11.11 Price Update. The Best Budget Mini PC Reviewed & Now Only $279

11.11 Price Update. The Best Budget Mini PC Reviewed & Now Only $279

Still one of the best Mini PCs in terms of performance, fan noise and build for this price the Ryzen 5 2700U version of the below Mini PC (Exactly the same just a slightly faster CPU) is on sale with the 11.11 deals on Banggood. Using coupon: BGMNTB27 here on checkout lowers the price to $279 USD or 236 Euros! A bargain for the type of Mini PC with included RAM and SSD.

I’ve reviewed a lot of Mini PC’s most of them until recently have been Intel-powered and not powerful. In fact, low powered Gemini Lake ones selling for $200-$250 USD or using older 5th gen Intel’s. Only recently we have seen many companies now release AMD Ryzen 5 power mini PC’s with dual SODIMM slots, NVMe slot support, 2.5″ HDD/SSD bays, HDMI 2.0A, Displayport so it can run two 4k60 displays at the same time.

The mini PC I’ve been looking for with the best performance for the price is this one!

The T-Bao MN25 is one of the best for the price I’ve covered on the channel, no the best for the price so far in 2020. The MN25 now sells for 245 Euros or $279 USD with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage using coupon BGSPTK25 over at Banggood here. This price is only about 60 USD more than those weak Celeron N4100 powered Mini PCs with no upgradeable parts. And for that extra you spend, you gain so so much more with this spec.

You can also get the 16GB RAM/512GB version for $336.99 with coupon code: BGTKMN72 here

T-Bao MN25 In-Depth Video Review:

00:00 – Intro 00:41 – Unboxing 01:05 – Build & design 02:37 – Internals 04:34 – Bios with interesting settings 05:42 – Windows 10 & devices 08:02 – Benchmarks 11:18 – Video playback tests 12:15 – 4k video editing & export test 14:46 – Thermals & fan noise 15:28 – Large word file test 16:31 – Gaming tests (GTA V & CSGO) 17:38 – Linux test 17:59 – Recap with Pros & Cons

Dual-Channel and upgradable RAM

This one comes with two 4GB DDR4 2666Mhz sticks of RAM in dual channel for 8GB total. An Intel NVMe 256GB drive with twice tan SATA3 speeds. And power by the 4 Core 8 Thread Ryzen 2500U. The CPU has a 25W and Vega 8 graphics. Enough power to play demanding video files and even edit 4k video!

Yes, it can even play GTA V with playable FPS. 720p low settings of course.

Vega 8 Graphics are so good at this price point!

The integrated Vega 8 graphics are where it really destroys the Intel integrated graphics. It might be an older chip, but it will play GTA V with decent playable frames at 720p or light titles like CSGO at well over 60 FPS.

The fan noise and thermals are great on this model.

You can even install a 2.5″ drive if you wanted more storage on the cheap or upgrade the NVMe SSD to something faster like a Samsung 970 Evo or double your RAM it’s possible with this unit.

The thermals are great very hard to get it even over 70 degrees C and fan noise is very good unless gaming and then it’s not too bad.

T-bao MN25 Specs:

T-Bao Mini PC MN25 specs:

AMD Ryzen 2500U with Vega 8 GFX
4 cores & 8 threads max turbo 3.6Ghz
8GB of DDR4 2666Mhz RAM included (2x 4GB SODIMM sticks)
256GB NVMe drive (Intel)
Windows 10 Home
Realtek WLAN (Wireless AC with BT 4.2)
Gigabit LAN port
SATA3 2.5″ HDD/SSD support
HDMI 2.0A, Displayport 1.4A
USB 2.0 x 2, USB 3.0 x 4
3.5mm mic and line out audio jacks
13.5mm x 13.5mm x 55mm
Sells for $279 USD or 245 euros with coupon BGSPTK25 at Banggood here.

