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Cube i6: Windows, Android, Antutu and Dual OS switching

Cube i6: Windows, Android, Antutu and Dual OS switching

Had some time now with the Cube i6 Dual boot, here’s a couple of videos showing the Android Rom, Windows 8.1 and the OS switching from Windows to Android and back. As you can see this switching set up from within the OS is much faster than Teclast’s approach to dual os swtiching with their boot selector menu.

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  1. I think I have decided to get this tablet and I am very curious about the dual boot. The difference in price between single (android) and dual boot is minimal so I am wondering if at some time I decided to just want android, is it possible to just make the tab all android (single boot)?

  2. It doesnt have mhl right?

    • It would seem not, I tried my Samsung MHL adaptor and got nothing. Widi / Miracast works.

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