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Hands-On With The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro – Apollo Lake + 920M Laptop

Hands-On With The T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro – Apollo Lake + 920M Laptop

This is the second T-Bao laptop I’ve looked out, thanks to a few forum goers that point this one out I decided to buy this one from Geekbuying.com. However I kinda wish I didn’t, on paper, it seems okay, maybe good for some light gaming. But that dedicated Nvidia 920M with 2GB of DDR3 isn’t nearly as fast I thought it would be. Sure the CPU is very weak for a gaming laptop, the Apollo Lake J3455 (200Mhz faster than the Celeron N3450 and with a 10W TDP. But something is limiting that 920M from reaching its full potential as in my testing it’s really only around 10-15% faster than the Intel HD 500 integrated graphics. And that isn’t right, so I double checked the Optimus graphics switching had the dedicated GPU enabled (It did) and the setting was on the prefer max performance option. And lastly, it was plugged in.

All set, but no. It’s either the CPU, RAM speed or the PCIe lane speed is limiting this GPU like crazy. Or some other issue? Below is my hands-on video with the Tbook X8S Pro.

01:07 – Unboxing
04:40 – Keyboard & touchpad
06:30 – Bios
07:52 – Touchpad gestures
08:24 – Hardware & SSD
11:29 – Screen
11:49 – Nvidia 920M
12:22 – Audio
12:58 – Webcam
13:20 – Linux test
13:39 – Internals
16:07 – Benchmarks
17:43 – CS:GO Test
18:30 – Final word
18:38 – Pros & Cons list

So it’s not all bad, there are some really good things here. Upgradable wireless card, a fast 128GB SSD 2280 spec, not a bad screen and keyboard. And the J3455 is as fast as an N3450 with a 10W power limit. Still, I can’t recommend this one for gaming until that Nvidia 920M performs like it should! Still, before I got this one, I also ordered the DaySky D-Book Pro, this one has a Nvidia 940MX, N3450, 6GB of RAM and looks like a Macbook! Hopefully, the 940MX will perform much better.

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  1. I’m more interested in the possibility of it having usb-c power delivery. Did you get to check that?

    Also, do you think it might be possible to switch the 920mx with the 940mx from the daysky? They seem to have a similar modular connector. Switching to a 940 may improve graphics performance significantly.

  2. “The integrated Intel UHD Graphics 620 (Intel Gen 9.5) is untouched from the 8th Gen Kaby Lake chips. With fast dual-channel memory it can reach the performance of a dedicated GeForce 920M.”


    Something went terribly wrong here. The GPU should be almost 3x faster. Probably limited bandwith.

    It’s a shame this laptop has other flaws, I like the small bezels on the display and the light weight. This is very small for a 15.6 inch laptop.

    • The UHD 620 is a lot more powerful, the J3455 has the HD 505 which is much, much weaker. Yes, something was really off with this one and I was done wasting time on it. Maybe my unit is faulty or the mPCIe slot is to blame with very poor throughput for that 920M. Maybe the SATA3 SSD took all the bandwidth up.

      Will see how the 940MX fears in the Daysky D Book Pro maybe next week.

  3. Hopefully the DaySky D-Book Pro can put the 940mx to better use! It is advertised to be 1.3kg only, which is pretty light in comparison to the T-Bao Tbook X8S Pro and the Teclast F7.

  4. why on earth did they have to use fans for this slow piece of shit? and only with 2 fan speed settings?
    a keyboard with no numlock number keys?
    was not metal mentioned for the case?
    Should get a highly not recommend rating.
    sorry Chris hope you can ditch this soon.

  5. Hi Chris,
    If you ignore the gaming part, which one would you recommend, this Tbao or the Teclast F7? I have to buy a laptop for my folks which are taking their 1st steps on how to properly use a computer for simple tasks (browsing, skype, office, etc). The dedicated graphic card is pretty much irrelevant.
    My main concerns are the screen quality and view angles (I also rather 15 inches instead of 14 for my parents), keyboard traveling and if there’s is any noticeable difference between using a N3450 and J3455 for the tasks mentioned previously.
    Which one would you recommend?

    • Teclast F7 over this any day for the better build, keyboard, and touchpad. And it is also lighter and fanless. J3455 and N3450 seem identical in performance with the same power limit.

  6. Great review! What a mess, but something is configured wrong here. Is that ram also single channel? Maybe Chris the ram speed is limiting the CPU so bad. As you can tell it’s a CPU limit because when you lower the resolution in CSGO the FPS is the SAME. So no the GPU. Or like you said maybe the PCIe port it runs on is some how crippled. Can the J3455 even run it at PCIe x4 speeds wouldn’t that SSD take all the PCIe bandwitdh?

    Looking forward to the Daysky Dbook Pro review, I hope that one can at least play CSGO at 60fps. But could suffer the same issue as this with a huge CPU limitation.

  7. I was expecting a lot better from t-bao. nice review, Chris. Have you tried with Photoshop? Maybe the nVidia can make sense

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