Black Friday 2019 – The Best Deals

Black Friday 2019 – The Best Deals

It’s Black Friday again and just like 11.11 all of the online retailers I often use are having sales on various items. Some good discounts and even some prices are lower than the 11.11 deals. The following deals I’ve spotted are not just good deals but also tech I’ve reviewed myself so you can check my review for the full story. If you find a good discount or coupon please share below in the comments for everyone.

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Teclast T30

Teclast’s new flagship Android tablet, this one has the new-gen MediaTek Helio P70, which is a big step up over the old Helio X20 series. The GPU handles gaming much better than the T20 and it also supports an optional keyboard dock. The T30 is now $179.99 on flash sale here. Don’t forget to catch my review of the Teclast T30 below for all the Pros and Cons. Overall for the new $179 price, it’s a good deal.

Jumper EZBook X3 Pro

This laptop from Jumper turned out better than expected for the price. Full spec Type-C, Type-A USB 3.0 port Gemini Lake N4100 laptop with 8GB of RAM in dual channel, Intel SSD which is faster than the Netac, BWIN and Forsee brand ones. The screen isn’t fully laminated with a 1mm gap, however, the screen is brighter than the BMAX X14 I’m currently reviewing. It’s selling for $289.99 at Gearbest on flash sale. It’s is much cheaper than the BMAX X14 which is basically a 14.1″ version of this laptop but $329!

Xiaomi Mi Note 10.

This is the first mobile in the world to use the new Samsung 108MP sensor. Which by default is a pixel binned 27MP photo. I also found to my surprise this camera can go head to head trading blows with the Huawei P30 Pro in low light one of this years low light champs. It’s now on sale for $439.99 at Gearbest here with coupon GBXMT10BF

OnePlus 7T

OnePlus’s 7T is the OnePlus 7 the original model should have been, now with a 90hz AMOLED screen, improved cameras this 7T model for me is one of the best phones of 2019 especially with the superfluid screen and OxygenOS. The best UI in Android. The 8GB+128GB global model is now $457.99 / 415 euros this is the best price I’ve seen it. Use coupon: GBOP7T8128B to get it for this price on checkout here at Gearbest.


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  1. Thanks,
    ordered that T30 combo on single’s happiness … but still not moving.

    Meanwhile my Aliexpress seller has started the shipping from Spain to my Parcel center in Spain which then will forward it via Paris to Germany.

    As I had retweeted earlier today this shop had told me due to riots in Hong Kong the ship could nit enter the port. After my reply that luckily there are no riots in spanish harbors currently so the shipping of a stock unit from spain to spain should ne easy.

    I got no further reply … till I got news about my shipping and that was so nice that you can laugh out loud. Well, the muslims had once conquered iberian peninsula … so far I know but I must have missed 100s of lessons in history in school.
    I wasn’t aware of that the spanish had fought the muslims so successfull back …

    cause my spanish fullfillment center let me know that “the domestic shipping” had reached the peninsula , but a far bigger one then you may think.

    My shipped drone did not enter the spanish territory by a ship, but an airport.

    And it stucks on an airport ofe arabic peninsula, new part of spain so far south east .

    Yes, Saudi Arabia or the spanish warehouse must be part of spain …

    Ly after ly after ly … but I am happy cause at least more than half of the journey is done.

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