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Teclast F5 Factory Windows 10 Image Backup

Teclast F5 Factory Windows 10 Image Backup

Some that did fresh Windows 10 installs on their new F5’s from Teclast have been experiencing driver issues and no keyboard being disabled in tablet mode. I just got my Teclast F5 (geat little laptop by the way) and made a Macruim backup of the SSD it has been added to the Teclast F5 drivers page for those interested.


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  1. Hi to all.
    I have a Teclast F5 from just a week, but I have a big deal: after the first start, every time I turn on the PC, after the account login page, I have a long black screen, that lasts about 15 minutes. After that windows starts. I just see the pointer, and i can reach the task manager, by Ctrl+Alt+Canc, but no way to “wake up” windows.
    I tried to recovery by the bios utility but everytime goes to fail.

    Really don’t know how to solve

  2. Hi Chris

    I would have a question about changing the network card.
    Is it possible to do so, is it removable or soldered to the motherboard?

    I want to change to linux, and so far the network issue is the only problem holding back.
    I’ve also tried to download and install the latest intel drivers for the installed kernel, but no use.

    Thanks, Gergely Racz

  3. Ok, update on this. I received another SSD from gearbest. They also reimbursed me 10 USD for the first SSD, which really is faulty. The teclast seems to be working fine again. The SSD, kingspec 256gb, doesn’t get as hot as the previous one. Everything seems to be working fine now. I chose this tablet because I work as a teacher and I wanted a light laptop to be carrying around. The portability is excellent for me. I bought a type C hub to be able to connect a projector with that hub, but it doesn’t seem to send out any projections through the type C port. The mini hdmi port is what I have been using, but it can be a little bit frustrating because the ports are all so close to each other that sometimes projecting and connecting other periferals is tough. I made sure my video drivers are up to date. Can you confirm that the Type C port does send out video? Thank you.

    • Yes it does send out 4k 30hz video output max on my unit. And the HDMI port HDMI 2.0 60hz 4k

  4. When it doesn’t boot up, the error message I get is:

    EFI Shell version 2.6 (5.13)
    current running mode 1.1.2
    map: Cannot find required map

    press ESC in 1 sec to skip startup.nsh. any other key to continue

    • Check your bios boot order Windows boot loader should be first.

  5. Thank you for your comment, the teclast f5 is cooled passively, but I will check

  6. If it has the same behaviour even with the SSD disconnected i would first check if the CPU is properly cooled.

  7. Hey Chris, I follow your youtube channel alot. I also follow gearbest a lot as well. I decided to order the teclast F5 when it launched. I think I had it even before you did. Anyways I hope you can give me some advice. Since I first received the teclast f5, I noticed that the SSD would get really hot. I don’t know the exact temperature, but it would always get hot. Today I started expierencing an issue where the laptop just kept freezing and freezing. Then it wouldn’t even boot and it would give me an error message. Considering you can’t really do much with the laptop as far as the internals go, I decided to remove the SSD while it was off and reboot. It turned on, but only for a short while. Again it froze, and again it wouldnt boot up. I really doubt it has to do anything with a virus and I honestly think that the teclast f5 just doesnt want to read the SSD anymore.

    What is your advice? I don’t have another SSD to try out another one. I am currenty resetting the computer, if it resets, it doesnt seem to be doing anything. It is as if though sometimes it reads the ssd and sometimes it doesnt. Should I contact gearbest and try to do some kind of warrany? or should I do some additional troubleshooting, even if it means buying another ssd?

    thank you for your time and concern.

    • Hi it should be an SSD fault by the sounds of it. They normally get hot, the NVMe get really hot like my 970 Evo. Get in touch with Gearbest support and maybe they will get a replacement for you. An SSD if you could get hold of one and install Windows 10 on it might prove it’s the SSD and not the laptop.

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