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Cube iWork1X Rating And Review Online

Cube iWork1X Rating And Review Online

The first of many Z8350 powered devices has been reviewed, the Cube iwork1x. Another decent tablet from Cube. Good screen, build, and performance is a slight step up from the Z8300’s. I imagine we are going to see a hell of a lot of tech with this CPU, since the Apollo Lake chips cost a good 8-10 times more.

If you missed the review it was on YouTube, but you can find the written (brief) Cube iwork1x review here with pros and cons and my rating. This tablet is selling for $189 over at GearBest. And the dual OS files have just been downloaded and mirrored in the Cube iwork1x download section. If I have time I might convert mine over.

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  1. Profile photo of Michael M


    Chris any chance for a teardown/ thermal mod ?

  2. Profile photo of Kanstantsin

    Hi, Chris !
    Could you say, if it’s possible to fold this tablet fully with its keyboard with screen up? Like, for example, “Voyo” or other tablets.
    Cube 1x looks on photos and videos quite thick – maybe too much for total contact between it’s back and keyboard face.
    (Sorry for my english – I am not a native speaker)

    Thank you for your review and answers.

  3. Profile photo of joao conde

    Hi chris, Im currently on the market for a new tablet. i have been looking at the sub 200 models and fount some potential purchases. Which of these would you reccomend?

    chuwi hibook pro 200euros (the model with 2560 x 1600 resolution but z8300 core)

    cube iwork1x 195 euros (Z8350)

    chuwi hi10 pro 200euros (z8350 currently out of stock. should i wait for it??)

    Would you reccomend me another sub 200e tablet?

    Thank you very much for you site!

  4. Profile photo of Commax

    It come with chinese windows 10.
    How to change to english version?

    • Profile photo of Chris G

      Mine powered up in English.

      • Profile photo of Luq

        Mine came in Chinese only. Is yours the win10 only or the dual OS version?

        • Profile photo of Chris G

          Windows 10 only and yours?

          • Profile photo of Luq

            Windows 10 only. A little stumped. I flashed the win10 only image and its also a Chinese only version. Even tried the lpksetup to manually install the language files (confirmed build with winver) but was not able to do so (yellow triangle with exclamation mark).

            Not sure what i’m doing wrong here.

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