Up And Coming Reviews Dec/Jan 2017

Up And Coming Reviews Dec/Jan 2017

Tomorrow I should receive my Teclast X5 Pro. A very promising looking Core M3-7Y30 2-in-1 with a very Surface Pro 4 like design, kickstand, type cover, 12-inches with front facing speakers. And the Chuwi Hibox-Hero, Chuwi’s first mini PC powered by and Atom X5 8350. I’ve got the following on the go for those interested:

Reviews will be a little slower than normal. Normally it takes a week or more as I have to fully test out and use devices thoroughly. I’m in the process of moving to a new studio office I’m setting up so I can finally cure my internet issues. So in between two places. You’ll see a change in the look of the videos.

Tablets & 2-in-1′ to be reviewed:

  • Teclast X5 Pro (Due this week)
  • Cube iwork1x (In progress)
  • PiPo W1 Pro (2-in-1) with keyboard and active stylus included.
  • Cube Mix Plus (Core M3-7Y30) Ordered
  • Voyo Vbook V3 Pentium N4200 Yogo book

Mini PC’s

  • Chuwi HiBox-Hero (Due this week)
  • Voyo V1 (Review & testing in progress)
  • Possible $320 fanless  i7 7500U Mini PC barebone unit.


  • UMI Plus E 6GB RAM / 64GB ROM Helio P20 CPU. (Shipped)
  • Oppo R9S (Ordered hasn’t shipped)



Chinese tablet news, hands on videos and reviews of the latest Chinese tablets. I don't review or cover just anything, only tablets I think are good enough and worth the attention.


  1. Hi Chris, have you any more information or a link for that $320 i7 fanless pc?

  2. a lot of work for this start of the year.

  3. Nice list. Saw the OPPO R9s on the list. I’m able to predict what of kind conclusion you will give on it. Because in my opinion R9s is like OPPO version of the Vivo X9. They have many similarities and only a few differences. The OS that OPPO is using is also another iOS clone. I recommend you to check out 360 mobile or Qiku for your info. 360 has released great value phones like the 360 N4S Snapdragon edition which has Snapdragon 625, 5000mah battery and 4GB ram at the price of 1299 rmb. It is a great Redmi Note 3 Pro competitor.

    • Meizu, Oppo and Vivo all seem the same. I just wanted to check them out, pricey phones for Chinese ones and I’m not sure I will get another Meizu or Vivo. Not really worth it, pricey, not much interest and I can’t make any return on them. 360 N4S? I’ll take a look at it.

      • Oppo and Vivo got the most similarity. They both sell phone with low/mid end processor at a very high price tag. Meizu do have decent budget/value series like the Meizu m3 note. But due to their decision to stick with Mediatek and release multiple phone with same internal, they are slowly losing the interest of netizen and their users. Yup, 360 N4S or Qiku N4S. Qiku or 360 mobile is a company formed by coolpad and Qihoo 360 (well known for their antivirus).

  4. what about smaller tablets in the new year? do you think we could see the x5 z8350 and z8550 cpus, 4gb of ram, 64gb of emmc, usb 3.1-type c, OGS screens with full HD (7 inch) and quad HD (8 inch) resolutions!? any thoughts?

    • I hope we will see that next year. maybe Xiaomi will release a new Mi Pad 7.9″ version.

      • I heard that xiaomi’s new tablet is going to be Windows only.
        I’m looking for 8inch android tablet with good build quality.
        Budget is around $100-$150
        Any recommendation ?

  5. Still no info on the 3000×2000 surface book clone from Chuwi?

    • Nothing yet, it was meant to be out now. Must have been pushed out to 2017.

  6. Really great!!
    I am looking forward to the Teclast X5 Pro Review.
    Please please make a quick Unpack Video and the full review!! I think there are lots of people looking at this tablet right now.

    Have a great time during the last days of this year, and thank you soooo much for all the work you do!!

    • Like always there will be an unboxing video first which covers the basics and then the full review later and maybe a few other videos like gaming. The full review will come after I’ve had a decent amount of time using it and know all the pros and cons. But I will do my best to get it out as quick as possible.

  7. Happy to see x5 pro review so quickly. I thought i have to wait until end january. I will preorder if its good tablet 🙂

  8. Great reviews to come!
    BTW, already wishing you a great year 2017!

    • Thanks, yes plenty to come. And hopefully some new tablets from Xiaomi. I’m waiting for a Mi Pad 3 announcement.

      • Hehe, nice 🙂
        I’ll probably need to win at the Lottery in 2017: so many good devices about to be released! 😀

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