Tbook 8XS Pro – 15.6″ GeForce 920M 2GB + J3455 Laptop

Tbook 8XS Pro – 15.6″ GeForce 920M 2GB + J3455 Laptop

This one certainly looks interesting from T-Bao, an Apollo Lake J3455 15.6″ 1080p laptop with dedicated Nvidia 920M graphics. So this will be much more powerful than the Intel iGPU on the Apollo Lakes I have typically reviewed and should be able to run for example GTA V at 40-50 fps on low at 1024 x 768.

The display has a slim bezel and we also have M.2 2280 SSD expansion, 6GB of DDR3 1600Mhz RAM and 128GB of eMMC 5 storage. The laptop also sports wireless AC and has an ethernet port. It even has Type-C.

The Apollo Lake Celeron J3455 is also slightly faster than the Celeron N3450 typically used in the other budget laptops like the EZBook 3 Pro.

The battery is listed as 9000mAh and considering the price and spec could this be the new Apollo Lake budget laptop king? Any interest in a review of this one? It’s currently $299 at Geekbuying.com

Thanks to Inhalt for the tip!

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  1. Hello. I have purchased the T-bao R8 laptop. Everything is working ok except for the microphone. It does not work. Windows can not detect a sound card. There are no unknown devices in device manager. Webcam and Speakers work ok. Can someone reply to my post and if there is some kind of fix for this issue. Thanks in advance. Chris

    • surely if speakers work then there must be a sound device of some kind? can you delete the device in Device Manager, reboot and see if when Windows re-configures the driver also causes a microphone device to manifest.

  2. I think you should hold off until the Gemini Lake models come out, we’re already seeing mini PCs with these in, so tablets and laptops are imminent.
    I’m also hoping Huawei will come along with a new Mediapad, if it’s without the compromises of previous versions, it might be pretty decent.

    • Feb/March we should see the new releases. I’ve decided to order one to check it out, curiosity, in the end, got the better of me. Still sometime before I’m looking at the Celeron N4100 and Pentium N5000 Gemini Lake tablets, notebooks and mini pcs.

  3. This machine is pretty stupid in terms of hardware. But is quite strong in price/power.

    GT920 is roughly equivalent to Intel UHD620, which is integrated into core i line of CPUs. Processor wise – even more stupid. This is quad core Celeron with 2.3 GHz which will plain lag in most scenarios, but good for gaming, etc.
    Display looks promising.

    They have charge port and type c = stupid. 6gb ram 1600 = mid level. M.2 is nice, but too bad it’s not NVMe, but it’s processor related.

    However, price is very decent. My regret is they didn’t go with 150MX GPU, at least as a choice. That would have been a killer.

    • Ignoring the GPU, the Celeron J3455 looks slightly more powerful than the Celeron N3450 but it is a TDP 10 watt CPU versus the N3450 6w TDP so that is to be expected. I wonder how the battery life will perform though compared to the Jumper EZbook 3 Pro and other N3450 notebooks? We will see.

      • I think the battery life should be similar but with that 920M if it’s not switchable GFX it will drain the battery and we would surely lose a few hours due to this.

    • MX150 would have been overkill for a J3455 and be CPU bottleneck for sure. The spec is okay considering it’s price on release it’s only going to lower. So once around the $270 mark would be a nice alternative for those looking for a dedicated GPU with 2GB of vRAM. It will certainly push older games nicely Vs the Intel 500 HD.

      • Don’t know about bottlenecking… But the GPU choice is anyway strange – there are MX150 sublings, like MX130? something like that and not so “2 year old”
        Plus the GPU itself is strange that it is a dedicated chip with the pixel-pushing on HD620 level with some vram.
        Was there really no higher tier CPU, that costs like this CPU+this GPU combined?

        But otherwise I like this laptop, it seems like a decent made item to somebody who does simple things on laptop, like mail typing and watching videos.

        • Because it’s an old part it would have been cheap for them to bulk buy the 920M Dies. The MX150 is the lowest you can get, next up would be the 1050. The MX150 is really an Nvidia 1030. And as for the J3455 they could have gone with maybe an older i5 but I guess cost and maybe battery life was the aim here. It’ is a strange combination for sure.

  4. The description is a bit fuzzy, it was probably copypasted from the non-Pro version in a hurry. On Aliexpress (and other Chinese sites I can find) it is only listed with 64GB eMMC. The font for “128” is a bit different at one place. Hmmm. Also, yesterday the CPU was a mix of N3450 and J3455. I sent them an inquiry about this at the bottom of the page and they corrected it almost immediately, the editing is clearly visible, the white background is blurry behind all those J3455s on the pre-rendered images. This all happened after I ordered it. I just hope everything turns out to be the better version.

    • So really we can assume its the J3455 but could also be the N3450? Wouldn’t be the first time the specs aren’t correct. Let us know who you get on with it, still have yet to order mine. Not 100% sure, the shipping for $30 puts me off.

      • same here, Chris. Also their shippig choice for Spain are only carriers where around 30% tax etc is added or for over 30 Euro by train in 30 working days (read 2 months). I inquired about this but they bouced me to a different department. I think it is the ususal ebay trick that parts of the price is in the overinflated shipping included.

