris G!

    I looking for a new notebook and I was wondering which one you would recommend…
    It’s not for gamming, just browsing and office, but still I didnt want to pay for something that would be slow in a few months..

    I wanted +13′, SSD (bc is faster), +6Gb ram, intel m3 (if possible) ..
    My choice would be Cube Thinker but it’s overpriced!
    Ezbook 3 Plus is a good choice also, but the screen is a down point…and a bit more expensive than I expect..
    So I’m between Lapbook Air (lacks SSD) and Ezbook 3S…

    What are you thoughts?

    • What about the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air? Or too expensive. The EZBook 3 Pro is great if you think the N3450 will be powerful enough. or the Chuwi Lapbook Air, very nice fully laminated 1080p screen and 8GB of RAM helps.

      • Xioami Mi Air 12 is a bit over…$459
        What I wanted to pay is $300…but accept $350 max!

        Don’t you prefer Ezbook 3S (got a cupom for $271) over Ezbook 3 Pro ($219)?

        Do you still prefer Lapbook Air ($338) over Ezbook 3S?

        I saw that you ranked brands in quality build terms and I was trying to follow that…
        1. Xiaomi (too expensive)
        2. Cube (heating problem)
        3. Jumper (ezbook 3S or ezbook 3 plus?)
        4. Teclast (heard a lot of problems at the forums)
        5. Chuwi (Lapbook Air?)

        • I think your answer is ezbook 3 pro + ssd (ranging from 50 to 100 euros depending on the GB’s you want).

          • Thanks for you comment!

            I just didn’t wanna have to buy a SSD and have to copy all the things from eMMC to SSD (driver problems? windows activation? etc)..
            Thats why I wanted it to be already packed with the SSD!

            But I’m getting pissed trying to find the right choice..neither of them have the specs+price that I want.

            Ezbook 3 Pro vs Ezbook 3S
            Chris G said: “Overall the 3 Pro version is much better, better screen, thermals, build (all metal) and faster wireless AC. The 3S comes with a 256GB SSD which is its main selling point. But you can install one in the 3 Pro.”

            But I really wanted a built in SSD, and the only options are Ezbook 3s and Xiaomi Mi Air 12…

          • Same advice, grab ezbook 3 pro ($220) and 256GB SSD from aliexpress ($74). You’ll have more storage overall (256ssd+64emmc), much better screen, nice metall build with great thermals. Don’t be afraid to clone windows or make clean installation to ssd, it’s easy and doesn’t take much time.

  5. please ignore my previous comment. I hoped it would be attached as a reply to the last comment.

    @geo – can you please share the link for EZbook 3 Pro.

  6. link?

  7. Is there a good deal for Cube thinker i35? Best I can find now is ~500 euros. Looking for a deal like the old one of $399.

    • I’m interested as well, I was so annoyed I missed that last sale!

  8. Cube Mix Plus looks pretty sweet, better CPU and not Atom.

  9. Anyone found a coupon for the EZbook 3 Pro? BOOKPRO doesn’t work, I know someone that wants on of these but I can’t see it anywhere for $219

    • Try light in the box.

      • Thanks! But It also has express shipping, but that has import tax 🙁

        • It’s $208 and if you get the $14 duty and tax insurance apparently lightinthebox will reimburse you the tax paid, that is if you have to pay taxes on it on arrival. Haven’t tested that myself. But someone here on the site said they did refund them the amount. You just need to show them proof.

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