Cube i6 Dual Boot

Cube i6 Dual Boot now with Windows 10 and in White for only $149

Cube’s i6 dual boot retina tablet is now shipping out in with Windows 10 preinstalled and in white. This could quite possibly be the cheapest retina dual boot tablet now out? The Cube i6 in black I reviewed had a great build quality while this model lacks 3G the build looks to be exactly the same. It’s just a shame it’s not in black and grey anymore, but gone is the matte anti-gl...[Read More]

Cube i6 Air 3G Dual Boot Review now live.

Our Cube i6 Air 3G Dual Boot review is now up. Was Cube’s attempt at a better dual boot tablet enough to best the Teclast X98 Air 3G and the Onda v919 Air 3G? Find out in the full detailed review here:

Cube i6 Air 3G Dual OS Review

The Cube i6 has been out for a while, it was the first 9.7 inch Retina display tablet to feature an Intel "Bay trail" Atom CPU, seeing the success Teclast and Onda have had with their dual boot tablets, Cube adapted the i6's bios to now support a dual boot setup. As a result the i6 Dual OS was born.

Teclast X98 Air 3G Dual Boot Vs the Cube i6 Dual OS

I get a lot of questions on YouTube, which is these two dual boot tablets is the best? Cube i6 or the Teclast X98 Air 3G? Well I made this comparison video to hopefully help people in their choice. And I tried to cover everything apart from gaming as they are both about the same. Okay so 2.16 Ghz Vs 1.8Ghz battle on these atoms, Z3736F Vs Z3735F there is really nothing between them in the real wor...[Read More]

Cube i6: Windows, Android, Antutu and Dual OS switching

Had some time now with the Cube i6 Dual boot, here’s a couple of videos showing the Android Rom, Windows 8.1 and the OS switching from Windows to Android and back. As you can see this switching set up from within the OS is much faster than Teclast’s approach to dual os swtiching with their boot selector menu.

Onda v116w, Teclast X80h and Cube i6 Tablets Up For Review Next.

Trying to keep the ball rolling, I currently have the Teclast X80h Dual Boot, which I have already filmed a few hands on videos of. It’s been out for a while, but the dual boot version is quite new, similar to the Chuwi Vi8, with the same IPS panel, but in white. And the Onda v116w, it’s a 11.6 inch tablet, 1080p screen also a dual boot and it has a full sized usb 2.0 port. If you̵...[Read More]

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