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Galaxy Tab S5e Review Online Best Android Tablet Reviewed

Galaxy Tab S5e Review Online Best Android Tablet Reviewed

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e written review with rating is now online. It’s the highest ranked tablet on the site reviewed with the Mi Pad 4 from Xiaomi in 2nd place followed by the AllDoCube X. Due to having one of the best tablet screens around, great build, GPS with compass, widevine level 1, LTE option, fast speed and by far the best speakers I’ve ever heard in a tablet It’s no surprise it’s number 1.

If you’re after a tablet that will actually get updates and has support where most of the Chinese models I typically review don’t then I highly recommend this one. But only if you can live without S-Pen stylus support and no 3.5mm headphone port. And do I recommend it over the $100-120 USD cheaper Alldocube X? Yes it’s defiantly worth the extra even if the X has the same screen we cannot tweak the saturation or adjust the white balance on the Alldocube X.

Besides that, feature and build wise it’s superior but the X does have 3.5mm jack if you must have it. Battery life is only around 6-7 hours on the X whereas the Tab S5e can go for up to 11 hours plus. And you can’t play Netflix or Amazon Prime in HD with the AllDoCube. Samsung has the level1 cert that allows for FHD streaming.

Such a stupid move I think removing it, more so on a tablet.

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  1. My German SM-T725 connected to some 20 satellites from 35 in view. But only on my balcony. In my livingroom it could not detect a single one.

    • Out in my car when I got it working (first time it didn’t for me) due the screen and the lock with compass it worked so well. Would be an amazing tablet for a car dash mounted set up. However, screen burn would be an issue.

  2. I have installed Linux on DeX on my S5e after a rough start in doing so. But when it finally ran I was quite dissapointed as the limitation of only ARM64 apps was too much for me. Neiter my favourite Windows browser Brave nor my favourite RSS feed reader RSSowl could be installed. and even Thunderbird di not work anymore when I installed the Ubuntu 16.04 container anew with more storage.

  3. I know you already know this Chris, but here in the USA the Best Buy version DEFINITELY has GPS. Amazon users are saying it does not have it. I had it confirmed for me from a user at XDA who bought his at Best Buy. Not sure what model version his is though. He used the app “GPS Test” and it showed him 28 satellites.

  4. Do you have this issue? wifi drops with hand cover…

    • Hi, I never noticed it at all using the tablet for weeks. But if I was to do it yes, the speed drops off a bit. If it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have even seen it. But the Wifi speeds in general as per my review are the fastest I’ve seen and also the range. But I got a feeling they are making it more of an issue just for clicks. I’ve been gaming holding it like that and it never dropped or lost connection.

      I guess I would “holding it right” the whole time. (Actually, I hold it and my hand covers it all the time)

      • Good to know. I was looking for a honest opinion. Thank you Chris.

  5. Hi, I just discover in your Galaxy Tab S5e review ( 4 days later) then you have the DEX Mode installed on it and it was supposed to be reserved to the Galaxy Tab S4 then I bought…SO..

    Can you make a small video to show how it’s work on the Galaxy Tab S5e and what are the difference now between Tab S4 aand Tab S5e except for the pcocessor and the S-Pen. I bought the 256 gigs version at a high price and like I am not a technical guy, i’m not sure not if it was good choice…

    Waiting for an answer,

  6. Good to see that TechTablets has a new Tablet review worthy of its recommendation. I am also glad to see the updated Recommended Tablets lists for 2019 here as well. These are good news indeed.

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