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BMAX S15 First Look – $254.99 But Bezels Are Nothing Like The Press Images!

BMAX S15 First Look – $254.99 But Bezels Are Nothing Like The Press Images!

The BMAX S15 is here and I’ve had a bit of time now using it here are the first impressions so far. Now if you were one of those lucky ones that got it for $199.99 USD or about 170 Euros it’s a great deal at that price but not perfect. The BMX S15 has the Celeron N4100 (Gemini Lake) with 8GB of dual-channel DDR4 RAM (Confirmed) and 128GB upgradable M.2 SSD. Intel’s wireless AC 9461 and BT 4.2. But now it’s selling for $254.99 with coupon BGBX15SP here over at no longer that $199 deal.

Big bezels from 2012 around a decent 1080p IPS matte screen


Build & screen

The screen is 1080p, IPS Matte coated anti-glare one which is great. It’s bright enough and the bezels are quite large and look nothing like the laptop I ordered! Yet again more misleading faked press images out of China, this practice has to stop. So it is defiantly making this laptop look dated like it was from 2012, not late 2019/2020. The build is completely plastic and the keyboard is okay with a little bit of flex and bounce. Full-sized one with number pad which you expect with a 15.6″ laptop. The touchpad is really huge, but not a very good one. The finer movements don’t register or track well and sometimes two-finger scrolling isn’t detected unless I press quite hard. So a poor touchpad overall, what a letdown.

Speakers, battery and thermals.

Since this laptop was selling for just $199 the best price ever for the N4100+8GB DDR4 seen, some corners had to be cut of course. And one area I’ve spotted is the thermals. Just looping Geekbench 4.0 a few times has seen the thermals hit 90 degrees C, this isn’t even taxing the GPU so I expect this one to get close to throttling and need a thermal copper heatsink mod of mine to improve thermals when gaming for example.

No surprises on the audio. Poor speakers and also a bad 480p webcam. The battery is reported to be 35Wh not 37Wh but this does sometimes happen it might need a few cycles or just a slightly lower capacity. Still, the runtime is looking good around 8+ hours.


  • Has sold for super cheap 170 Euros/$199 USD, but now $259…
  • The screen while it has huge bezels is actually quite good for the price
  • The screen is a matte anti-glare one (Need more screens like this!)
  • Number keyboard and it’s a full-sized keyboard so far good to type on.
  • The bios is fully unlocked
  • Linux runs great will full support since it has no touch screen
  • Battery life is looking good so far 7 hours maybe 8 (Final results in the full review after a good 3-4 battery cycles)
  • The speakers are a bit louder than most (but the sound flat)


  • Fake misleading press images. The real bezels are super large dated-looking bezels
  • Poor 480p webcam & mics
  • Speakers aren’t great no bass, but they are louder than most
  • Thermals aren’t looking the best if push really hard (over 90 degrees C just taxing the CPU)
  • The Touchpad isn’t very good for finer movements and gesture detection. In fact terrible at it

So far:

I’m glad in a way this is the last Gemini Lake laptop I plan to review, while the initial price was an amazing deal for the spec, now at $269.99 I wouldn’t pay that for it and especially with those misleading bezels. Now with all of those cons so far you’re better of with the 13.3″ models like the BMAX Y13, Chuwi Aerobook, Chuwi Lapbook Pro, Teclast F6 Plus or if you want a 15.6″ laptop the Teclast F15.

BMAX has released a big let down of a laptop, that should only be sold for $199.


BMAX S15 Gallery


Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone., founder from way back.


  1. Its almost like all the chinese companies tries to “cash out” after they have made 1 or 2 good products

  2. Congratulations on your review. I’ve been researching it for more than a week and the fact for the price of 180 € has no competition. The thick frames around the display and me surprised, but I will not deal with the price. A few times it happened to me that a blue screen appeared and after restart I continued. Also, after Windows updates the laptop froze and helped only restart by holding down the shutdown button for 15s. After about five charges it stood steady for 7h, so a little better than the Teclast F15. The only thing that bothers me is the numeric keypad on the side. When NumLock is pressed, it writes letters instead of numbers. Just press Shift to type, but even the numbers above the QWERTY keys too… Of course, this is stupid for our Slovak keyboard. If I switch to American or German, the numbers work properly I do not understand this problem. I didn’t have such a problem with Cube Thnker and Teclast F15. And one more disappointment. It is not possible to replace 128GB SSD for fast NVME SSD (it has only one notch) and it has quite annoying …

  3. Gratulujem k názormaniu. Ja ho vyšetram už vyše týždne a fakt za cenu 180 € nema konkurenciu. Kravaty hrubé rámy okolo displeja aj mna prekvapili, ale pravdepodobneem do výšky za cenu. Pár krát sa mi stalo, že sa objavila modrá obrazovka a po reštarte som pokračoval. Urobte istú aktualizáciu prenosného počítača zamrznutým a ovplyvňujúcim len spustenie podržaním tlačiarní vypnúť na 15s. Po asi šiestich hodinách nabitiach sa vyhrať ustálila na 7h, tak.že trochu lepsie ako Teclast F15. Jediné čo ma štve je číselná klávesnica na boku. Po stlačení NumLock čísla čísel píše písmená. Jednorázové posunutie dát, písanie, ale aj na číslo nad QWERTY klavesami … To znamená takto blbne pri vašej slovenskej klávesnici. Ak ide o americkú alebo neneckú, číslafunguju korektne Nerozumiem tohto problému. Pri Cube Thnker a Teclast F15 som nemal problém. A ešte jedno sklamanie. Najmenej 128 GB SSD za izbu NVME SSD (má iba jeden zárez) a to až do výšky štve …

    Gratulujeme k vašej recenzii. Skúmal som to už viac ako týždeň a skutočnosť, že cena 180 € nemá konkurenciu. Silné rámy okolo displeja a ja prekvapený, ale nebudem zaoberať cenou. Niekoľkokrát sa mi stalo, že sa objavila modrá obrazovka a po reštarte som pokračoval. Po aktualizácii systému Windows notebook zmrazil a pomohol reštartovať iba podržaním tlačidla vypnutia po dobu 15 s. Asi po piatich nabíjaniach stála 7 hodín, takže bola o niečo lepšia ako Teclast F15. Jediná vec, ktorá mi vadí, je numerická klávesnica na boku. Keď stlačíte kláves NumLock, namiesto čísel bude písať písmená. Stačí stlačiť Shift a napíšete, ale aj čísla nad klávesmi QWERTY … To je pre našu slovenskú klávesnicu samozrejme hlúpe. Ak prepnem na americký alebo nemecký jazyk, čísla fungujú správne, tomuto problému nerozumiem. S Cube Thnkerom a Teclastom F15 som nemal taký problém. A ešte ďalšie sklamanie. Nie je možné nahradiť 128 GB SSD za rýchly NVME SSD (má iba jeden zárez) a má dosť nepríjemné …

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