T-Bao MN35 Mini PC Review $319 Ryzen 5 3550H With 8GB RAM & 256GB NVMe (Updated)

T-Bao MN35 Mini PC Review $319 Ryzen 5 3550H With 8GB RAM & 256GB NVMe (Updated)

I’ve just posted a long how-to guide for this Mini PC to get the absolute best you can from this fantastic value Ryzen 5 Mini PC, this involves adding the new antennas for the wireless card upgrade. Installing a much better future proof Intel AX200 Wifi 6 card with BT 5.1, installing a 2.5″ drive, reapplying better thermal paste, and boosting performance by 20%+ when gaming with higher power limits. You can find the guide video below it’s aimed for beginners so you don’t need any experience to do these simple mods.

00:00 – Intro & what this video covers
01:31 – Parts used & possible upgrades (also see description)
03:08 – How to open the Mini PC
04:19 – Installing a new (better) $10 Wifi 6 card
06:07 – Replacing the stock thermal paste with a better one
08:32 – RAM upgrades & installing the new antennas
11:20 – Upgrading the NVMe SSD drive and 2.5″ drive installation
13:13 – Thermals, how to boost power limits, performance before and after
19:28 – Gaming performance get’s a huge boost from the TDP increase
20:54 – The Witcher 3 before and after TDP tweaks
22:09 – Shadow of the Tomb Raider gameplay test
22:50 – Final words on getting the maximum out of this great Mini PC

The parts I used (Affiliate links) cheapest option:

Possible future upgrades:

DDR4 RAM: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_AMnN9H
Sabrent NVMe SSD: https://amzn.to/3lVboLE

Programs to tweak the power limits and boost performances: https://www.ryzencontroller.com/ (Doing the repaste first will help you use higher limits)

Note: Please be responsible with the power limits. Do NOT run super high limits 24/7 with high temperatures. You WILL reduce the lifespan of the components inside like the VRMs, APU, NVMe, and more. Also, the high power limits will put more of a demand on the system and power supply, as a result, the fan noise will increase.

Original Post 3rd of December 2020:

One of my favorite Mini PCs of 2020 for the value it offers, features, thermals, and great fan noise is back with an upgrade. The now labeled T-Bao MN35, comes with the Ryzen 5 3550H (4 cores 8 threads 3.7Ghz Max) with Vega 8 graphics, 8GB of DDR4 RAM in dual-channel, and a 256GB NVMe 2280 SSD. This model like the MN25 offers a lot for the price, but and can now run 3 4k60 displays. It has 3 x USB 3.0 ports, Type C USB 3.1 with DisplayPort, Gigabit LAN, HDMI 2.0A, Displayport 1.4A and 2 x USB 2.0 ports. You can also install a 2.5″ drive and upgrade the Realtek Wireless AC card it has installed.

This Windows 10 Home Mini PC is ideal for a light PC for general tasks but can handle some light 4k video editing, coding, 4k HEVC & VP9 playback, and even a little bit of light gaming with settings. Linux ran fine with no issues on this PC and my full video review of the MN35 is below:

T-Bao MN35 Mini PC Review index:

00:00 – Intro & specs
01:19 – Unboxing
02:18 – Build, ports, and design
03:51 – Internals, and how to add a 2.5″ drive
06:03 – Fan & cooler assembly
06:43 – Bios and how to allocate more RAM to the Vega 8 GFX
07:38 – Windows, devices, Wifi, NVMe SSD speeds
08:32 – Realworld performance, audio latency, and benchmarks
10:26 – 4k video editing and export times
12:25 – Video playback 4k HEVC and 4k60 UHD
13:08 – Wattage, Thermals, and fan noise
14:19 – Gaming tests. GTA V, CSGO, and The Witcher 3
17:25 – Recap with Pros and Cons

Overall for the price it sells for this is the new best Mini PC I’ve reviewed hard to beat at 269 euros. While it might not be the new Ryzen 4000 series it does a little bit of everything well, with the same great fan noise and thermals as the first model. The only real con is the no VESA mounting bracket is included and the wireless card isn’t amazing.

Where to buy:

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  1. Hello Chris.
    How much ram can we use in dual channel?

  2. There is an official website?

  3. ordered 4 Dec 2020

    banggood system initially said it would ship before 13 Dec

    but now system says estimated to ship before 26 Dec

  4. Hell Chris, can you give advice which VESA mounting bracket would fit this mini-PC. i would like to mount it behind mine monitor.

  5. Hi Chris,
    May I ask about Windows genuineness? Are you sure it’s legal copy? Is there a license sticker?

  6. That would be a great video !!
    Looking forward to it as in your review the GPU don’t seem to go as high as they should.

