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Teclast M20 4G Review Now Online

Teclast M20 4G Review Now Online

If you missed it the Teclast M20 review has now been posted, including a short write up on the tablet with most of the info covered in the video review. This budget $159.99 Android 8.0 ten-core tablet with dual SIM 4G has a lot on offer for the price, but as expected isn’t perfect. Check out the review with the rating here and Teclast M20 unboxing and review below.

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  1. Hello Chris G.
    Can you help me, I just bought Teclast M20, but I can’t find any Gapps and Google Service * Play Store, anything about Google, Why your tablet have full Gapps & Google Play Service ?
    I try install them, but force close, many times, i try again again again but failed.
    Can you help me, please.
    I try flash filmware stock, but i can’t find anymore ways to install gapps.

  2. I have noticed that it was a long time since an Android tablet bigger than 10.1″ was launched. Should I conclude that I´d better stop waisting my time looking for one? Why would anyone need that? Anyone with a severe eyesight problem, for instance.

    • What about Chuwi? They have the Surbook, and the Hi13, which are their recent releases. There should be a new one coming with the Gemini Lake chips (Celeron N4100), but who knows how soon, maybe next month, or 6 months, or a year.

      The Chuwi tablets are 12 and 13 inch size, but you could go even bigger with a convertible laptop. If you had a 15 inch laptop like the Acer Spin, you’d technically have a tablet, but the weight and form factor would make it not practical, to use in tablet mode.

  3. Typo in the Title, lol.

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