  5. at least it looks promising and different compared to the 2017 EZBOOK 3 Pro test year .

    I like the size of the screen an bezzeless display.
    The system looks clean and I like it compare to the the aloy coloured bodies.
    But I hope it will be a metal build with a good built quality.

    Just a first impression that I got a feeling that I would instantly love to buy that.
    May be fresh and promising – hope to hear something … But I would wait to hear what you have to say in a review.

    • The 920M + 2GB DDR3 RAM should give a nice boost to older games like Counter-Strike and LoL etc games that are lightweight. So it might be a decent machine, I just hope it’s built good and the keyboard isn’t bad like the other Tbook I looked at.

  6. Is that trackpad for real?

    Is the red V supposed to put one in mind of the “V” tv series on lizard aliens?

    The whole red-black color scheme is weirdly satanic. Just no.

    • Weirdly satanic, haha it is. Why must all gaming laptops almost be red and black? I have a Lenovo 1050 Ti laptop and it’s red + black, but at least it doesn’t have a huge red V on the trackpad!

  7. Chris pls review this one, find out if it’s decent or it’s bad. I don’t like the red accents, and maybe the dual fans are very loud. But if it’s good for Photoshop with a 2GB GPU and the J3455 is a little faster maybe it’s good once the price drops. Will pick it up on flash sale for $250 😀

    • I’ll see the interest it has, the $30 shipping fee and then the taxes I’ll have to pay are putting me off on pulling the trigger on this one. There is a lot of new tech coming soon that I have to save up for! Fan noise is also a concern of mine too and battery life with a GPU. I wonder if it will have switchable graphics? I highly doubt it.

      • If reviewing this one means not reviewing something else in the near future, I’d be inclined to let this one go.
        It’s definitely interesting with the J-series Apollo Lake and dGPU (what in tarnation is that colour scheme/design though), but with Gemini Lake just around the corner I’d much rather we got some reviews of the hardware that’s coming up.

        Side note: Do you think any of the Chinese brands will be releasing something with Ryzen when it launches? Assuming the price is low enough, and it should be, I’d be really interested in seeing what they’d release based on the Ryzen 3 2200/2300U.

        • I’m still undecided on this one, but the Gemini lakes will not be out until late Feb / march. Jumper told me they might have a new Gemini lake laptop ready late Feb and I imagine from then onwards we will see many others. I hope they do release Ryzen 3 2200 and 2300U laptops, it’s just wait and see what happens.

          Surbook Pro with N4100 (Gemini Lake) Is due I think in March with the CoreBook.

          Teclast & Cube and others will release Gemini Lake tech in Late Feb/March too. And I will try to review the new N4100 mini pcs. One move I’m not liking is the move back to 4GB of RAM, at least it’s DDR4 spec, but not the 6GB (2 x 3GB) Samsung DDR3 modules anymore.

          • Since you’re in touch with Jumper, how about “suggesting’ to them that the leave the bios unlocked? Or at least let us have the bios dump and give us an option to flash the unlocked version… At our own risk, of course.

      • For the price, specs look decent and the screen is the biggest draw. BUT the colour scheme and the big V on the touchpad, MEH! What were they thinking? The metal body is nice. However, based on the weight I don’t think it has a full metal body like the EzBook 3. It would have been a looker if they kept it minimalistic and went for Gunmetal Grey like the Mi Notebook Pro. Oh well… No complaints about the price though

        As tempting as it is to review one, I’d say skip this and go for the upcoming Gemini Lake laptops from Jumper. I reckon it’ll be money better spent.

        • Decided to order one in the end. Still a month or two before the new Gemini Lakes. I’m just asking in the Aliexpress store and they told me to wait until February for Gemini Lake. But I’ll mention the bios.

    • the dual fans might be the dual openings in the bottom, I do not believe that there is actually a fan, because there is no exhaust opening.

      • Maybe the exhaust opening is in between body and screen area at the hinge area like the Mi Notebook Pro?

        • I think it would be there too. As to have and in and out vent.

  8. Yeah, that looks like a lot of machine for the money if the build quality is decent. Hopefully the screen, keyboard, and touchpad is acceptable. Don’t forget to test Linux! … heh heh cheers, -Brad-

    • that slim bezel does look nice and prob helped keep the weight down. I’m not thrilled by that red V on the touchpad. Looks dumb IMO.

      • ah, and at least they put the pipe-backslash key in the right place. In the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro it’s nowhere near where it should be and that is a heavily used key for programmers and Linux users (the “|” pipe character)

        • The shape of the Enter and backslash/pipe key location is a ISO vs ANSI or EU vs USA thing. Here in the EU we are used to the other way.

        • Sorry, I thought it was the L shaped Enter on the EZBook, but apparently the Del key there.

      • Yes that touchpad red looks horrible!!! What were they thinking. It’s metal or all plastic build? Says metal, but it looks plastic.

        • black parts plastic, silver parts “metal” and how about no num lock? I see no numbers on the keyboard exept in the horizontal row. Will they provide red keyboard stickers too?

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