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First Non MS tablet to use the Surface Book 3:2 Screen
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Deals: Teclast X80 Pro Z8350 Dual OS for $87.54. Chuwi Hi13 for $306

Deals: Teclast X80 Pro Z8350 Dual OS for $87.54. Chuwi Hi13 for $306

If you’re looking for a cheap dual boot before they disappear, there’s a coupon going on the Teclast X80 Pro. Coupon 852abf takes 15% off the price, lowering it to $87,54. This model has the revised newer Atom  Cherry Trail Z8350 in it with a max turbo of 1.93Ghz. The X80 Pro has a plastic build, 8-inches 1920 x 1200 screen that’s sharp and bright. Runs Windows 10 Home and Android 5.1.

The deal is here on Banggood:

The new Apollo Lakes aren’t running Dual OS, not one of them yet. It seems Dual OS could be a dying breed of tablet.

And thank’s to Bob in the forums for this one, the Chuwi Hi13 is $306 with coupon: CHUWI25%OFF here. That’s a lot cheaper than what I paid just a few weeks ago…

Coupon confirmed working

If you find any good deals, please let us know in the comments or PM me.

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    “It seems Dual OS could be a dying breed of tablet.” Yes, I totally agree with that, and it’s a good thing, IMO. Running Android and/or Windows on the same device sounded great to me in the past (and I bought a couple of such dual-boot devices, either tablet and miniPC), but, in the long run, you are faced to a big issue: storage! Let’s consider this Teclast’s offer: 2 GB RAM and 32 GB disk. How much personal storage is left with 2 OS installed? Surely not enough to even make a Windows update! So, I’m definitely not deceived that Apollo Lake new devices run a single OS…

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    Just ordered the hi13 from gearbest using the coupon. I appreciate all the hard work and reviews. It definitely has helped me be a more informed buyer.

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