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Teclast Tbook 16 Power Review Online.

Teclast Tbook 16 Power Review Online.

The Tbook 16 Review is up if you missed it, it looked so promising with the 8GB of RAM and the most powerful Atom, the X7 Z8750. But the 2-in-1 one falls short, my main complaint is the dim screen, it can only just make 180 lux which just isn’t enough. Now it could be I have a faulty unit or it’s the panel but most likely I think it could be the way Teclast have it set up in the bios and pto save battery life? The Android side of things is by far the best part of the Tbook 16 Power, plays all the latest and great Android titles, the UI is smooth and no issues.

Windows however performance isn’t as great, thermal throttling means the performance drops right off to help keep the temps down, which reached a toasty 87 degrees on Core #0 on my unit. It would seem the Z8750’s 2.56 Ghz max clock is just generating too much heat as seen on the Z8700 tablets and mini PC’s reviewed.

Pros and Cons with my rating can be found here: Teclast Tbook 16 Power Review.
Tbook 16 Power drivers dump can be found here: Tbook 16 Power Downloads.

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  1. Espantado!
    Ando à meses a tentar adquirir o Keyboad (teclado) para a Tablet PC Teclast Tbook Modelo: Tbook-16s-K64GB-D. Na altura da aquisição do Tablet pensei que estaria incluído no pacote. entretanto comunique com a GEARBEST para me ajudar e pedi então que me elucidasse quanto o Keyboad compatível. Bem esperei. Mas não aconteceu nada.
    Agradecia endereço ou plataforma onde posso processar a encomenda com o Keyboad compatível.
    Eugénio Vítor

    • Tbook 16S and Tbook 16 Power keyboards are the same. The 16 Power using the Tbook 16S part number.

  2. One surprise you mention Chris is support for 256Gb sdcard even though documents say only 128Gb.

    • 99% sure it will work. Before they use to just say 64GB and my 128GB card worked. They just do that to cover themselves.

      • Do you understand how the sdcard capacity situation works?

        As far as i can tell anything that supports SDXC (ie 64gb+) *should* support cards all the way up to 2tb, and it seems like manufacturers just quote whatever was the biggest card when the device was released.

        But i get the idea that it’s not always like that… and I don’t understand why??

        • Exactly if it support one SDXC card it should work with them all. That’s the reasoning. They just do that to cover themselves.

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