Chuwi Ubook Pro Coming A 2-in-1 Core M3-8100Y Tablet

Chuwi Ubook Pro Coming A 2-in-1 Core M3-8100Y Tablet

Update #2: Chuwi’s added some more images of the Ubook Pro (Below) The Indiegogo crowdfunding will launch on the 8th of October. Just after their national holidays. You can sign up here to be advised when it’s live and also get a 25% discount on the UBook Pro.

Update: Chuwi’s confirmed it will be an Indiegogo crowdfunded laptop and the price will be about $600 USD, I’m not sure if that includes the keyboard but I certainly hope so!

While I was at IFA and Chuwi’s stand checking out the new Herobook 14″ Laptop this wasn’t available for a hands-on which is a shame. But it’s coming soon the new UBook. It’s called the Ubook Pro this 12.3 inch 2-in-1 Windows 10 tablet has a fully laminated FHD screen with 3:2 aspect ratio (Like the Surface tablets) and supports a 1024 pressure level stylus. The chipset has been upgraded from the old 6Y30 in the first UBook to an 8th gen Core M3-8100Y (3.4Ghz max turbo) with 8GB of LPDDR3 RAM and 256GB of SSD storage.

Ubook Pro

The kickstand is where the tablet clearly gets the name. it’s in the shape of a U the stand and supports up to 145 degrees, allowing you to prop it up a bit for using the stylus for example. And supports an optional backlit keyboard type-cover that looks like a Surface Pro 3 type-cover. The tablet is 9mm thin and has a weight of 780 grams which isn’t bad at all considering most would be close to 1 kilo. I can see in the press renders of the Ubook Pro that it will have two USB 3.0 ports, Type-C (full spec with PD is a must), MicroSD reader and Micro HDMI output.


It will be another IndieGoGo crowdfunded laptop from Chuwi, you can sign up here and get alerts from when it launches in 12 days. No word on pricing, I’ll do my best to get hold of a loan unit from Chuwi to review but I think this looks promising. Let’s hope it’s priced to sell and the overall build is great with good thermals. I’ll see when I get it. The only thing I can see it’s missing is an SSD hatch for upgrading the 256GB SATA3 SSD. This is something the new Teclast tablets have and it’s great, not even the Surface Pro’s have it.

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  1. Edit: base price without keyboard it seems. Pre-sale combo including KB and stylus is &479.

  2. Now confirmed $449 in pre-sale, so regular price would be $599.

  3. I found Gemini Lake version UBook Pro

  4. 600 USD is Surface territory. For that money I wouldn’t bother with any of these poorly supported chinese devices.

    • Yes should be cheaper, I agree for that spend a bit more and get a Surface.

  5. I have the CoreBook from chuwi, I recommend to not but any of their products, the products are really bad, quality Control super shitty! And customer service also really bad.
    This was the last purchase from chuwi.

  6. my chuwi surbook is going up on my local online bazaar this very moment!!!

  7. Looks promising indeed. Too bad about the SSD hatch , but it’s 3:2 with a decent enough chip fir its purpose. Now only if it were to be priced accordingly…..

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