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Chuwi Lapbook Air – New Images & Info

Chuwi Lapbook Air – New Images & Info

Two new images of the Lapbook Air a new up and coming Core M3 laptop from Chuwi. New info reveals it will have a glossy fully laminated 14.1 1080p IPS, with 320 cd/m2 max brightness. 8GB of RAM (Yay!) and 128GB of eMMC storage and a M.2 SSD slot. It’s weight is 1.3 kilos and just 6mm thin at the front. As you can see from these images, it looks a lot like the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12 or 13 with that backlit silver keyboard and the fully laminated screen.

I can also see from the first side image it has a MicroSD card slot and is that a type-c port or min HDMI out? No further info on the release date or pricing. Anyway, this is looking good and  I’m very much looking forward to reviewing this one.

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    • Here it shows 370€, in reality, when arrives, could be at max 350€, going down to 300€, that for a brand new device, with those “high class” specs, it’s ok.
      Now the question that scare me is: what will be the price of the M3 version, with possibly an SSD instead of Emmc?

  1. From this Ifa video It seems there’s a cheaper N3450 version, with Emmc and M2 free SSD slot, also probably there isn’t Type C.

  2. sure hope it will have a touch screen (not touch pad on the keyboard, touch screen), or else i will wait for a tablet 2 in 1 with m3 core with a reasonable price, like if Cube Mix Plus was 13.3` screen, i would have buy it for sure

  3. Love the LapBook 12.3, this should be perfect for me! Can’t wait for your review!

  4. They just open a page for the new Lapbook Air in

  5. Looks decent. I’m still waiting for my Cube Mix Plus to arrive though. I think that will settle my M3 needs for a while. Also, Acer just announced a 2-in-1 gaming laptop that may take my eyes away from the Chinese tablet scene for a bit.

    • Which Acer model is that? I would love to review Acer’s but expensive here in Europe for me and Acer’s press agency will have nothing to do with me like most know brands.

  6. I am looking forward to buying one, hope it comes out fairly soon.

  7. Quite a few seem to have a keyboard that looks the same, with the home up down etc on that right side, iWork 5x is the same

  8. Wow, 128GB EMMC is a real let down for the rest of the spec and considering that the device will be priced at > 450$.

    Kind of happy I went with the EZBook 3 Plus for now, although the backlit keyboard is a USP on the Chuwi.

    • I’m not sure the info is correct, it could be 128GB SSD as I think it’s a little strange it’s an eMMC also. My EZbook 3 Plus should be shipping next week.

      • Yes, mine also shows “packed” currently. I hope it will be dispatched soon.
        Great to hear we’ll have a hands-on video from you very soon.

        • Should go on Monday or Tuesday I think. Or even tomorrow. Looking forward to getting mine next week.

          • I just received an E-Mail that mine has been shipped out now. 🙂

            Patiently waiting for it now!

  9. Yep, looks like a great one Chris! If the price is decent, I would probably leave my LapBook First Gen for this one 🙂
    8GB/128GB + another 256GB M2 SSD is an interesting perspective!

  10. 128GB eMMC …. omg.

  11. Clean keyboard layout.
    I also like the grey backlit keys
    and not to forget to mention:

    the RETURN of
    ★ Home/End
    ★ PageUp/Down!

    Looks better and better!

    • Yes, the keyboard does look really good. I noticed that too on the layout, great to see!

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