Best Under $200 Mobile – Redmi Note 7 Global Review

Best Under $200 Mobile – Redmi Note 7 Global Review

It’s review round 2 for Redmi Note 7, but this time the global version. The version reviewed here has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of eMMC 5.1 spec storage. And being a global version it now has LTE Band 20 support, all your languages (Not just Chinese & English) and a level 1 DRM cert for online video streaming above 480p for Amazon Prime video and Netflix.

Now if you don’t know why I think it’s a great phone for the price just look at what you get for under $190 USD.

  • 6.3″ 2340 x 1080p waterdrop notch IPS OGS screen
  • Midrange Snapdragon 660 chipset + 4GB of RAM
  • Rear fingerprint reader and face unlocking (set to local to Hong Kong to get it)
  • 4000mAh battery good for two days use for most before charging
  • 48MP f1.8 Samsung GM1 sensor + 5MP depth of field camera
  • Front 13MP f2.2 camera
  • Android 9.0 with MIUI 10
  • Dual SIM,dual-LTE standby with MicroSD support
  • IR transmitter and 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Qualcomm QC 3.0 fast charge support (included charger is 5v 2A only)
  • The frame is a painted hard plastic with a glass back.

This phone which sells for $189 with coupon 5BGRN7 here at Banggood. And the128GB EU version for $214 with coupon 4BGRN7GL

With a few tweaks, you can turn this into a cracking phone for the $189 spent. For a better UI launcher experience use Poco Launcher or Nova Launcher (found on Google Play). For better night shots and even daylight shots including portrait depth of field shots use this Google Camera Port. And then for 4k video on the rear camera and front camera use an app called Open Camera again found on the Play Store.

Just see for yourself the difference software makes with my Redmi Note 7 stock camera Vs Google Camera port comparison video below.

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  1. The list ist missing the point “ultra-cheapish looking plastic-glass-housing, highly sensitive to even the slightest scratching”

    • They deliver a free clear soft touch case so what should happen to the back in such a case ?

      And if I wanna sell it in a year or so do you think that this point will make a big difference ?

      If shit happens the display will break and that happens some time in life regardless how carefull you tend to be. But then I will buy a repair set or sell it broken as my previous note 4 with a lot of pictures and description cause it worked perfectly – except display black.

      Got 75€ for a 3 or 4 year old samsung note 4 … so I can live with that cause buying a used one in even better condition and full working cost me just 125€ .. so a loss of 50€ for a broken display is something I can afford on a 600 € phone what i had spent years ago.

      • Good point.

      • so, your solution to the ultra-cheapish looking plastic-glass-housing is to wrap an even cheaper looking clear(!) plastic case around it?

        • For the price, it is reasonable. If you dislike it, you can spend more money with the specs you want.

    • Well, it a plastic frame yes and glass on the rear. Scratching, so far so good but I have the supplied case on it. I’ll add it to the list.

  2. I just bought one cause when you recommanded an item it worked always out for me meaning that your description and evaluation met my expectations.

    Can not much go wrong in my opinion.

    The only disappointing moment I had was when I realized that “blue EU charger” is 20$ more … which I did not spend for a colour I will get for free in 3 month or so.
    So just bought it and will start my move to that phone.

    Maybe you can explain the next time differences you saw between stock and gcamera cause as an amateur I looked at your pictures above and I could not find differences except the yellow of the street sign is more orange using stock cam, but the green of the tree leaves are lighter and leaves are better recogniceable on stock. Just an amateur as I said before.

    The only thing I am really interested in and currently missing is the upcoming Oppo 10 times oprical zoom or at least any periscope zoom on an android phone cause I think that might be another big thing you can benefit from. All my previous drones had no zoom but my new Mavic Pro 2 Zoom does the trick and it helps a lot. I missed an optical zoom on my smartphone in a lot cases …

    But autumn 2020 and all new phones in the 200€+ range will have it and manufacturers found a way to integrate that periscope zoom into the bodies …
    Bought black, but love the blue that you had shown us – first time for years that I would prefer a phone beyond black and silver.

    • Yes well, I don’t want to set anyone astray at all with my reviews and honestly the only way, Besides my readers are on to it and understand that for the price for example for this phone is about the best option there is right now for what it offers for $189.

      Not sure why some colours cost more than others by 20 euros. But seems to be a thing Xiaomi likes, for example, all the gold and white models always cheaper and in stock first. Like my Mi Max 3 128GB and in Blue I gave up waiting for that one!

      As for the cameras with stock Vs Gcamera, details is the key and colours. For example, that shot of the church is much more detailed on the Goggle camera app when looking at the stonework. In other shots the colours of the food for example. And then then it comes to low light or night shots the Gcam port is head by a mile.

      I hope to review the Oppo Reno x10 zoom flagship if I can get a loan unit from somewhere, but I also find the zoom handy. I like 2x or 3x optical best. 5x is good for sightseeing on my P30 Pro, but often too close for shots of my family for portraits, etc. Plsu the focus isn’t so great on this periscope zoom cameras.

      A good wide lens is also great to have sometimes more than the zoom lens. I really wish the FIMI X8 SE I just got delivered on Friday had x2 optical zoom at least. But looking forward to using testing it hopefully this week. Each time I get a new drone I think this will be the last before the law here bans them completely due to idiots ruining it for everyone.

  3. Chris, right now the Xiaomi Mi lite 8 global is on sale for 166 USD. How do you compare it against this one?

  4. Hey Chris
    Cheers for all your good work, as always your reviews are the standard to compare others to.
    Regards the Redmi note 7 global – I’m looking at either the global or for not much more the note 7 pro, what’s your thoughts on this? The note 7 pro with sd675/6gb RAM and Sony sensor seems the more attractive option

    • If you plan to game or multitask a lot then it’s worth it for the Pro. In regards to the camera, it’s not a huge step up from what I’ve seen. Better yes, Sharper but in some cases takes an image so similar it’s hard to tell without cropping right in at 250%. So for some the extra $50 USD isn’t worth it, just in the case above I think.

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