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Deals: Chuwi Lapbook SE $249 With $30 Off Coupon

Deals: Chuwi Lapbook SE $249 With $30 Off Coupon

Another new coupon has popped up for the Lapbook SE from Chuwi. By far my favorite Gemini Lake laptop, great screen the best keyboard on a budget laptop under $300 and it’s backlit. The battery life is also really good up to 8-9 hours I’ve managed on mine with low brightness. But it has one flaw that might be an issue for some, only 4GB of DDR4 RAM. So I can happily run about 10 tabs in Chrome, after this, it will need to reload some pages.

For light use 4GB does work, but if you plan to run Photoshop, edit a 1080p video and have 20 tabs open in your favorite internet browser it’s not going to happen. It has a 2280 size SSD with 128GB of storage. wireless AC 3165 good for up to around 300mbps transfers up and down. That 13.3″ screen is a laminated 1080p IPS one with good color coverage for the price.

Coupon: GBNBCWSE249 lowers the price to $249 + postage, you also get a free mini HDMI to HDMI cable. The deal can be found here.

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  1. Amazon is selling the Lenovo for 299€ no optane and with a Spanish keyboard:
    ?Pantalla de: 15,6”
    ?CPU: Intel Core i3-702U
    ?RAM: 4GB
    ?ROM: 500GB

    • and no full hd screen

      • El Rincón de China right? TN 1366×768 ouch. Otherwise, it look okay, slow HDD but with an SSD might be okay.

  2. Hi Chris
    Lapbook PRO vs Lapbook SE
    same chipset, same 4GB limit
    What’s your opinion?

  3. Asked for a refund and ordered the Jumper EZbook S4 8/256GB Laptop 281.27 EUR from Banggood
    promo: 1J1NBG3 total 285€ the SE total was 215€ (70€=+4RAM+128ssd minus keyboard backlight) I hope the EZbook S4 is ok!

    • Ezbook s4 is plastic though… Build quality is inferior than se.

  4. is selling a cheap N4000 14inch laptop for 200€ but you have to buy the m2 flash storage and the Chuwi will probably have a better screen and battery.

    • would be a decent deal if it was a n4100 but a dual core n4000 is simply close to unusable.

  5. Just be aware there seems to be a stock shortage on these things i am still yet to recieve my order from Nov, more than a month after placing the order. There is no chance of arriving this year if you buy now.

    • yes you are 99% correct! only a miracle for this to arrive before 2019. I have until May to get my money back from paypal, if something better comes along for less than 215€ I will ask for a full refund.

  6. Ordered one from Gearbest in November. No shipment yet! Gemini Lake’s shortage and probably and Chuwi’s false promises postponed the shipment. Will have to ask payPal for a full refund if it takes much longer.
    gearBest: “We had originally submitted a large order to them, however, despite repeated assurances, they only provided an incomplete batch which is far below the replenishment level to meet consumer demand. We are as disappointed as you and feel let down by the manufacturer. The order volume is relatively large recently . The item is out of stock . You need to wait 7-15 business days.”

    • That wait time is bs they keep pushing the date back on the three occasions on contacted their support.

  7. Have you tried to install CloudReady/ChromeOS on this?
    I wish they would sell this as a real ChromeBook – it’s perfect for that type of use, but China and Google Apps don’t work well 🙁

    • cloud ready runs on Linux Kernel, so it should work as well
      usually it’s the touchscreen not to work, but here there is not

  8. slightly off topic but since you show the check-out page i guess it is somewhat related.

    is it worth it to pay for the shipping guarantee? i have never paid for it and thankfully all of my orders with tracking number have arrived but even if one eventually did not i suppose paypal will be my guarantee no?

    • I don’t normally ever get that, but I do use the EU shipping that has tracking. I haven’t had any issues so far.

  9. STOP pretendig it’s a matter of the Brower
    It’s the new webpage that are easily 2-300Mb of javascript code loading lots of data running locally
    You can notice is you swap to the old plain html version of google pages

    • Yes but no, if I switch to other browsers and load the same pages a see a big difference in RAM use.

  10. Great deal. I’ve said this before, but this would run a lightweight Linux distro like LinuxMint Mate or Manjaro Xfce nicely and if you create a swap partition of 4GB size it will compensate some for the lower qty RAM. Also if you use a lighter browser like the Falkon Browser that will help.

    • It does run them nicely, plays well with Linus this laptop. Even in Windows, a lighter browser helps out. Chrome is very heavy on RAM use (It eats it!) But I always test as it’s so popular.

      I was running mine as a dual boot system for a while, Mint, and Win10. Just with a boot selector at the start, worked fine.

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