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Chuwi Hi9 Air Review Now Online

Chuwi Hi9 Air Review Now Online

Chuwi’s latest Android tablet the Hi9 Air, a deca-core MediaTek Helio X20 tablet with two SIM slots. MicroSD, GPS, FM Radio. The screen is a fully laminated 2560 x 1600 IPS panel with 2.5D glass, for some reason the brightness Chuwi toned down. It should be much brighter than its 205 lux max I measured for this Sharp branded panel. The ROM is stock Android 8.0 with no bloatware and the build quality is decent for the price. But certainly not premium. 4G worked well, but the signal strength seems on the low side or the bar is misrepresented. Overall this is a good tablet for the $219 price for those looking for a tablet with a nice screen, 4G dual SIM support, and even GPS. All the games I have tested, even demanding ones like PUBG run fine, there is some lag at times but overall a playable experience and no throttling and lag which affects the Alldocube X1. My review is below and the rating can be found here: Chuwi Hi9 Review.

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  1. You mention that you prefer Teclast Master T10 over this Chuwi Hi9 Air. The Hi Air is newer. Advantages of the Chuwi are support for 4G LTE and also Android v8.1.

    1. Can this upgraded to Android v9.0 (Pie)? Biggest problem with these Android tablets is, the vendors don’t support Android updates after they get your money. That’s one reason why the Android tablet market is flat, falling in fact. Another reason, Chromebooks (centrally supported by Google) are increasingly supporting Android. Furthermore, Chrome tablets are coming.

    2., Also, can something be done to increase the brightness (nits)? At this time, it is selling $174.99 at GearBest and they claim double the brightness should be possible with this Helio X20 processor but is not. Can that be tweaked through rooting?

  2. Waiting for the Xiaomi Max 3 or the Mi Pad 4 with Qualcomm’s 635/636 or 660, I hope they will be announced on the May 31. The X20 chips don’t seem very good when compared with the new Qualcomm mid-range chips.

  3. Would love to see a review comparing a Chrome OS tablet vs Android 8
    Something like this:

  4. Micro-USB, not USB-C 3.1? Huge mistake. Buggy camera, dim panel. Slow 4G. The Hi-9 Air could have been the first competitive “global” design out of Shenzhen, in the same league as the Samsung Galaxy tablets, but like the CoreBook design, Chuwi can’t seem to get the total package right.

    • Sadly there always has to be something. 4G signal and the screen are fixable at least. Apparently, it was bright, but Chuwi just dimmed it due to a customer complaining it was too bright or something. I’m still waiting for the CoreBook it is well overdue.

  5. Having dual SIM card capability, does this mean connectivity in the USA? ATT network broadband?

    • You will have to check and compare the bands. EU is fine, but USA bands I’m not sure.

    • Kind’a late to reply but, I’m new to the site. I have the Chuwi Hi9 Air. I did some LTE band checking before I bought it, (I use T-Mobile LTE with my tablets), and, it does support LTE B2. Unfortunately, B2 is more a back up for T-Mobile’s primary LTE bands of B4 & B12, which this tablet does not support. As such, LTE Data connectivity is spotty here in Phoenix. 3G bands do seem to work but, I have not had any connectivity with EDGE (2G).

      While you will be able to use this tablet at full 4G/LTE if you are a T-Mobile subscriber, you will not have any LTE support at all with AT&T, whose LTE bands are B7, B12, and B17. You will have very LTE coverage throughout Europe and China, (as well as much of Asia), however.

    • Sorry, I was mistaken. AT&T is better supported than T-Mobile with this device – though, the LTE bands B2 & B5 are also “back up” for the primary LTE band of 17, which is not supported by this tablet.

    • Yes, the Chuwi Hi9 Air (with the MTK9767 Helio X20 SoC) does offer LTE connectivity for AT&T, on TDD bands 2 and 5 (but, not on its preferred LTE band of 17.)

  6. let’s hope for a software fix about the panel nits. 400 is the min for an outdoor use

  7. <3 Teclast T10

  8. project treble?

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