Video tech reviewer and tech blogger. I have a huge interest in the latest tech, tablets, laptops, mobiles, drones, and even e-scooters. Active in the tech community since 2008 days of the Omnia i900 Windows phone. Samsungi8910omnia.com, Samsunggalaxysforums.com founder from way back.


  1. any working code for the 16 GB version ?

    I first got the 8 GB version after Chris review in may or so and now I am looking for the bigger one, cause upgrading to 16 GB and 256 GB SSD might become more expensive.


  2. @lobaba still working without any problem ? I changed SSD but still message “cannont fin required map name” in boot…

  3. SG$ 295.39 40%OFF | Chatreey AN1 AMD Ryzen R3 Ryzen R5 mini pc with Vega 8 Vega 10 Graphic 4K UHD DP HDMI desktop gaming computer Nvme ssd

    Ryzen 5 3500U barebones just US$260

  4. Banggood refunded me partially to replace the SSD and now works like a charm

  5. BG7D2MN16 for the 16gb 512gb version that is …

  6. This code worked even today! Thanks for the tip!!

  7. …and I spoke too soon, it’s back with a vengeance

  8. I reset cmos and that fixed it. Good little mini pc to run sims for the wife

  9. Ran memory diagnostic and 6 passes of memtest86 with no errors detected.

    I had reinstalled windows 10 but this issue had alrdy started happening before the reinstallation.

  10. I bought the bare bones system and I put my own memory sticks and drive in there. So, when i run memory diag… I get a report that my memory is perfect. So, could it be that some of you just have bad memory sticks? Have you checked other memory sticks to see if you get the same problem? I bought my RAM and Hard drive from Newegg and so far everything looks good. Just can’t get bitlocker to work with the AMD PSP and also can’t get 4k out of the Displayport

  11. Ok, I have 2 problems:
    1. blue screen and hang
    2. Upon restart, boots into UEFI with no option to boot into windows unless power off and on again

  12. Lionel, you should try to run with only one RAM module for few days to see if it resolve your problem.

  13. I have ran 1 pass of memtest86 with no errors
    Chkdsk and windows memory diagnostics also shows no error hmm… in some cases when it blue screens, nothing was being done at that time.

  14. I have tried it. Each ram in each slot can boot into windows separately. I have ran windows memory diagnostics for both rams together and no problems found.

  15. Lionel, one RAM slot is faulty. Some French users have resolve random freeze by removing a RAM module. In the video the problem is the same (bigger but same), we see that both RAM module works but only one slot works. You should try on your PC.

  16. I have gotten blue screen of death whea uncontactable error a few times…what happen…

  17. Chris, I did update the AMD drivers and that resolved the two drivers that were supposedly missing when I installed everything. But it did not resolve the output on the Displayport. Still getting 720p. Also, cannot use Bitlocker without disabling TPM support. Weird. Cause the system says it has AMD PSP, but that doesn’t satisfy Bitlocker.

  18. @pat what abt the video?

  19. @Fromusa Update your AMD drivers from AMD’s website the included driver is dated and then you should fine it will work. Also, it’s USB 3.0, not USB 3.1.

  20. Does anyone know if this thing is USB 3.0 Gen 1 or Gen 2? I can’t figure it out from looking at internal specs and nothing is mentioned in anything online.

  21. One other thing: I cannot get Displayport to work correctly. When I go out to my 4k lenovo flat screen, it outputs at 720p (the mini pc’s output). I can get the HDMI port to output correctly. Anyone have their displayport working correctly? Thanks

  22. I bought this one. I’m having trouble getting bitlocker to realize that AMD uses PSP (not TPM). How do you use bitlocker encryption with this thing? Or is there a way to add a TPM chip to the motherboard??

    Also, this thing uses bios only. I can’t get it to use UEFI (the one that is controlled by Windows).

  23. Keep getting occasional freeze in windows followed by reboot into EFi shell screen with no way to boot windows (bios shows only uefi as option for boot).

