How To Disable Annoying Touchpad Gestures On Windows 10

How To Disable Annoying Touchpad Gestures On Windows 10

Tired of triggering those annoying Windows 10 touchpad gestures your tablet or laptop’s keyboard? While there are many solutions around. Papa Yoyo in the forum has posted a quick and effective method of disabling them so you won’t be triggering them anymore.

The process involves installing Auto Hot Key and creating a simple script that will do the job, disabling those gestures. The how to with a script to cut and paste is here in the forum thread from Papa Yoyo.


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  1. Seems like the touchpad gestures have nothing to do with the touchpad driver, it is actually linked to the keyboard it self which is super odd. Just thought of throwing that out there, I have tried multiple different drivers from other manufacturers and none helped stop the touchpad from gesturing.

    If you disable the touchpad drivers you can still do gestures

    I will keep trying to see if there is anything simple to do to get it to stop gesturing

  2. As I posted over in another thread:

    (This is just a compiled exe from autohotkey, if you cant be bothered installing and setting up the ahk script)

    The “annoying minimise gesture” down swipe can be solved using the file posted by Luis Alejandro (raton.rar), add exe to windows startup folder

    Works a treat for my HiBook pro, so happy to fix that one, was driving me nuts.

    • To clarify, this exe disables the down swipe, and the “from left” swipe, leaving the “from right” swipe as is. Thats all I wanted anyway. There is the standard autohotkey tray icon present to toggle it or exit if need be. Of course, I scanned with Defender, no issues!

  3. @chris
    Hi chris there any doifferences between this script and the one from .oOOo. ?

    • Very similar, I’ll have to compare the script Vs script to see the difference.

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