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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Chuwi To Release Apollo Lake 3:2 Ratio Surface Book Tablet

Chuwi To Release Apollo Lake 3:2 Ratio Surface Book Tablet

Chuwi today posted a tweet with some interesting images of a new upcoming tablet. Judging from the images, I can see it has a Celeron N3450 which is a new Apollo Lake chip, 4GB of RAM and a 3000 x 2000 resolution making it a 3:2 aspect ratio screen. And in one photo it looks to be next to the Chuwi Hi12, clearing showing it’s a good inch or more larger.

So it must have a Microsoft Surface Book screen in it. That’s about 267 PPI and 13.5″ inch making it a very large tablet. I just hope it will also have full USB 3.0 ports, Wireless AC, fully laminated screen and an extra large battery and Dual OS versions . The system info also shows it will have an active stylus.

Gearbest already has this listed on their site. No price or release listed.

It’s highly likely it will come with a dock, maybe a Surface Book style one? No work on the release date, pricing, dock or other specs. But as soon as more info is known I’ll post it here. I’ll also be sure to review it once released.

Source: Chuwi’s official twitter.

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  1. price is 552 USD and with keyboard it will be over 600 USD. with 64 GB MMC, i am not going for this at this price. pricing is not reasonable. it should be around 400 USD with keyboard.

  2. Any updates on this? 🙂
    Im about to buy a 12inch or larger tablet. My budget is up to 300dollars.
    Big thanks for your reviews Chris. Now Im looking at chuwi hi12 or the cube iwork12. Chuwi hi12 better screen but seems to have more bugs. iwork12, better build but to dim?
    Then I saw this chuwi 13 is comin. Any advice? Shall I wait and see?

  3. Gearbest told me it will be available from 29.11.16. but the price is still insane and it is directly after cyber monday unfortunately
    It seems you are having very good connections to chuwi, because they posted on twitter with your name in #.
    We are all so excited for the new surface like Chuwi tablet. Is it possible that you ask chuwi for a special voucher for us fans on your site? And do you know when you will receive the tablet for a review?

    Best wishes Faris

    • Did Gearbest confirm a price? And yeah hopefully pre-sale does have vouchers.

      • Not yet, still waiting on the release date and pricing from Chuwi.I hope it’s under $300 at least.

    • I can try, but unfortunately I have no special contact with them. They just email and tweet me new releases and sales etc.

  4. Will we see 4G support on these units? I’ve been waiting for ages to upgrade my Teclast with 3G support that just isn’t cutting it anymore.

    Sadly I do not see this as being a “cheap” upgrade with a screen of that size, think I will look for a 2nd had Hi12 instead as the next step up…anyone wanna part with theirs..oh but I’m in shipping kills most deals


  5. Beyond perfect. Literally lost my Hi12 in a car crash yesterday and need a replacement. Thank you techtab.

  6. With the Apollo Lake I notice that Intel was advocating putting the BIOS in eMMC. Given that the Chinese manufacturers like to put kill switches in BIOS setup and/or deliver updates that trash the BIOS this could be a major issue. Chris when/if your review Apollo Lake tablets please try and get inside to check if there’s still an SPI flash chip to clip onto should it be neccessary.

  7. What is the point of such ridiculously high resolution, aside wasting ressources ?

    • The point is ebook reading. Specifically, pdf technical books & textbooks.

      1. 3000×2000 is equivalent to a pair of 1500×2000 displays side by side, one per ebook-page.

      2. Being able to read two pages side-by-side is important for technical books & textbooks. Although they pay lip service to reflowable text, the harsh fact is that the editors of most such books STILL depend upon having a layout identical to the printed book — they’ll put a diagram/table/illustration/code-sample on one page, and talk about it on the facing page (with the assumption that you can see both pages simultaneously). Attempting to read books like that a single page at a time falls somewhere between “annoying” and “painful”.

      3. The high resolution is important, because Android has traditionally done a piss-poor job of rendering fonts. Unlike every other platform, Android has never supported subpixel antialiasing… and most Android apps don’t even properly handle font-hinting or grayscale smoothing. A high-PPI display allows you to mostly sidestep that limitation through sheer brute force.

