First Impressions Of The Mechrevo S1 Pro

First Impressions Of The Mechrevo S1 Pro

Currently, I have the Mechrevo S1 Pro, it’s no doubt another brand you haven’t heard of and another first for me too. But I’m going back to the site’s roots testing out unknown brands and taking some risks. This 14” laptop is like the 2019 Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro only smaller. But has upgradable RAM (comes with one stick of 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz) the Whiskey Lake U Intel Core i5 8265U and the newer Nvidia MX250 dedicated GPU with 2GB of DDR5 RAM. It can handle some light gaming on low settings for new titles and high for older or light engine titles. Below is a quick look at it with some photos. I got this laptop from Gearbest and it sells here for $699. It’s still at this lower price but only for 5 more days. There is also coupon GBNBS1PRO01 and you can get it for $699.

The paint work is attracting a lot of fingerprints like the Mi Notebook Pro, maybe even worse. So far for the $699 it seems a good deal considering the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is around $930. But there are a few big differences.

  • The battery is 50Wh so about 6-8 hours depending on what you’re doing. This is around 20% less than the Mi Notebook Pro
  • The speakers are standard run of the mill. Nothing like the great Harmon Infinity ones in the Mi Notebook Pro
  • The keyboard is decent, backlit and okay touchpad but no fingerprint scanner
  • The type-C port is only USB 3.0. No video out for me or charging.
  • Like the Mi Notebook Pro it doesn’t have Windows 10 in English. Windows 10 Chinese only (Not hard to do a clean install)
  • The Nvidia MX250 is the best 25W version, not the crippled 10W TDP one.
  • It can take another 2280 SSD and a 2.5” drive for cheaper storage. The included 512GB SSD is sata3 spec
  • Two thermal copper transfer pipes and dual fans. So far seem up to the job. But will be testing heavy gaming ready for the full review coming soon.
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  1. Hey Chris in the review why did witcher 3 perform below 60 fps unlike the Mi Notebook Pro which kept that at low settings 720p? Is the driver and if theoretically they could be updated would it solve that issue?

  2. Hi Chris, @Chris

    I just saw your review on this. Thanks for it and what you’ve been doing. I bought a Chuwi Hi10 and a Jumper Ezbook 3 pro based on your reviews.

    I’m actually looking for an upgrade to the Jumper. I just want something faster and to play Diablo 3. Based on the specs both the Mechrevo s1 pro and Redmibook 14 should be able to run Diablo 3 fine. After reviewing both, which do you think is a better purchase? I have access to Taobao, so purchasing either won’t be a problem.

    Thanks again

    • I think due to the thermals the Redmi Book 14 might be slightly better for those long Diablo 3 sessions. It also has better speakers. I use to play D3 a lot before kids lol. Run it on low settings 1080p or higher at 720p. Make sure you watch both of my reviews on them.

  3. One of the charms of the Mi Notebook Pro is the outstanding battery. I can easily get 10 hours without having to charge it after 1.5 years. I noticed that many of these cheap laptops/2-in-1 really cheap out on the battery, Or rather, devices with good batteries are necessarily more expensive, as good batteries are not cheap. Still, this one here doesn’t look bad given the size, the specs and the price. If mobility is not such a big concern maybe spending the money on this one is OK.

    • Yes, one of the great things about the Mi Notebook Pro. I was also able to hit 10 hours with the brightness right down, however. This laptop’s about 8 hours max and after a year I wonder just how it will hold up and still be able to reach 8 hours. But overall for the $699 price, it’s not bad at all alternative to the Mi Notebook Pro.

  4. Great to see you back reviewing unknown stuff like this Chris!

    This looks like a good laptop for those that missed the $749 flash sales of the Mi Notebook Pro/Air or want a 14″ options rather than 15.6 or 13.3.

    • Yes after the final week of using it, it’s not perfect but a good Mi Notebook alternative.

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