Teclast F7 Vs Jumper EZBook 3L Pro Comparison

Recently I just got hold of my EZBook 3L Pro, the 14″ version of the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro and a laptop that is almost identical to the Tecalst F7 I reviewed. This one comes from the same ODM, there are only minor differences which I’ll outline below and one big difference depending on how lucky or unlucky you are. After all the reports from various users that Jumper switched to using an...[Read More]

Cube i9 Vs Teclast X3 Pro Comparison

The two flagship Intel Core M3’s compared in this video comparison, the X3 Pro uses last years X2 Pro housing and keyboards. But it’s got an edge (pun intended) over the Cube i9 with its 8GB of RAM, Stylus support and Wireless AC. Speed wise they are very similar, the X3 Pro has slightly better scores in most benchmarks, but not all. The X3 Pro has slower SSD drive. And benchmarks aren...[Read More]

Cube iWork10 Ultimate Review And Comparison to Hi10

Edit: The full Cube iWork10 Ultimate Review is now online. I’m just finishing up my written review of the Cube iWork10 Ultimate. But if you missed the YouTube videos I posted on the tablet here they are below the iWork10 Review and a comparison against the Chuwi Hi10 which is a very similar tablet. If you know how to install Play Store on this model, please let me know as I’ve tried so...[Read More]

PiPo W3F Vs Teclast X16HD 3G Comparison, Specs and Price

The Pipo W3F and the Teclast X16HD 3G are to similar tablets, but which one is the better model, well it depends on your budget and what your looking for in a cheap tablet. I’ll list the pros and cons of each model against the other I discovered while using these tablets. Why choose the Pipo W3F over the Teclast X16HD? Pros: Cheaper than the X16HD at $180 Has a full sized USB 2.0 port Uses a...[Read More]

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