    • Drawing, watching videos, and reading (This thing will be an absolute dream to read comics on).

  8. I really hope this tablet with this CPU/SoC is fully Linux compatible, unlike the current popular Z8300 tablets.

    • The Z8300 already is, works just fine with Linux. This issue is the realtek audio and wireless.

      • Then I it seems I and understanding it wrong.

        I had understood that with all that tweaking that you guys are doing at the forums (BTW: great work) you have to manually patch the system every major update (like the ones that update the kernel, that happen at least once a month in Ubuntu, for instance) you receive. And of course when you want to go from one release to another too.

        If at least a rolling release like Arch would only need that manual patching at first installation I would buy one of these machines today.

        Am I wrong or is it as I am understanding?

    • That price can’t be correct, it’s crazy, no one would buy it.

      • €280-€300 max but it’s got to have Wireless AC, full sized USB 3 port AND type-c or I’m not upgrading. Just stick with my Hi12. Also what’s this called, the Chuwi Hi13? Chuwi Vi13 Or Chuwi Tablet Book haha (Take of Surface Book name)

    • BTW are you planning to review on Yoga Book? It’s not cheap, but it’s looks like interesting concept (+ 4mm thick opened, Android 6, 690g)

  9. Come to think of it, wouldn’t a Core M3 7Y30 be around the same price and offer greater performance. Why go with the 6W Apollo Lake in that case? Unless Intel are selling it much cheaper than Intel ARK suggests. I guess we will have to wait for Teclast and Cube’s Core M3 7Y30 tablets next year…

    • I’m not sure price wise, but a Core M3-7Y30 would be much quicker.

    • I think ARK prices have their fair share of bullshit to them. The celeron 2995u of the acer c720 for example is listed at $132. For a device being sold at $200. I’m skeptical that the whole lot; motherboard, chassis, battery, display, RAM, SSD, PSU etc as well as profit, assembly, shipping, packaging and retailer margins were all done in $68.

      IF we were to accept the m3 and apollo lake celeron were the same price, it’s possible that all of the surroundings for the celeron could be cheaper to implement. For example it could allow for fewer components and cheaper EMMC storage, whereas the m3 may not. Intel’s TDP figures do not line up perfectly with the amount of power the processor may use, that’s for certain.

  10. Yeah, AC Wi-Fi… man, just few bucks more for the manufacture to add it in, but most of the Chinese tablets/notebooks don’t have it, it makes huge difference really, a line between 4K or no 4K.

  11. Would love to have it…but see how weird the lit-up screen looks around the edges, especially top-right, bottom-right and bottom? It looks really bad…

    If OGS was added to that mix, I am afraid we would be against a really expensive tablet, comparatively with other (than Xiaomi) releases from China.

    • Good point, it looks like it’s non-laminted and maybe a prototype unit with minor defects? Yes OGS would no doubt push the price over $400. No thanks.

      • Oh I am pretty sure it would be more than 400$…only on specials sales would we be seeing <$399.99 prices

  12. Is this the same screen as the *current* surface book?

    For me an m.2 ssd is what i’d need to upgrade from an hi12; I feel that would make a major performance difference over the emmc (plus upgradability would be a big plus). That is assuming no significant regressions (full size USB (A), speakers, proper (Asus t100 style) keyboard). All that and full USB-C with charging and display out and it would be awesome.

    But chances are they will screw it up somehow like giving it a crappy folding keyboard, as they did with the hi10 plus.

    • Reading into the Intel spec sheet, it does support DDR4 RAM and SSD’s. So hopefully it will have a 64GB or 128GB M.2 SSD, I’m all for that and DDR4 ram. Transformer style keyboard too, it has to be as it’s too big for a type cover and has no kickstand!

  13. Also I hope it’s priced around $250 or under $300. If it’s over I doubt I’ll get it.

  14. Looks like I found a reason to finally upgrade my Hi12. Looks great but, I but it must have wireless AC and a decent keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!

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