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Google Play Installer For Xiaomi Mi 6, Mi Mix 2 & Mi Max 2

Google Play doesn’t come on the Chinese ROM of the Xiaomi Mi 6 & Mi Mix 2 for legal reasons you won’t get it unless your mobile has a global or custom ROM flashed. Here’s a way to quickly get Google Play Store working on the Mi 6 with it’s new Android 7.1.1 based MIUI 8.2 ROM. Here are the files needed to restore via MIUI backup, so you all need to do is download the Mi...[Read More]

How To Install Google Play On Mi Pad 3 / MI 6 (Any MIUI 8 Android 7 Base)

Update this method also works on my Xiaomi Mi 6 running Android 7.1.1 So the new Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 is running Android 7.0, MiUI 8.2.8 was my latest updated. I had many issues trying to get Google Play installed. In the end, I found working APK’s including Contact Sync. In order to make things easier I created a MIUI backup, so you all need to do is download the Mi Pad 3 Google play files backu...[Read More]

FNF iFive Pro2 – Stock Android ROM With Google Play

Sadly this one came too late for my review and I always like to review the stock shipped ROM’s on devices anyway. But I found this off the FNF CN website, it’s a stock Android 6.0.1 ROM for the Pro2. It’s got about 4-5 bloatware apps in Chinese, but you can uninstall them. The best part, it has Play google installed! Didn’t expect that from a Chinese ROM. Something in my Ph...[Read More]

FNF ifive Mini 4S Downloads

Firmware and downloads for the iFive Mini 4S / RePad 8 (USA rebrand) Check for the latest updates here on the official iFive site. If you’re iFive Mini 4S doesn’t have Google Play installed, forget about trying to install it. It will only end in Google framework crashing errors. The way to get Google Play on the iFive mini 4S is to install the below US ROM with it already on there. Ins...[Read More]

How to get Google Play on the Cube i7 Remix

The rom on my Cube i7 while it is in English, lacks Google Play and China doesn’t have access to the Play store so often Google Play and Google services are simply left out and not a part of the roms build. After messing around trying to manually install Google Play on my I7 Remix, I found a quicker solution and that is to just flash an English overseas Cube i7 Remix rom that has Google Play...[Read More]

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