Deals: Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k $452 Including Tax

Deals: Xiaomi Mi Drone 4k $452 Including Tax

I would love to have a drone here in Spain. But apparently, you need a small aircraft license to fly them, so pretty much out of the question for me. But I found this great deal going on the Xiaomi 4k 3-axis drone that really got me interested, enough to risk getting it, do a small flight and then sell it on.

TomTop has the 4k version going for $452 which is a great price for a 4k drone, even better most EU countries you’ll not even have to pay tax on it by the looks of it, they cover it. (Must be sent via the EU?)

As far as 4k drones go spec wise it looks like it has everything covered. 4k 30fps video, auto hover, GPS, 360 flight mode, 3km range, 3-axis gimbal for the camera, 5100mAh battery good for up to 27 minutes of flight time. One thing it does seem to be missing compared to the popular drones is collision detection sensors.

Would love to branch out to drones but such a stupid law here prevents me.

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  1. Chris, you don’t need license in order to fly a drone here in Spain. Only for professional works but not for recreational. 🙂 However, some limits apply:
    – Inside visual range.
    – 120m max height.
    – Not over people. That’s you cannot fly on a crowed beach or over a sports event.
    – Not near airports or any other fly related facility.
    – Always with safe concerns about people around you.

    So, go ahead and get that Xiaomi drone! 🙂

  2. It also seems to be an extra 4% off with TOP4OFF coupon code.

    I’ve heard that some countries got anti-drone laws, like the one you mentioned (and I guess some of those laws are for fairly good reasons), but I didn’t know Spain had one. After all, they do sell some drones down at MediaMarkt, at least here in GC.

  3. Can you not just get a permit for it for a day? I would love to see a review of it.

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