8th Gen Core i7 8565U HDMI 2.0 Mini PC With Dual Channel RAM (Nvisen Y-MU01)

8th Gen Core i7 8565U HDMI 2.0 Mini PC With Dual Channel RAM (Nvisen Y-MU01)

Quite slow in tablet releases from China of the cheaper brands I typically cover, well dead really. Nothing in the way of new releases. I hope we might see a Helio G90T tablet. However, there are a couple of interesting Mini PC’s I’ve ordered to review. These 8th Gen models. The Nvisen Y-MU01 looks very promising, a feature-packed Mini PC out of China. This CPU Intel Core i7-8565U is a great quad-core, with 8 threads in total but the really interesting part is where most are lacking this model isn’t.

Dual-channel RAM support, it will take two sticks of DDR4 up to 32GB 2666Mhz. This is great most are single-channel only and we lose out on some performance. It has Intel wireless AC 3165 as the wireless card. But it’s a mini PCIe card so it can be upgraded. It takes an M.2 2280 Nvme SSDs and 2.5″ HDD/SDD’s. And finally HDMI 2.0A, Display port for dual displays, and Type-C USB3.1 which may also support video output. It has 4 x USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Gigabyte LAN, and 3.5mm audio out with mic support.

I should have this next month to review and will be putting it through all my tests and check to see if it throttles or will have crazy fan noise etc. The 4GB+128GB model sells for $359 at Banggood.com I got the base model as I plan to upgrade the RAM and SSD with what I have here for my reviews.


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  1. WIll be interested in hearing your thoughts on the quality of this unit, whether Nvisen makes quality stuff. I’m in the market for a mini gaming PC so this unit isn’t going to cut it for me, I need a dedicated GPU. But your post made me check out other Nvisen mini PCs on BG and I found a couple that look really interesting, like this one https://tinyurl.com/ycngwsyg. The I7-9750H processor isn’t too old (released Q2 2019 according to UserBenchmark) and 16GB DDR4 RAM/256GB SSD are enough for me. Any thoughts on these specs?

  2. The same hardware called Librem Mini is offered by Puri.sm in a privacy-minded flavour with Libreboot and Linux based Pure OS. Personally I just bought on Aliexpress a Maxtang fanless mini pc, AMD based (no Meltdown and Spectre).

    • Nice I’ve also got an AMD mini PC coming hopefully. But It’s the 2500U with Vega 8. Not exactly tech new but sent out to me to review.

  3. Lol did they really just used a promotional picture showing something being held down by a piece of badly torn tape?

    • Yes, that’s shocking to hold the bios battery in place. Hopefully, my unit has some proper electrical tape or similar over it.

  4. My favourite at the moment is the new 10th GEN Fanless Mini Intel i7 from EGLOBAL. With an i7-8565U CPU aliexpress it costs $ 330 too (but with no RAM and no SSD). But it is passively cooled.

    • Nice those passively cooled ones. I hate fan noise myself. I had the only 7500U model of this same design I think. It was great but sure did get hot to the touch even encoding videos.

  5. Look good and price is reasonable.

    • It does so that’s why I thought this one is actually worth reviewing and looks great with HDMI 2.0 and dual-channel RAM (Finally!) + NVMe & dual-display 4k out support.

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