OnePlus 6 Vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera Comparison

OnePlus 6 Vs Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera Comparison

Before the full camera comparison is live on YouTube, here are some stills of video and photos of the Mi 8 Vs OnePlus 6 comparison I’m editing. You’ll see the video is rather soft on the OnePlus 6, soft due to the 4k EIS as it has to crop so not a native 4k 1:1 output this is expected. But it’s even softer than the OnePlus 5T I had. At times it’s almost as if it was 2560 x 1440 upscaled especially when you zoom into the footage as you’ll see from the second still 4k clip below. The last one is a still from the lowlight rear camera shot where the Xiaomi Mi 8 has a definite win.

The Oneplus is $559 here & The Xiaomi Mi 8 $579 here.

4k video comparison stills:

Photos Oneplus 6 Vs Mi 8 camera samples:

Daylight stills they are very close the Xiaomi Mi 8 has the advantage of a 2 x optical Zoom camera and the OnePlus 6 4MP more resolution to capture more details.

The Sensor on the OnePlus 6 is 16MP f1.7 (Sony IMX519) with OIS & EIS (Up to 4k30fps) and the second rear camera a 20MP f1.7 IMX376K used for the portrait (depth effect) photos.

The Xiaomi Mi 8 uses a 12MP f1.8 Sony IMX363 with OIS and EIS (Up to 1080p) and the auxiliary sensor a 12MP Samsung f2.2 with 2 x zoom.

The OnePlus 6 can shot 4k 60 fps and the footage is without EIS cropping so much sharper and uses only the OIS. For my comparison, I kept to 30fps 4k since the Xiaomi cannot shot it and my video is encoded at 30fps 4k. The full video comparison will be live soon (Next 12 to 24 hours) just finalising my edit and findings.

My in-depth hands-on of each mobile can be found below with more photo and video samples:

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