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FNF iFive Pro2 – Stock Android ROM With Google Play

FNF iFive Pro2 – Stock Android ROM With Google Play

Sadly this one came too late for my review and I always like to review the stock shipped ROM’s on devices anyway. But I found this off the FNF CN website, it’s a stock Android 6.0.1 ROM for the Pro2. It’s got about 4-5 bloatware apps in Chinese, but you can uninstall them. The best part, it has Play google installed! Didn’t expect that from a Chinese ROM.

Something in my Phoenix OS / Android 6.01 stock ROM prevented me from installing Google Play so if your Pro2 has no Play store this is the only way to get it.

Flashing instructions are in the Flash tool folder.

One note to get it into bootloader/download mode I found it was power plus volume up on my unit.

I’ve only briefly tested it out, but the ROM is so much better than the crappy stock one I had.

IFive Pro2 ROM Android With Google Play
IFive Pro2 ROM Android With Google Play
iFive Pro2 ROM android with Google Play.img
1.0 GiB
IFive Pro2 ROM Flash Tool And Driver
IFive Pro2 ROM Flash Tool And Driver
iFive Pro2 ROM Flash tool and driver.zip
1.8 MiB
625 MiB
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  1. How the battery life on the stock android one ?

  2. Hi, Chris,
    Is this stock Android ROM rooted? If it’s not, do you know any methods to root iFive Pro2?

  3. Hi,
    I just got the pro2 yesterday and I was put down by not having the Google Play. I am ready to sacrifice the Phoenix OS, even though I kind liked the idea, and switch to Android only.
    I tried what was in the texts/files you posted but I did not manage to flash the ROM at all.
    Would you be so kind and share with us any tricks/problems we should follow or avoid?
    I tried it with windows 7 and USB3. The FactoryTool never went to actually seeing the tablet. (what is the idea with the ports? I did not even understand the Wizard in the tool)
    Thank you in advance,

    • If it doesn’t see it is a driver issue, also I remember I used a USB 2 port on my PC and that worked.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for the immediate response.
        The trick was on your comment “One note to get it into bootloader/download mode I found it was power plus volume up on my unit.” which I missed in the first run. So, the tablet should not only be off but should be in that ‘boot state’. I had to try both USB ports to make it happen. After the ROM was flashed it took some 10-15 minutes to come up, but it came up 🙂

        Thank you again


  4. I recently saw a Phoenix OS Alpha build based on Android 7.1. Seems to be an issue that all of their rooms have no google play services. Bummer as I’m a fan of the remix os/phoenix os style

  5. Is this a stock rom without the Phoenix OS? Glad to see they got the play store on it. That’s what kept me from buying it initially

    • It’s without Phoenix, just Android 6.0 but at least it has Play Store. Seems a faster ROM too. The one I reviewed was terrible.

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