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Jumper EZBook S4 – 8GB RAM Gemini Lake Laptop

Jumper EZBook S4 – 8GB RAM Gemini Lake Laptop

Jumper has yet another laptop that has only just released in China. The EZBook S4 which looks a bit like the EZBook 3 is an Intel Celeron N4100 laptop with 4 to 8GB of RAM. It’s got a 14.1″ 1080p panel. It’s listed as an IPS, hopefully not another TN panel like the first EZBook X4 models.

What makes this model interesting is it has the 8GB RAM where the Lapbook SE, EZbook X4, and most others are all 4GB of DDR4 spec RAM only in this 13.3 to 14″ size category. By the looks of the photos, it uses that older style plastic housing as seen on the EZBook 3? Which means it’s lighter at 1.25 kilos, but certainly won’t feel as premium as the all-metal units like the EZbook 3 Pro and Chuwi Lapbook Air.

The 8GB option sells for $349 at Banggood and the 4GB model is $299. The rest of the spec is very standard for these types of cheaper laptops from China. USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Mini HDMI out, D/C charging 12v 2A and wireless AC with BT 4.2. It runs Windows 10 Home and has a SATA3 SSD, either 128GB or 256GB in size depending on which model you go for.

Below is the press info from Jumper but it also does include some real photos of it. Thanks, Pedro M. for pointing it out to me.

Jumper EZbook S4 Laptop 14.1 inch Gemini Lake N4100 8GB RAM DDR4L 128GB ROM SSD UHD Graphics 600

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  1. We can download more ram without losing money at : https://downloadram.net/

  2. Thank you for sharing the useful thing, I will share this more with my friends.

    • Great price but you need to add VAT a duties so probably add more or less 80€ to that price.

      I asked gearbest about the panel, they say its a TN , don’t know if banggood and other batches will all use TN panels.

  3. This 8gb 256ssd is selling for 282.64€ with cuppon 1J1NBG3 on banggood! I hope they ship this on the 18th.

    Probably plastic build and not sure if its an IPS or TN panel, ?trackpad precision drivers?

    Like someone mentioned the keyboard layout could be a worry, for me ita ok.

  4. Wow, I didn’t notice before. If they release this with the keyboard layout as in the photo’s that is a completely bone-head move by them. Specifically, the PIPE+BACKSLASH key at the bottom instead of to the right of the BRACKET keys (where they have the DELETE key) where it normally is with the vast majority of keyboards. This is a big deal for many programmers and Linux script writers who use the PIPE key quite a lot. For these people they will prob buy something else rather than deal with the PITA of relearning to type on this thing. They should put the DELETE key where the power button is and put the power button somewhere else (separate from the keyboard) if needed.

    • Plus for only $80 more ($430 on Gearbest) you can get the EZbook 3 Plus with Core m3-7Y30 CPU which is about 50% faster than the Celeron N4100 in this Ezbook S4. Drawback of the 3-Plus though is the TN panel, not IPS.

  5. So that is pretty much my Jumper 3S what is now S4
    with a little bit faster processor, 8GB instead of 6GB and only 128GB instead of 256 GB
    and the whole package for nearly 100 Euro more?
    the 3S was below 250 Euro including shipping.
    pass – next please

  6. One good thing is it’s likely the touchpad will now work on the latest versions of LinuxMint and Manjaro… that is unless they changed the TP device once again!

    • Hope they haven’t changed it. Don’t see why they would.

  7. $399 for the 8gb RAM version, that is a big jump!
    Lenovo was selling an Ideapad iIntel Core i3-8130U|16GB Optane|1TB HDD|FHD / Amazon.es for EUR 329,99.

    • where???!!!

    • Well it’s EUR$499 now.
      A temp sale is one thing if you’re lucky enough to catch one.

      • by the way that Intel Optane 16GB is not RAM it’s an SSD type of drive “cache”. So this Lenovo only has 4GB of RAM. It isn’t clear to me how much an Optane cache will speed things up if an app or OS is not optimized to use it. And dunno if Win10 or Linux has such optimization yet.

    • Well, the 128GB version with 8GB is $349 the 256GB version $399 ouch…, but yes a bit stead. Should be under $300. if the Lapbook SE is $259 then I’m sure the extra 4GB RAM will push it up to say $289/$299.

      • Hi Chris,

        Is there more information on this Jumper Ezbook S4? Is there backlit keyboard? Is the screen fully laminated? When will you be doing a review Chris?

        Thanks a bunch!

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