Live: Xiaomi’s Spanish Launch Event. Mi A1, Mi Mix 2 To Launch Locally

Live: Xiaomi’s Spanish Launch Event. Mi A1, Mi Mix 2 To Launch Locally

Live from the Xiaomi Spanish laucnh event and Xiaomi’s first Western European Mi Store.

  • 10:48 am – The event is just kicking off now. Introduction to Xiaomi. 
  • 10:53 am: Talking about the Redmi Note 4, one of their most popular mobiles and why it’s such a success.
  • 10:57 am: Now they are going over their innovation in the mobile sector. How the Mi Mix changed the mobile world with the bezel-less design.
  • 11:01 am: Xiaomi is #5 and the fastest growing mobile company with over 100% growth per year.
  • They have over 220 stores in China, their goal is to build over 1000 stores in China.
  • 11:07 am:  130 stores outside of China. Over 280 million active Xiaomi users globally.
  • 11:11 am: Spain is Xiaomi first entry point for Western Europe. The full business model will be coming to Spain. Spanish site, eCom partners, Amazon and authorized stores in Spain.
  • 11:16 am: Opening here in Madrid on the 11th of November their first store. Redmi Note 5A in one of the photos, so it will be launched here in Europe this model?
  • Mi Mix 2 and Mi A1 will officially launch here. The Mi A1 is basically the Mi 5X I’ve reviewed but with Android One and EU LTE bands.
  • 11:24 am Xiaomi are just going over the Mi A1 specs. Android One – No MIUI
  • 11:29 am: Comes with Android 7.0, guaranteed software updates for two years. Retails for 229 euros.
  • 11:31 am: – Now they are talking about the Mi Mix 2. Nothing new.
  • 11:42 am: Qualcomm now has the stage, talking about their partnership with Xiaomi.
  • 11:49 am: Now onto the price! 499 euros. 6GB / 64GB model Mi Mix 2 model.

Also coming to Spain: Mi electric scooter, Mi Max 2, Mi 6, Redmi 5 series. The Mi scooter will be 349 euros with a limited price of 299 euros for the first week.

The Mi box and Mi band 2 and Mi Action camera 4k will be released too.

All products will be available locally from tomorrow, the 8th. Also on and


I’m here in Madrid ready for tomorrows event. Xiaomi is officially launching in Spain and Europe. I got a late invite and luckily managed to get into Madrid this evening. At least I only live 500kms away.

It’s rumored they might also be launching the Xiaomi Y1 here or a new surprise product tomorrow. The Y1 is basically a Redmi Note 5A. Of course, it might be that mobile just under another name for the Spanish or EU localisation with common European LTE bands. I’m here mainly to see if I can finally get in touch with Xiaomi and what the deal will be with their local launch here. If I get a change I have many questions for them. No doubt you also do?

My questions I hope to ask if not already answered at the press event tomorrow. I’m sure most of them will be.

  • LTE Band support? Pretty obvious one, they have to cover all the bands in the countries sold.
  • What other countries in Europe will Xiaomi enter and sell locally, will there be walk-in stores or some online distributors only. What is the timeline for this?
  • Will it be all of Xiaomi’s product line up including the crowd-funded Mijia items like the, action cams & E-Scooters etc
  • How will the tech be priced, items must be aggressively priced to beat online exporters in China in order for Europeans to move away from importing Xiaomi tech themselves from China and buy locally.
  • Will items launch globally now? Or will it still be a case of China first and other countries months later like India for example when some launches can take a month or never happen?
  • When is MIUI 9 stable finally going to be pushed out via the OTA system?
  • How warranty claims etc will work. Will it work for existing Xiaomi tech bought from a 3rd party?
  • Mi Home, localisation and translations etc.
  • EU support line, ticket and RMA system?
  • For New Zealanders and Australians, will Xiaomi ever release in the southern hemisphere? We’re often forgotten and left out.

I’m not sure the plan for tomorrow, but if I’m able to I will record some video and also see if I can at least tweet out anything of interest live. I’ll have my Jumper EZBook 3 Pro with me so keep an eye on the sites Twitter account and this post. Got any questions for them let me know here and in twitter and I’ll see what I can do.

And if you’re going tomorrow, come say hi if you see me.

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  1. mi a1 at €229? Seems damn good with real eu warranty.

    • Yes, I was expecting them to sell it for €299. No point importing it now.

  2. If I have time I will try to go to La Vaguada or Xanadu in order to take some photos from Xiaomi Stores. I am thinking about Mi Mix 2… Pity they are only going to sell 64GB version for now…

    • That would be great. I don’t think I’ll be back anytime soon. But if I return to Madrid I will check out the Xiaomi store for sure.

  3. 1) Why no NFC
    2) Miui Locale setting, why no United Kingdom?

    • Sadly all I was allowed was two questions with Xiaomi at the media Q&A. And the ones I asked: Will devices launch globally. The answer was no. China will be first and later other regions, it seems they need time and at this point cannot do simultaneous global releases due to localisation time frames etc. And the last question I snuck in was when will MIUI 9 stable be released. I was told it would be in a few weeks.

  4. Anyone knows if anyone provide live feed (pics or video) from the event? Literaly unnoticed event…

  5. Of course Guys first lets all say a big THANK YOU to Chris for devoting his valuable time to inform us and test products.