  7. Both coupons are still valid:
    8/256GB > ~=264€
    16/516GB > ~=313€

  8. @Chris G
    I would be glad if you would review miniITX motherboard with embedded cpu and NAS enclosure (x86 barebon systems)

  9. The coupon for the 16/512 version is not working anymore. “This coupon can only be used 10 times.”

  10. Chris,
    thanks for the reply regarding shipping and differences but meanwhile I had already gone your route and purchased this one even though the other one is not shipped yet, but still in the process of shipping.

    And regarding wireless I will go your way for that intel wifi card that i found on ebay for roughly 10€ from china but not from banggood.

    WiFi 6 BT 5.1 NGFF Intel AX200NGW Dual Band WiFi Card

    AX 200 and Wifi 6 and BT 5.1 seems to meet what you had mentioned.

    • Yes, that’s the card good for future-proofing. If you have a Wifi 6 router you can get some really good top speeds. But even on Wifi AC it’s quick, much better than the slower Realtek it has. I’m working on the Wifi antenna, mods, and getting the maximum out of this mini PC video right now.

  11. What WiFI BT card did your refer in the video if you would use it as your daily driver ?

    My first one from june suffers a lot under “WiFi” issues or strange symptoms.
    The system is running, I have a wifi connection and I put wifi performance at top.
    But during night it looses its wifi connection and that does not come back.
    I have to go on my server room up in the attic and turn on the screen and move the mouse. Then WiFi might come back, but not always.

    Weakest spot on that device and in my opinion the missing buzzer or speaker too.
    Therefore watching youtube on the attic in my server room is a pretty quiet adventure cause there I do not have any loudspeakers ….

    That is why I recogniced it while the BMAX you recommanded in May comes with a decent speaker, not a buzzer.
    But first I need to get a right WiFi card and need to know what I had to search for – cause I did not have any sound in the attic but I had watched the video before on the go on a smartphone and I can remember that you said you would upgrade that wifi if it would become your daily driver.-


    • I’ve got the Intel Wireless AX AX200 with BT 5 in my Tower PC, laptop and mini pc’s where possible. With my ASUS Wifi 6 router (RT-AX92U) I’ve had zero issues with these cards. Make sure you run the Intel driver updates to be on the latest driver. The highly recommended card I’m able to get some really good transfer speeds surpassing Gigabit LAN.

  12. OK,
    i orderered one even though a bit more expensive.

  13. I got that MN 25 with 16 / 512 gb l had ordered 2 weeks ago for 275€ …

    Could not find a coupon for this MN 35 version and therefore went the MN 25 route as successor of the first one from may that was limited by 8GB / 256GB while I now need a bit more RAM due to a new programm that loves to swim in memory.

    This one might be the next purchase after 1 months of buying close to every single day if I get a great coupon.

    And the latest bigger MN25 was even cheaper cause I got additional 25€ from topcashback which jumped into the german market recently and offered 2 Bonus on top of the usual 6% for banggood purchases. I can flip that one easily for 250€ in the next 2 weeks and then I will got your route buying that MN35 I had seen before as recommendation in november …
    only the cpu looked a bit old back then.

    • If it didn’t ship yet I would cancel and get the MN35. If it has shipped I wouldn’t worry too much the difference between the 2500U or 2700U Vs the 3550H isn’t as great as you would think.

  14. thx Chris.

    ordered the mn35, hope it will be an improvement over the beelink x55

    ordered the x55 after watching your review also; it’s been doing ok, but sometimes it will blue screen for no apparent reason. workaround strangely seems to be, not to shutdown the mini pc, but to put it in standby when not using it…

    • Oh, this is a huge step up over the Beelink X55 you’ll see everything is very quick so much better than the Gemini Lake.

  15. At 20W more, the thermals r better at idle and matches MN 25? That’s impressive for a H series cpu

    • There is a lot of thermal headroom and watts with the power supply, seems T-Boa hasn’t pushed the TDP wattage as much as they could. I might post a video on squeezing the maximum out of this Mini PC using Ryzen Controller. The CPU gets a minor boost but the GPU can close and hold the clocks much better. And it’s a free tool. It’s just a matter of finding the best limits for this cooler without getting the heat too high or those VRMs too hot.

  16. That’s pretty good as a replacement for an Intel NUC

    • Sure is, I’m glad there are still some great cheaper system like this around. Normally for this price, it’s a Core i3/i5 barebones. But this has the RAM, SSD and everything needed. And that Vega iGPU does so much better than the Intel NUCs 8th to 10th Gen. I’ve yet to test the new 11th Gen ones.

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