The $644 144Hz Nvidia GTX 1650 Chinese Gaming Laptop

The $644 144Hz Nvidia GTX 1650 Chinese Gaming Laptop

So it’s in finally after a few shipping issues the Heimai 7 Nvidia GTX 1650 Chinese gaming laptop from MaiBenBen. Never heard of them? Neither had I, this laptop I picked up for $644 on sale from Aliexpress. The deal seemed too good to be true, 144hz refresh rate screen, 256GB Samsung PM981 NVME, 8GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM (1 slot used, one free) Wireless AC , backlit RGB keyboard and room for another 2280 SSD plus 2.5” HDD or SSD.

So what’s the catch? Well it ships with no OS installed advoiding the Microsoft licensing fees but it’s easy to install Windows 10 and the CPU is only a dual core Pentium Gold G5420 (3.8Ghz max 2 cores 4 threads). The good news is unlike most gaming laptops this CPU can be upgraded as it sports an LGA 1151 socket that will take 9th Gen Coffee Lake CPUs now I wish more manufactures would do this! Below is the hands-on first review of this laptop with more to follow soon.

The shipping however from MaiBenBen the official seller was nothing short of a nightmare, they first had it sent with a carrier that couldn’t take large batteries so it was returned to them. Then to make up for lost time they send it DHL Express against my wishes so I ended up having to pay 180 euros on top.

At least the laptop itself is good, everything but the GPU is upgradable. The CPU is the expected weakness but doesn’t feel slow for normal Windows tasks but it owes seem to be limiting the potential of the Nvidia GTX 1650 with 4GB of DDR5. The GPU is great, much faster than a last Gen GTX 1050 Ti. The build overall is good and the keyboard feels great. The touchpad however has poor feedback on those two hardware mouse buttons. They lack a decent feel and click to them.

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  1. I’m not a big gamer, so the CPU temperature – the way I use the laptop – hardly rises above 45°C. In fact, in the Chinese version of Windows, the fan was almost never on. Now that I have installed Windows in English, the CPU fan seems to switch on and off more often; I guess I need to play with the power settings. Haven’t tested the laptop in heavy games yet.
    At this point, I don’t have specific plans for upgrading the CPU although its upgradeability was one of the reasons I bought this laptop (the other being the 1650 card). Before I decide on upgrading the CPU, I’ll add another 8 Gb memory stick and see how the laptop fares with respect to my needs.

  2. The 60 Hz version of the very same laptop (using the Clevo NB60TA chassis) is available on Aliexpress at about $665 under the brand name Shinelon, model DD3Plus. I’ve bought one and received it within 4 weeks, everything conforming to description. The laptop arrived with a digitally activated Windows 10 Pro in Chinese.

    • Thank you for the info. 60hz is still fine with the GTX 1650. In fact, it matches the GPUs power better to game at 1080p 60FPS with vSync on. How are thermals? Plans to upgrade the CPU?

  3. Unfortunately Heimai 7 is now above 800$ , and lost the 144hz screen, has now only 60Hz, at least if I search for it today on major e-shops, sad 🙁 644 for the screen and config would be a no brainer

    • Really? Now, why on earth did they do that? Stupid move.

  4. At least the CPU is replaceable, so is also the GPU? At least for the price, this laptop seems to be bang for the buck.

    • You can upgrade everything expect the GPU. Still much better than most with a desktop CPU LGA 1151 slot.

      • You’ve Done It Again, Chris! Once more, You took the risk and Upgraded Your Laptop With A Core i5 9400 Desktop CPU!!! What can I say, except to invite all your avid fans to your YouTube Channel and watch you as you work your magic and the result is simply incredible!

  5. Hi Chris, I would be very interesting if any of these laptops with big screen (16.1 here, and 15.4 on Chuwi Lapbook Plus) would be included in the next round up of TechTablets Recommended Notebooks this coming August. Keep them up coming bud.

    • Hi, not the Lapbook Plus it’s just far too slow to be recommended. Maybe this GTX 1650 laptop for gaming so far it’s going well. Good cooling and decent gaming performance. The CPU is limiting the GPU somewhat in some titles.

  6. If I am not wrong, this is a Clevo laptop, and it admits upgrading the CPU with a desktop one. I think It admits up to i7-8700.

    It would be awesome if you could test this same laptop upgrading the CPU with a better one.

    And of course testing Linux. 😀


    • This one takes the 9th Gen ones I think coffee lake LGA 1151 socket. Yes the fan control software looks like Clevo’s so thought so. So far it’s good I might test an upgrade CPU. I think a 8700 will be too much in terms of power. Better off with a 65W TDP chip. Maybe a COre i3 9th gen one with the 4 cores at least.

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