    Secondly Xiaomi already has an Official distributor in Athens (and they have been selling some phones since November 2016, with official backup and the Official 2 year warranty. Website:

    Thirdly Xiaomi opened a Xiaomi Official Mi Store in Athens in 28th September 2017 and introduced more products to the Greek (and I guess European Markets) through Greece. Website:

    The official Xiaomi Greece website is :

    The Official sales-points are :

  6. The key thing for me is for them to have in-country servicing and repair facility. Ideally they’d have a few in each European country, and offer 48 hour turn round on repairs.
    And they need to ensure their phones have unlockable bootloaders, and provide kernel sources (required legally by the Linux licensing anyway), so that it’s possible for developers to install AOSP instead of their proprietary ROMs.

  7. Awesome that you got to make it to the event Chris!

    Appreciate your Aus/NZ questions – we’re stuck importing whatever we can down here, so if they have any concrete plans to launch in the region it’d be good to know!

    Another good question: will Xiaomi ever offer a better warranty service? They lose a lot of customers when buyers have to rely on third-party sites like Gearbest to fix any issues with their expensives laptops, phones, etc

    • No plans for NZ/Aust. Seems that will be years away. No word on the warranty period improving.

  8. another question and its a good one..:
    will they ever make a proper website with proper details about all their products (including other companies products they have included in their mi branded ecosystem)?
    the current one is a mess the last time i looked and incomplete, w
    chinese webshops are more informative and accurate.. and we all know they get it wrong often enough already

    hint also include discontinued products under such a header and be more clear which one a newer or revised product is (xiaomi naming convention leaves a lot to be desired..)

  9. 2 more questions;
    5 – why not offer the option of stock android on every xiaomi phone, let the costumer decide if miui has added value and also keep the miui team sharp to deliver a product that weights up against its required processing and storage overhead and truely delivers worthwhile additional features.. (see how long we have had to wait for split screen..!!)
    6 – miui updates are nice and appreciated but why can’t underlaying android be updated sooner (will my just a few months old Note 4 ever be updated to android 7 or better? The other Note 4/4x mystery phone at least is on 7.0)

  10. #1 when will they support native EU power plugs or exchangeable plugs to get a really useable system. If I’m in a hurry I often loose the adaptor in the socket.

    #2 same for all the Mi home itens from lights over sensors to gateway

    #3 european Mi Home App server with local european time. Currently my time notifications are +7h to Berlin
    Also german radio channels for mi home gateway.

    #4 Mi home App cameras and liggts and other stuff offer “english” but still 60% chinese character. I have a collection of chinese words/characters as a bug list cause in device automation it is important to know what to do.
    Here examples 1080p mijia and dafang cam which are similiar devices but different in this menu and resorted what it makes really complicated.
    I get tons of cam notigications in chinese with chinese time

    AUTOMATION – Cam Mijia 1089
    开机 = Boot
    关机 = Shut down
    开/关机 = Switch on/off
    录制并上传视频 = Record and upload videos

    AUTOMATION – Cam Dafang
    录像并上传云 = Video and upload cloud
    开机 = Boot
    关机 = Shut down
    关闭图像报警 = Turn off the image alarm
    打开图像报警 = Turn on the image alarm

    I am not asking for german, but a native english one- for all devices. And finally it’s a big mistake to neglect german as a 100 mio. potential buyer market in the heart of europe, bigger than russia regarding population x income. I can live with english, others not

    #5 european / german / individual radio channels for home gateway. We are free, not slaves of chinese censorship.

    #6 when will the xiaomi shop hamburg open and where?

    #7 the chinese mainland server is overloaded cause notiFications come too late. Chinese text is about 8:08 local chinese time that should get a notification time stamp 01:08 … but I got it at 1:53 – bad if it’s an alarm system and camera movement alert

    #8 the time differences in yeelight apps is different to the +7h mentioned above. In device scheduling it is 7 hours, in group scheduling or scenes 1hour or 6 or 7 hours.

    The xiaomi europe guy can contact me regarding all the problems above and a lot more.
    Zhings that need to be fixed cause european users get scared when chinese characters appear on their phone out of nowhere especially notifications.

    #9 Next drone?

    #10 european wifi + zigbee + 433 mhz sockets

    Hope you feel good prepared to be recogniced and speak for a spearhead of european customers.

    Good idea that you asked – a bit late, but not too late.


  11. maybe you can ask them the following (i am on my 3rd xiaomi phone now):
    1 – stop making so many different versions which are impossible to identify irl (i still dont know if i bought a redmi note 4 global or note 4x global, “about phone” only tells me “redmi note 4” but it looks like on the outside more like a note 4x) how are consumers to know they dont buy a fake or a wrong version with wrong lte bands….
    2 – i dont know the origin of this problem (maybe “region/locale” setting) but often i can not install country specific apps like for banking or tv provider because the app is not supported on my phone or country/region it is set to… i am from The Netherlands and i can not select my country in the settings!
    3 – i have no problem with english and have my phone set to it but wgen i bought my mother a Note 4x (xaomi phone number 4) i came to discover i can not select the Dutch language (the language of The Netherlands) and that is kind of silly to support only a few languages.
    4 – additional mi cloud storage for every subsequent xiaomi phone bought would be nice plus better editting tools for what is stored like recordings etc

    i understand some of this is very specific for my country but maybe people in other countries experience similar limitations

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