Teclast X3 Plus Video Review Online

In case you missed it the Teclast X3 Plus review is online. The first 6GB RAM Apollo Lake Celeron N3450. The tablet’s performance is aided by this extra RAM. While, it’s a decent tablet it’s far from perfect as I discovered. One key feature the stylus isn’t great at all as it has no pressure levels and then the wireless is only wireless N. It should have been Wireless AC re...[Read More]

Teclast Download Section Now Working Again!

Thank you to everyone that let me know. The downloads sections for the X98 Pro and Teclast downloads in general was playing up for some reason with all downloads timing out. I’ve reuploaded the files and synced it all again so it should be fine. Apologies for this. If you noticed that a whole download section isn’t working, please let me know from the contact page. Not that any support...[Read More]

Teclast X5 Pro Intel Core M3-7Y30 Gaming

The Teclast X5 Pro is my first Intel Core M3-7Y30 powered tablet tested, this is a step up above the Intel Core M3-6Y30 with slightly faster clocks and on paper a better GPU. So I decided to throw a few games at it, some popular titles and some demanding ones to see how it would handle a bit of gaming. The X5 Pro has 8GB of RAM and Intel Wireless AC with a Surface Pro 4 like design. And as youR...[Read More]

Teclast X5 Pro Unboxing And Hands-On

Yesterday my X5 Pro and type cover keyboard arrived from China, the X5 Pro is powered by the new Intel Kaby Lake Core M3-7Y30 with Intel HD 615 GPU, this tablet looks promising with a Surface Pro 4 like design, type-c port and 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Below is the unboxing and first impressions video. I asked it be sent untouched so it came with Windows 10 Chinese, it wasn’t possible to get it in En...[Read More]

Teclast Tbook 16 Power Review Online.

The Tbook 16 Review is up if you missed it, it looked so promising with the 8GB of RAM and the most powerful Atom, the X7 Z8750. But the 2-in-1 one falls short, my main complaint is the dim screen, it can only just make 180 lux which just isn’t enough. Now it could be I have a faulty unit or it’s the panel but most likely I think it could be the way Teclast have it set up in the bios a...[Read More]

Teclast X6 – Core M3-7Y30 13.3″ Yoga Notebook

Seems the X5 Pro took the spotlight as I almost missed this. The Teclast X6 is a 13.3″ notebook with a 360-degree hinge similar to the Yoga series from Lenovo that started this trend. Spec wise, the screen is a touch 1920 x 1200 13.3″ one, IPS and from the photos looks like it might even be full laminated? (Hope so) The internals the same as the Teclast X5 Pro. Latest Core M3-7Y30 up t...[Read More]

Teclast X5 Pro Coming – Core M3-7Y30 (*Updated*)

Update 14th Dec. Wireless AC confirmed. 99% Sure it also states USB 3.1 Type-C Data and charging judging by these press images. Updated 7th Dec. Teclast held their press event yesterday, price confirmed to be 2999 RMB in China, which is around $430 USD. International model pricing hasn’t been released, but it’s expected in January 2017 the international model. This just means a version...[Read More]

Teclast Tbook 16 Power Unboxing And Hands-On

This has been on the YouTube channel for a few days, but here it is for those that aren’t following the channel. The Teclast Tbook 16 Power, looks exactly the same as the Tbook 16S  however, it has a type-c port and different internals. The most powerful Atom chip (perhaps ever) the X7 Z8750. This has a maximum turbo of 2.56Ghz, a huge 8GB of RAM (For an Atom tablet) and 64GB Samsung eMMC. U...[Read More]

Teclast Tbook 16 Power (Atom Z8750) Dual OS Now Available

Teclast’s new tablet the Tbook 16 Power is now out in China on Aliexpress, various sellers like GearBest have it on pre-order for the English version as right now it’s only in Chinese Windows 10 Home and Android 6.0 supports multi-language. The Tbook 16 Power is like the Tbook 16S, the same build, 11.6″ 1080p screen, multi position kickstand and keyboard, but the internals are mu...[Read More]

Teclast 11.11 Sale. X98 Plus II Dual OS Retina For $145

Next Friday is the big November 11th sale day, where there are some big discounts to be had on Aliexpress and other Chinese online retail sites. There will be plenty of deals around, the only tablet deal so far (at least with a price) is the Teclast X98 Plus II. The second X98 Plus version is more budget orientated, it still has the same Retina screen, 4GB of DDR3 RAM, 64GB eMMC and runs dual boot...[Read More]

Teclast X3 Plus With Apollo Lake & Tbook 16 Power Atom X7 Z8750

Teclast Spain has posted their X3 Pro (Core M3) and the Tbook 16 Atom X5 Z8300 tablets have been discontinued. The reason is to make way for a new Teclast X3 Plus version, which will feature the new 2016 Apollo Lake Intel Celeron N3450 (Renamed 14 nm Cherry Trail Atom successor, see more on the Apollo Lake), 4GB of RAM and 128GB of Storage. And two new Tbook models that share the Tbook 16S design,...[Read More]

Teclast Sale On At GearBest

Over at Gearbest they have a new sale on Teclast tablets. The Teclast X16 Pro has a free keyboard offer, so if you get the tablet, the keyboard is free. And other deals include the X98 Air II (The last of the 9.7″ 4:3 models) for $169.99. It’s a cheaper version of the popular X98 Plus, dual boot Android 5.1 and Windows 10. Atom Z8300, 4GB of RAM and 64GB eMMC. The X80 Power is also red...[Read More]

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