Lenovo XiaoXin (TB-8804F)

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Lenovo XiaoXin Review Now Online

Lenovo XiaoXin Review Now Online

Only my second Lenovo tablet reviewed here on the site, I should be reviewing more if these two I’ve seen are anything to go by. It’s a recent 8″ tablet release from Lenovo, it has the same fully laminated 1920 x 1200 16:10 aspect ratio IPS as the Lenovo P8 I reviewed. The same efficient Snapdragon 625, but has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC 5.1 storage. The tablet has GPS, but lacks a compass and an ambient light sensor which I find odd.

The ROM seems to have no OTA support, yet my Lenovo P8 does. Which leads me to believe the ROM might not be an original ROM but a shop ROM with Play store added and OTA’s removed.

It runs Android 7.1.1, the speakers are stereo front facing ones and they are very good for a tablet of this price range. Much better than the typical rubbish we get for speakers. The wireless AC is fast and the range is really good. Overall a nice tablet if a bit overpriced at the moment selling for $254 at Banggood. If you’re looking for cheaper with a Snapdragon 625 and don’t mind 16GB of storage check out the Lenovo P8 I reviewed here.

My rating out of 10 and more details can be found here. My next tablet review will be the Chuwi Hi9 hopefully due next week.

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  1. Really nice review Chris! I recently bought the same tablet and its a nice piece of hardware.
    I’m having one little issue though, and was wondering if you can help me. The unit that I have got has _PRC (People’s Republic of China) build installed in it, unfortunately, that doesn’t allow me to install the Google apps in it (it keeps crashing those apps when I install). I found out that only _ROW (Rest of the World) build can have Google apps, which is the version you have got in your unit.
    I have tried contacting Lenovo and XDA forums for any help, but haven’t got any good response, and my tablet is just lying on there as a useless device. I’m in Australia, and sending my unit back to China and getting another one would take around 30-40 days.
    Is there any way you can help me with that? You have “TB-8804F_S000015_170929_ROW” installed on your tablet, is it possible for you to create a system image of your tablet with all the drivers and share it with me so I can flash it on my tablet? Or do you know any other solution to this problem? The tablet is not much of a use for me without Google apps. Please HELP! I’ll greatly appreciate it!

    • Hi, did you get it from Banggood? Mine, as you have seen in the review, came with Google Apps. I don’t know where to get this ROM sorry or how to flash it. If you know how I can root and create an image you could flash I’ll do it. But you should get in touch with bangood or Aliexpress wherever you got it from you a replacement or refund.

      • I really really appreciate your willingness to help Chris. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my tablet from Banggood or GearBest, but I got it from JD.com when I visited China recently. I had purchased Chinese phones before and installed Google apps on them perfectly fine. Little did I know, that they have done something unusual with this tablet’s ROM. I contacted both JD.com and Lenovo China, but no support at all regarding rooting or installing Google apps.
        Before we go the more tedious option of creating the image by ourselves, what I was thinking, since you have bought your unit from Banggood, if you can get in touch with their support and ask for the stock ROM that is installed on this tablet, just tell them that you want to flash another ROM and want to keep a backup of the stock ROM so you can go back to the original state if something goes wrong. If they provide you the ROM, then you can share with me and some other who are in the similar situation.
        One small request, can you please share the exact version of these apps installed on your tablet:
        1. Google Account Manager
        2. Google Services Framework
        3. Google Play Services
        4. Google Play Store

        You have no idea how much I appreciate your help and support mate! Thank you so much!

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