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Chuwi Lapbook Air Review Now Online. A Top N3450 Laptop

Chuwi Lapbook Air Review Now Online. A Top N3450 Laptop

The Lapbook Air review is now online. This latest N3450 laptop is by far the best with 8GB of RAM, backlit keyboard and 128GB eMMC 5.1 spec drive and SSD slot. The screen is also the second best, nothing can top the Lapbook 12.3’s anti-glare Surface Pro screen. But this glossy, glass covered 1080p IPS is bright, with deep blacks and good colors. The glass is fully laminated really makes that 360 lux bright IPS screen stand out. But of course there is a trade-off, it’s prone to more reflections so if that’s an issue find a decent anti-glare 14.1″ screen protector.

The only real con of this laptop is its price, selling for around $371 which is almost $150 more than what the Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4 sells for. More on the Chuwi Lapbook Air can be found here under the review if Pros and Cons with a final rating out of 10.

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  1. The Chuwi Surbook that I bought last week gives me a so brilliant impression. The 128GB TF Card Expansion makes up for defect in memory, which is very splendid. Very bravo.

  2. Hello, just it was a nice vedio but what about the cracking noise at the opening the laptop? and what about the power supply at USB port for external hard disk (2 pieces right) are you sure that the external hard disk works fine?? please answer me. Thank you

    • Don’t have the issue with mine, it can be a lottery so down to luck really.

  3. Thanx for your great work, Chris
    It is really the best notebook in its segment

  4. To check the real difference between brands, It would be good to take into Apollo lake “battle” top version of its possible spec -N4200 8gb ram ddr4, ssd (no way for emmc). Lenovo 120S-14IAP for example. Currently I’am looking for best value in this market segment up to 400EUR.

    • That Lenovo looks okay, but it has a 14″ HD (1366×768) screen. And costs about 500 euros in Spain! I’ll take this Lapbook Air instead for the screen and cheaper price.

  5. I’d snap this up if it fell close to $250 USD (maybe even $300?) – it’s certainly a nice looking device and the 8GB of RAM is very appealing.

    Otherwise I’ll be waiting for the new influx of M3 devices at affordable prices, or hoping for some great 11.11 deals

    • There should be some good 11.11 deals coming soon. I’ll be posting the best ones. But you’re right on the price if it was $300 I think is more reasonable for the extra RAM and 128GB eMMC and backlit keyboard. Maybe the price will drop soon, hope so.

      • Hi Chris,
        I bought before month from GB this laptop for my wife. Now me delivered and I have problem with display. In corners and at the edges of the screen there are clouds spots like older LCD panels, but I also saw it on new led tv! Did you have such a problem? Is it possible to modify it? For example, loosening the frames so that there is less pressure on the edges and corners? I’d rather bring it back to the eshop, but it’s a Christmas gift and I do not want to spoil my wife … ?

  6. Your last Apollo lake video should be a comparative video! This Vs the jumper 3 pro. 😛

    • I vote for that. Lapbook Air looks good, but the price 😮 I’ll stick with my Mi Notebook Air 12 6Y30 even if it has 4GB of RAM it’s faster

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