MWC19 (Mobile World Congress) Coverage

MWC19 (Mobile World Congress) Coverage

I’m in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress that officially starts tomorrow Monday the 25th. Xiaomi had their launch event today which I attended, it certainly was busy and very hard to even get time on with the new Mi 9 and Mi 9 SE. You can see my hands-on videos below and other various videos from MWC19. I’m here to check out not just the new mobile tech, but also laptops, tablets, drones and mini pcs.

As for my normal Chinese tech and review coverage. I have ordered and awaiting delivery of my Teclast F15 laptop, Tecalst X6 Pro and Chuwi Herobook budget Atom E8000 laptop (Yes an Atom Cherry Trail in 2019!) These were delayed due to Chinese new years, but when I’m back I’ll be sure to post my normal hands-on and later reviews of these devices. So not to worry my typical coverage will resume it’s just a matter of when it all arrives. I’m also expecting some new tech from the typical brands I cover very soon. Normally after the Chinese spring festival, they announce new tech for 2019.

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  1. Any word on the Xiaomi Black Shark 2? Do you plan on reviewing it? I know it’s sort of much ado about nothing but I find the controller interesting. No one else provides such a compact controller, not Asus or Gamevice, truly pocketable.

    Pocophone F1 (by Xiaomi) has a 4000mAh battery and 6.2″ screen. Snapdragon 845 as well and only about €300.

    • That was meant as a reply to ice below but went to the top for some reason – sorry Chris.

  3. I already own the Teclast X6 Pro with original keyboard, from Gearbest. It is a stunnig piece of hardware. The touch panel is magnificent. Only a huge con so far. The touch panel is supossed to work with ther same Teclast TL – T6 / F5 Active Stylus as the touch panel of the Teclast F6 pro, but it does not. So as far as I know there no working stylus for the X6 Pro.

    • I’ve been considering getting it with just the stylus, and using a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo in place of the standard keyboard as the original looks a bit small for me… Pretty wierd that the stylus from the t6 doesn’t work, I suppose its a software issue

  4. Looking forward to the X6 Pro review.

    Also somewhat hoping they will announce a new model with new gen (or even better an AMD) CPU for 2019 as it may be worth the wait

  5. Hi Chris
    if you meet a Xiaomi representative, please tell him they need to fit a 4.000mAh battery on a 6″ smartphone if they want my money

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