    Solution was to power off and on again. Wonder what’s wrong

  24. @Solon Hopefully you will not get charged customs. I have never paid any in the UK ordering from China.

  25. My 8/256gb order shipped so I cancelled 16/256gb order. Let’s hope I get a timely refund for what I paid!

  26. Thanks so much. I bought the 8/256GB – then found the working code for the 16GB/512GB. Never mind.

    Question… there appears to be some ways to unlock and use 25 to 35W TDP on the Ryzen 2500U. Anyone tried if that works okay and is stable on this with the good thermals? How’s the benchmarks?

  27. Hi, is this shipping from an EU warehouse when I choose EU priority line? I am worried about having to pay import fees and that makes it less of a deal. Thank you!

  28. I was just chatting to Banggood. 4/128gb in stock but no coupon. 8/256gb out of stock, in stock unknown, coupon BGSPTK25. 16/512gb in stock and coupon BGTKMN72 worked today. So I have both 8/256gb and 16/512gb on order now. They are in a race! Coupons expire 31st July.

  29. price:$336.99, code:BGTKMN72 for the 16GB version

  30. 16gb 512gb coupon is BG7D2MN16, this and the 8gb coupon expires on 31st july

  31. Hi Wolf, I’ll see if I can find a coupon for it. I do remember someone posted one for the 16GB version but it’s not working now. Expired a while back. As for the wifi card, yes it’s quite poor at least my one was but you can replace it for about 15 euros for a 9260 or AX200 Wifi can that is faster than the LAN port. Fan noise on my unit is great and also others commented it was very quite even underload it’s a pleasant whooshing noise.

  32. @Abu that doesn’t make any sense to me cause there was a Coupon to get the 16 / 512 GB for 308€ C

    Can you tell me where I’d get 8 GB and 256 GB SSD for 53€ incl. shipping without any risk of incompliant memory afterwards ?

    I am not the fan of such a risk and another SSD instead one working out of the BOX.

    I did not update the wifi driver nor will I buy the additional card cause I tend to not use wifi at all cause I have a Ethernet cable that is faster and more reliable.

    I simply wanted a rock solid machine that is not too noisy and offers 16 GB and 512 GB cause I will start video post produtcion where graphic card, RAM and cpu power matter – which is more or less a guess cause currently I am working on my thinker i35 laptop on these tasks and that is limited to 8 / 256 GB.

    Maybe someone has acoupon or chris might find his coupon that I can not find anymore.

  33. @typxxi BGSPTK25 coupon still working. Better to get 8/256gb and upgrade. Did you try upgrading wifi driver? Intel fast wifi board is dirt cheap.

  34. Has anyone seen the new coupon for the 16 GB version with a 512 GB SSD?

    I think chris had replied to a comment on youtube and mentioned something like that but I can not find that comment or coupon again and I am damn sure that it was his channel cause I simply watch only his reviews and recommendations.
    I got one already but the 8 GB version …. that is really great except the nightmare of WiFi … never seen such a worse wifi for ages … it sucks totally but I want to use ethernet if the system has been configured.
    Is a bit struggling with the fan too … or would be better to stay longer at 1 rpm / speed instead of jumping arround every few seconds … at least in my use case.


  35. Memory is up to 32gb 2x16gb 2400mhz

  36. Hi,
    If you Open Command Prompt as Administrator and type dism /online /export-driver /destination:”c:\driverbackup”
    (create c:\driverbackup directory first) Do you get a lot of driver backups? How many days did you wait for delivery? Thanks

  37. Mine arrived yesterday, still testing it out but yes for the price this is awesome agreed. Thanks for the reviews Chris by the way what RAM does it support? Can I run 2999Mhz or 3200Mhz for faster Vega 8 GFX from Corsair?

  38. Yes, so far it’s the best I’ve seen for the price.

  39. I had no idea I needed a mini pc until I got your email and watched the video! I just ordered one as it seemed a great deal, so thanks! Andrew

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