Red Magic 3 – Fan Cooled SD855 Gaming Phone With 90Hz Screen

Red Magic 3 – Fan Cooled SD855 Gaming Phone With 90Hz Screen

Gaming phones are still a thing this year we have seen the Black Shark 2 I’ve reviewed from Xiaomi and now this one is coming from Nubia. But unlike the Black Shark 2, it follows Razer with a higher refresh screen. While it’s not 120hz, it features a large 6.55 90hz AMOLED display with 240hz touch digitizer refresh rate.

Spec wise it looks very impressive. An internal fan-cooled Snapdragon 855 Soc, up to 12GB of RAM, no notch, dual loudspeakers and a large 5000mAh battery. A 48MP Sony IMX586 f1.7 camera on the rear that can shoot 8k video and 1920fps video. The best part is the price, in China the 6/64GB version will cost about $425 USD, $520 for the 8GB/128GB model and $640 for the 12GB of RAM 256GB to spec version. And it even has a dock making use of some pogo ports on the bottom.

Nubia also will be giving 3 units away if you unbox it on video, naturally, I have signed up for this as I would love to review the phone and put it through a detailed review. Please give me a vote here if you would love to see my review of it.

And since Nubia never get back to me on review units preferring large channels with 10 million+ subs this is my only chance it seems to review it.

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  1. Congratz mate! You’re in the Top 4 of the Nubia event, you get 50% discount on the phone!

    • Yes but can’t use the coupon until the 27th.

      • They should have just offered you the smartphone for review.
        I’m waiting for your review so I can decide if I buy or not.
        Please test the battery, that would be a very decisive factor on that gaming smartphone for me!
        Thank you Chris! Love your work!

  2. They should have just offered any tech channels with 100k plus subs to buy it at 50% or more off rather than rely on this kind of voting system which will be abused and as a matter of fact it is looking like it does.

  3. Nice well I helped out voted not once but 3 times for you. Let’s see if you get to #1 and a review unit! You deserve it.

  4. Ooooh, gaming on a tiny screen at close range, sign me up!
    Optometrist/Opthalmologist dream come true 😉

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