GPD MicroPC with 6-inch Display Coming in 2019 for just $299

Did you think the ONE-NETBOOK One Mix 2S with its 7-inch was too small? Then wait to check out the latest GPD MicroPC announced today, a 6-inch UMPC (Ultra-mobile PC) powered by an Intel Celeron Gemini Lake CPU. The GPD MicroPC with its 6-inch display actually isn’t even the more compact device launched by the company, the original GPD Win did indeed come with a smaller 5.5-inch and its desi...[Read More]

Chuwi Corebook To Get 8GB of RAM

Chuwi just recently posted on their twitter, if they pass $100,000 mark they will be upgrading for free the CoreBook’s RAM from 6GB to 8GB putting it then inline with competitors Core M3-7Y30 tablets. The current money raised is $80,000, so 20k short but I can see them reaching this goal. I hope the next move is to make the 128GB eMMC a SATA3 SSD instead, at least like what we have in the Cu...[Read More]

Chuwi’s SurBook Indiegogo Campaign (Updated)

Update: The SurBook campaign is now live here. Edit: The Indiegogo page is in draft mode. My order was refunded. Chuwi told me they have some issues with the crowdfunding page and they will launch it again as soon as possible once they sort out everything. I’ll let you know when it’s live again. Seems like it wasn’t quite ready. Chuwi also said in the email that if you subscribe ...[Read More]

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